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Ceiling installation information


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Ceiling installation information

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Ceiling installation information

  1. 1. Ceiling Installation InformationCeiling Technology at Its
  2. 2. Ceiling with support for neon lightsA < 1 * XThis equation allows you to calculate the optimal distance between the neonlights, as well as the distance between the neon lights and the stretchedceiling.Where, X : Distance between Neon Lights and stretched Ceiling (30 cmminimum)A : Distance between Neon Lights. The ceiling comes with light diffusion anddust protection
  3. 3. Installation principle of NEWMAT CeilingThe profile is fixed on the perimeter ceiling and allows for the installation andstretching of the membrane. The membrane is stretched without the use ofheat
  4. 4. Installation of NEWMAT ceilingThe Installation can be done with the following simple steps Fastening the rails to the perimeter walls Unfolding the ceiling Inserting the corners Inserting the perimeter, the installation is complete.
  5. 5. Flexibility of the Newmat Ceiling System Fully accessible ceiling Can be perforated to accommodate light, HVAC and othermechanical Numerous technical and aesthetic options to complement swimmingpools, shopping complex, Industrial buildings, restaurants, officesetc…with flat or shaped ceilings.
  6. 6. Characteristics of NEWMAT products Mass tinted with UV protection Not affected by disinfectants (Chlorine etc…) Class A non toxic fire rating 100% memory allowing it to return to original state even afterdeformation from leaks or others Perforation allows for ventilation of plenum or exhaustion of penitentialsmoke Perimeter rails allow for the harpoon insertion Non porous and resistant to humidity and chemicals
  7. 7. NEWMAT INDIACeiling Technology at Its