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Acoustic Stretch Ceiling


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NEWACOUSTIC: The stretch ceiling for your acoustic comfort

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Acoustic Stretch Ceiling

  1. 1.
  2. 2. NEWACOUSTIC: The stretch ceiling for your acoustic comfortAlmost all Newmat stretch ceiling membranes can be treatedacoustically (microperforation).The ceiling installed with the use of heat is a made-to-measure product.
  3. 3. Price of a stretched ceilingThe price of a NEWMAT ceiling depends on the size of the room,on the number of angles and also the type of material youchoose (matt, satin or lacquered finish, acoustical comfort,...)Furthermore, a streched ceiling price can change if you decideto add a numerical printing or spots, lighting.
  4. 4. Installation of a NEWMAT stretch ceilingThe installation of a stretch ceiling allows you to keep yourlights (ceiling lights or wall lights), but also to choose spotlightswhich you can build into your stretch wall or ceiling for anefficient and subdued interior lighting.
  5. 5. The absorption performance is really interesting asexcellent results are achieved with low frequencies around500 Hz. Installing a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution,since traditional acoustic absorbents (mineral wool)perform rather poorly at these frequencies.
  6. 6. NEWMAT offers you its White NEWMAT classicproduct line with different textures including mattes,satins and lacquers, colors ranging from white toivory to beige.
  7. 7. All our classified products benefitfrom the fire classificationEUROCLASSE BS2D0 : They areadapted to public places, non-inflammable and auto-extinguishable