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Making Bishop Theodora Male


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Who changed the mosaic of Bishop Theodora to make her appear male?

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Making Bishop Theodora Male

  1. 1. Making Bishop Theodora Male
  2. 2. 8th -century mosaic in St. Zeno’s chapel in Rome
  3. 3. Four women depicted.
  4. 4. A square halo meant she was still alive.
  5. 5. In Latin, EPISCOPA is the feminine form of the masculine EPISCOPUS, or “Bishop.”
  6. 6. “THEODO” is masculine-gendered in Latin . . . . . . but it is not a man’s name in Latin.
  7. 7. Scholars believe originally this name was “THEDORA”— a woman’s name. Later, lighter-colored gold tesserae covered up the “RA.” This made the female bishop’s name masculine.
  8. 8. “EPISCOPA THEODORA” Bishop Theodora
  9. 9. Art as Text By Ally Kateusz In honor of Karen Jo Torjesen