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  • Technology has dawned a new form of communication to the 21st century. To remain fresh and memorable to a specific audience, we need to connect with the audience in all environments they are comfortable in. Without making the effort to “link” to them our chain will be broken.
  • The goal has always been to keep the lines of communication open; always making sure it is a comfortable environment to do so for the customer and/or client. Suggestion boxes were the most primitive form of communicating to companies in an anonymous setting. However, as methods of communication evolved companies need to adapted and change. Without listening to the consumers on how to better meet the consumer/clients needs there is no way for the company to evolve.
  • Berkeley: Worlds first computerized bulletin board. A teletype linked to a time-sharing computer giving opportunity for users to type in a message or read messages left by others at a specific location. (PCWorld)Honk: Improved on the bulletin board to expand access to other users of the same computer (PCWorld)Computerized Bulletin Board: Same concept of communication except the first to except messages over regular telephone lines (PCWorld)Usenet: First time users could discuss various topics on different systems across a network.(PCWorld)American People/Link: A dial-up network offering online messages, email, and live chat (PCWorld)Prodigy: First consumer online service for IBM PCs with a graphical interface. (PCWorld)Friendster: An online network created to build friendships. In one year the site built a community of three million users. This site is still strongly utilized in Asia and Philippines. (Digitialtree)LinkedIn: A Networking resource focused on businesspeople connecting with other professionals. LinkedIn has 175 million users. (DigitialTree)
  • There are over 200 well known social networking websites.Most Popular is Facebook with 835 million users around the world ( and is best utilized for B2C outreach. Twitter is a close second with a half a billion profiles world wide and there are 175 million tweets every day (, however for our purpose of reaching B2B will be the most effective. LinkedIn has 100 million profiles and Google+ has 20 million registered profiles in 2011. Both of these social networks are already having a positive effect on competitors customer base, therefore we need to begin branding our company in likeminded environments.
  • ShipServe: The objective was obtained by revamping their website, creating a blog, and promoting on social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are staggering.
  • Website: Visitors by 59%, Page views by 70%, Average time spent on site increased 25% and over 1,000 downloads were generated.Community: LinkedIn: 378 members Blog: 300 visitors Video: Over 600 views (about company)Overall LinkedIn and Twitter activity soared this company to the top 20 traffic sources.Business statistics increases: contact-to-lead conversion by 150% lead-to-opportunity conversion by 50% sales-ready leads increased by 400% campaign costs decreased by 80% Traditional media would have cost: $150,000 Social media cost: $30,000 Overall savings: $120,000
  • Networking through Social Media gives opportunity to create new contacts/associates. Also networking can be maximized through those reached sharing information with others. Cost: Contacting a large market in a personal environment encourages an audience to provide email and other information about themselves. By obtaining information in this manner, a company builds an email list that they can directly market promotions to those already interested. The effectiveness has little to no cost associated to it.Customer Service: Social Media has a lot of interaction and therefore by closely monitoring the sites a company can address any “bad publicity” directly and effectively. It also shows a company how users view their competitors over themselves as well.Interactivity: As a marketing agency we need to present a well rounded means of reaching customers/clients. The world of technology is changing and we need to adapt to our consumers behavior. Click: In traditional marketing creativity in making the branding memorable so people remembered to talk about it is the primary goal. However in Social Media, you need to make the advertisement immediately likeable so that the share buttons comparable to the LIKE button on Facebook gets immediately shared with others. This helps in spreading the word faster as a firm does not have to rely on memory or an actual conversation anymore. Furthermore, the LIKE button reaches a large variety of friends across states and countries.Objective: As a marketing agency we need to present our clients with an understanding of demographics and psychographics of their audience. Our job is to build relationships for them. We cannot ignore the growth of social media has an avenue to reach others.
  • Research: Determine which social networking site will reach the audience of your specifications. Learn how that audience reacts to social media and what Target Audience: What time of day are they on social networks? How do they react emotionally: will they do research on their own, will they make purchases off others reviews? How often are they on the network?Integrate: Social Media isn’t meant to be a single marketing tactic, it needs to be integrated with traditional marketing efforts as well. However, Social Media should not be ignored if a Marketing Agency wants to present the best strategy for our clients.
  • Imkt120 unit1 eddy_valerie

    1. 1. Emergence of Social Media in the Corporate World
    2. 2. The Beginning TheChange Berkely 1972  American People/Link (1984) Honk 1976  Prodigy (1988) Computerized Bulletin Board (1978)  Friendster (2002) Usenet (1980)  LinkedIn (2003) -PC &
    3. 3. Evolution
    4. 4. Success Story ShipServ: Maritime industry providing software and hosting applications. Marketing Objective:  Raise awareness  Increase website traffic  Increase sales leads  Focus on customers  Length of time: 3 months
    5. 5. ShipServe Results Website traffic increased Community  LinkedIn  Blog  Video Business statistics  Measurable increase  Cost effective
    6. 6. Benefits of Social Media Networking  Interactivity Cost Effective  Click away Customer Service  Objective
    7. 7. Maximizing Benefits Research Target Audience Integrate
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