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Magento - Case study - TIM


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TIM SA is the biggest Polish distributor of tech-­‐ electro materials.

The mul(channel character of sale is crucial for us – says Krzysztof Folta, CEO in TIM SA.

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Magento - Case study - TIM

  1. 1. Case StudyeCommerce Implementationfor TIM SA Company
  2. 2. TIM SA•  TIM  SA  is  the  biggest  Polish  distributor  of  tech-­‐ electro  materials.  •  The  company  offers  ca.  9  000  products  on  demand.  •  The  company  has  25  years  of  experience  on  the   market.  •  It  employs  300  people  in  its  30  divisions  in  Poland.  •  LogisGcs  Center,  which  ensures  smooth  delivery  flow   –  directly  to  the  customers,  is  localized  in  Siechnice   (near  Wroclaw).    •  Central  Magazine  is  fully  automated.  Special   assembly  lines  are  designed  to  cut  and  package   cables  and  electric  equipment.  
  3. 3. New Sales ChannelThe  mul(channel  character  of  sale  is  crucial  for  us  –  says  Krzysztof  Folta,  CEO  in  TIM  SA.  European  eCommerce  market  in  2011   •  Integra=on  of  the  project  with  the  cons(tuted  ca.  8%  of  the  total  retail-­‐ company’s  logis=c  systems    commerce  value.  The  highest  levels  were  noted  in  Great  Britain  and  Germany  (ca.   •  Crea=ng  a  self-­‐service  plaGorm  as  9%  and  12%).  In  Poland,  it  was  3%,  in   a  new  sales  channel  Italy  -­‐  1%.  So  there  is  a  large  poten(al  and  in  case  it  develops,  I  hope  that  TIM   •  Op=miza=on  of  the  new  channel  could  have  a  no(ceable  share  in  this   in  order  to  meet  the  demands  of  growth  –  adds  Krzysztof  Folta.   small  companies  from  B2B  sector,   as  well  as  the  expecta=ons  of  B2C   sector  customers  
  4. 4. Realization Designing   Requirement   interac=on   Technical   analysis  and   analysis  and   Measurement   analysis  of   • designing   establishing   Graphic  design   Implementa=on   Tests  and  start   and  op=miza=on  business  needs     • research   integra=on   • opGmizaGon  
  5. 5. Interactive Prototypes •  Interac=ve  prototypes  enable   the  demonstra=on  of  how  the   applica=ons  will  work.     •  Designer’s  ideas  are  verified   against  expecta=ons  of  a  given   client.   •  Conceptual  work  on  models   enables  cheap  and  fast   verifica=on  of  the  ideas.     •  A  number  of  changes  during   the  successive  phases  of  a   project  gradually  diminishes.  
  6. 6. User Tests•  We  conducted  tests  to  see  how  the  poten=al  client  operated  an  interac=ve  prototype.  •  Tests  were  made  in  the  client’s  headquarters.  •  We  examined  people  differing  in  the  level  of  computer/Internet  knowledge,  coming  from  a   couple  of  regions  of  Poland.  •  During  the  tests  users  were  performing  tasks  based  on  defined  scenarios  and  using  interac=ve   prototypes.  •  Those  tests  showed  us  what  range  of  problems  and  what  kind  of  interac=ons  real  people  had   with  our  site.  •  One  of  the  scenarios/tasks:   1.  Task     Task  for  electric  shops  and  warehouses   Imagine  that  you  need  345  m  of  electric  cable  for  sale.  Try  to  buy  it  on  the  page.         Task  for  traffic  management   Imagine  that  you  need  345  m  of  electric  cable  to  supply  a  building.  Try  to  buy  it  on  the  page.      
  7. 7. Calculator OptimizationThe  first  version  received   AWer  first   Op=miza=ons  aWer   from  the  client   simplifica=ons   usability  examina=ons    
  8. 8. IntegrationMicrosoft BizTalk Server
  9. 9. Microsoft BizTalk Server•  The  applica=on  communicates   with  the  warehouse  system   thanks  to  the  data  bus  of   BizTalk  Server.  •  It  enables  an  online  access  to   the  warehouse  stock.  
  10. 10. Integration•  Elabora=on  of  project  integra=on    •  Prepared  in  cooperaGon  with  IT  department,  contains  the  detailed  descripGon  of  mechanisms  of  the   synchronizaGon,  security  systems  and  data  formats.  •  Two-­‐way  data  exchange   Warehouse  stock,  product  features,  orders.    •  Early  start  and  tests   TesGng  the  mechanism  at  an  early  stage  of  implementaGon  allows  for  capture  and  removal  of  all   the  mistakes  in  order  to  make  sure  that  they  will  not  influence  the  funcGoning  of  an  applicaGon.        
  11. 11. GraphicsGraphic Design
  12. 12. Graphic Design •  Graphic  design  was  created   based  on  the  delivered  visual   iden=fica=on  and  according  to   the  arrangement  of  the   elements  of  interac=ve   prototypes.   •  One  consistent  graphic  line  was   developed.   •  AWer    look&feel  approval,   graphic  plans  were  prepared  for   the  next  subpages.     •  Graphic  work  took  1  month.  
  13. 13. ImplementationMagento
  14. 14. Magento•  Magento  is  one  of  the  most  popular   eCommerce  plaGorms.  •   Magento  has  3  versions:   –  Magento  Community  (with  open  source   licence);   Magento’s  administrator  panel   –  Magento  Professional;   –  Magento  Enterprise.    •  The  commercial    versions  of  Magento   are  characterized  by  producer  guarantee   and  the  compliance  with  corporate   standards  of  security  and  data  exchange.         ElasGc  choice  of  the  product  features,  which  is   essenGal  for  the  customer  
  15. 15. Advantages andDisadvantages of Magento•  Configura=on-­‐over-­‐conven=ons  –  highly  complicated  configuraGon,  because   of  a  long  XML  file  (with  a  compiler  of  XML  to  PHP  file  type),  lack  of  cohesive   nomenclature  •  Very  elas=c  but  complicated  code  –  steep  learning  curve  for  new  developers    •  „Slow  ac=ng”  –  because  of  mulGple  classes  and  PHP  files;  however,  it  is   possible  to  opGmize  it  by  well-­‐managed  hosGng  and  configuraGon  of  the   server  APC,  Memcached  etc.  •  Expanded  EAV  data  model  and  a  high  degree  of  the  standariza=on  of  the   database  –  elasGc  and  easy  to  manage,  but  relaGvely  slow  (views,     management  on  the  code  level)  
  16. 16. Quality of the Implemetation•  All  changes  in  the  applica=on  are  under   version  control  (SVN),  new  versions  are   created  in  branches,  stable  version  is  always   available.  •  Separate  development,  test  and  produc=on   Development   environments  are  kept.  •  Changes  are  implemented  only  through  a   =cket  system.   Tes=ng  •  Transac=on  and  automa=c  deployment  on   produc=on  servers  is  matched  with  the   possibility  to  remove  the  changes.   Produc=on  •  Automa=c  tests  (check-­‐ups,  hbp,   func=onal)  are  conducted  aWer  each   deployment.  
  17. 17. ImplementationStart and Tests
  18. 18. To Provide the Quality•  Designing    according  to  the  User-­‐Centered  Design  •  The  internal  quality  control  on  each  level  of  the  project  –  checklists  and  tests  •  System  management  of  requirements,  changes  and  system  applicaGons   •  All  service  applica=ons  and   project  establishments  are   made  within  the  system.     •  A  client  has  online  access  to  all   applica=ons.   •  We  use  Redmine  task   management  system.  
  19. 19. ImplementationInformation about Divante
  20. 20. The Quality of Service•  Sa=sfac=on  from  the  coopera=on  with  our  agency:  4.6  /  5     -­‐  2nd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&MarkeGng  Poland  in  2011.  •  Sa=sfac=on  from  our  customer  service:  4.9  /  5     –  3rd  place  in  Poland  The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by   Media&MarkeGng  Poland  in  2011.  •  100%  of  our  clients  would  recommend  us  to  their  friends.   The  survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  Divante  Company  in  2010.  •  Almost  60%  new  ques=ons  which  we  receive  comes  from  the  references  from   our  previous  customers.      •  10  /10  points  in  „punctuality  and  reliability”  category.  The   survey  carried  out  on  all  Divante  clients  by  an  independent  unit  in  2009.  
  21. 21. The Quality of Work New  ideas  helping  to  improve  the  func>oning  of  a  company.   -­‐  Puls  Biznesu  magazine,  2009     Such  examples  show  that  our  economy  is  really  innova>ve  and  has  a  huge  poten>al  of   the  human  capital.   -­‐  SebasGan  Christow,  Ministry  of  Economy  of  the  Republic  of  Poland       Divante  is  able  to  connect  product  innova>ons  with  the  care  for  the  best  quality  of  its   customer  service.  Thanks  to  that,  Divante  carries  out  projects  for  clients  in  Poland  and   all  over  the  world.   -­‐  Michał  Żyliński,  Microsob   A  great  communica>on  and  openness  to  new  solu>ons,  these  are  certainly  the  strong   sides  of  the  team.     -­‐  Izabela  Dauksza,  Coordinator  of  Project  Managers,  
  22. 22. Technology•  Scalability  –  PromoRing  enables  ca.  5  mln  PV  per  day,  serving  3  mln  UU  per   month  •  Flexibility  -­‐  .NET,  Django,  PHP  •  We  are  a  partner  of  Apple  and  the  Microsob  Company  •  We  are  integrated  with  many  outside  systems  (improvement  systems,   warehouse  systems,  ERP,  CRM)  
  23. 23. Thank you for your attentionContact  hgp://    E-­‐mail:  Phone:    +48  71  34  22  406