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Welcome to the Dln services cryon ART Competition

Published in: Technology, Education
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dlnservices ppt

  1. 1. Welcome to the Dln servicescryon ART Competition!Welcome to the Dln services cryon ARTCompetition – this is your chance to won the STARTAG of Dln artist of the Year 2012To enter the competition you will Fill a Entry formwith nominal .You can create your picture using cryon drawingtechnique. The main thing is that you can usecreative imagination!Competition will held in your school campus .
  2. 2. Forms and information will be provides in school .A Jury Panel will then select a winning picture.The top 3 winner will be invited to an AwardCeremony where they will be presented with acertificate and prizes from each school.after schoollevel top three students will go for next round ofdistrict level then to state levelIf you live in india and were in the 4th ,5th,6th,7thstandard then you are elegible for competition.
  3. 3. The Competition is open to all children, who live inIndia .Each participant can submit one his image with EntryForm.The competition runs from 1st march - 5th March2012.Only cryons colors are allowed for drwaing.Colors and sheets are given by us.Pictures will be judged, by a special jury.All participants must register for the competition bycompleting the official entry form.All submissions must be the participants own workThe winner from each participating school will go fornext round .There is no financial alternative to the prize.There is nominal fee for enter the competition.The jury decision is final.
  4. 4. Organizers.....