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Massless particles


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Published in: Technology
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Massless particles

  1. 1. -particle whoseinvariant mass is zero
  2. 2.  Known to experience the same gravitational acceleration as other particles (which provides empirical evidence for the equivalence principle) because they do have relativistic mass, which is what acts as the gravity charge moves in straight lines in spacetime, called geodesics
  3. 3. GluonGravitonNeutrinos Photon
  4. 4.  carrier of the strong force Particle that carries the force between quarks massless bosons mediate the strong color force between quarks
  5. 5. massless tensor bosonsA massless spin-2 particle which is the hypothetical quantum of the gravitational field
  6. 6. A hypothetical elementary particle associated with the gravitational interactionA stable particle with zero rest mass, zero charge, and a spin of ± 2, and travels with the speed of light
  7. 7.  “Ghostly Particle” An electrically neutral, very weakly interacting particle, with a rest energy which is either zero or very small A stable particle with no charge, a rest mass of zero, and a spin of 1/2, that carries away energy in the course of nuclear reactions Its main characteristic is the weakness of its interactions with all other particles
  8. 8. carrier of electromagnetismSmallest packet of the electromagnetic force fieldmessenger particle of the electromagnetic forcesmallest bundle of light
  9. 9.  mediate the electromagnetic force between charged particles can also adopt a mass for a short period, in accordance with Heisenbergs uncertainty principle A transverse wave of electric and magnetic fields which can propagate through empty space.
  10. 10. Links:  Gluons Gravitons Neutrinos  Photons