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This is the 4th year end review booklet put together for District 1, more affectionately known as D1. It represents a snippet of some of the activities, meetings and special events hosted by Councilman Tate's office and other community groups/organizations in District 1 throughout 2016.

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  2. 2. COUNCILMEMBER JAMES TATE ITETRD Task Force on Black Male Engagement students Task Force on Black Male Engagement October 31 School Welcome volunteers Greetings D1 Neighbors and Friends, As calendar year 2016 comes to a close, it is time again to reflect on all of the year’s work and focus on goals for the upcoming New Year. There have certainly been a number of challenges, both individually and collectively. But our community has also accomplished a great deal. Collaboration has led to a renewed spirit in our city that lets us know that we are heading in the right direction. Progress occurs sometimes at a slower pace than we would like, but if we remain steadfast in our intention to improve the lives of others (and not just our own lives), the delay just might prove being worth the wait. I want to personally thank the residents of District 1 and the entire city of Detroit for allowing my team and me to serve you during this time of transition. Though there is still much more to do to ensure that our city services and policies are positively making an impact in the lives of all Detroiters, no positive change happens as a result of government alone. It happens when the people demand more from their elected leadership and hold them accountable. It happens when residents brainstorm creative new ideas and make connections that help communities fulfill its vision. It happens when we all refuse to give up despite perceived setbacks. I am not afraid to admit that I don’t have all of the answers, but with your tenacious advocacy and involvement there is no doubt that we will continue to help make District 1 be the place that we proudly call“Home”in Northwest Detroit. D1 Dedicated Always, Councilmember James E. Tate, Jr., Detroit City Council, District 1 Councilmember Tate @ October TFBME School Welcome 2
  3. 3. COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 ITETRD Beautiful Burt Road Block Club Greenview Block Club The Eye Community Association Miller Grove Radio Patrol 14000 Lindsay Block Club Grand River/Greenfield Community Association Castle Rouge # 10 Radio Patrol Evergreen - Lahser 7/8 Community Council Northwest Alliance of Block Clubs Grandmont Patrol #4 Brightmoor Alliance Environmental Task Force Berg Lahser Community Association Avon Block Club Malvern Hill Oak Grove Block Club 2nd Precinct Community Meeting Whitcomb Ave Block Club United Neighborhood Block Club Association Brightmoor Arts Project Meeting Mansfield Block Club Edinborough Annchester Block Club Rosedale Park Improvement Association N. Rosedale Park #21 Radio Patrol Brightmoor Pastor Alliance Annchester-Clarita Block Club West Outer Drive Block Club Forrer Block Club Edinborough Block Club Ashton Street Block Club Grandmont Community Association Plainview 8 Calvary Community Association Castle Rouge Civic Association Bethune Community Council Northwest Detroit Youth Coalition South of Six Mile Association Plainview Block Club Berg Lahser Citizen #15 Radio Patrol Grandmont #1 Improvement Association Neighbors Building Brightmoor North Rosedale Park Civic Association (NRPCA) Plainview Block Club Association Schoolcraft Improvement Association (SIA) Glastonbury Block Association Greater Sandhill West Evergreen Block Club Shiawassee Community Block Club Hessel Street Rainbow Community Block Club Brightmoor Community Alliance Residents Restoring Riverdale D1 Satellite Hours Grand Shaft Community Association Edinborough Westmoreland Road Block Club Ardmore Brookline #75 Radio Patrol Chippewa/Norfolk/Berg/Cherokee Block Club Association Riverdale Park Civic Association D1 Monthly Meeting Ardmore Fenkell Community Block Club Great Northwestern District Police Community Relations (6th & 8th Precinct) Bethune # 11 Radio Patrol Old Redford Business Association Motor City Blight Busters Crary St. Marys Community Council GRDC Belmont Community Council O’Hair Park Community Association (OPCA) Grandmont #1 Radio Patrol Neighborhood Safety Meeting SAD Task Force Westmoreland Warriors SIA Radio Patrol Lenore West Keeler Block Club Miller Grove Block Club Minock Park Block Club Present In Brightmoor Shaftsbury Park Block Club Forrer Community Association Riverdale United With Brightmoor Northwest Brightmoor Renaissance Cadillac Area Community Council Biltmore Garden Block Club Kentfield Block Club Fenmore Street Block Club Mettetal Block Club Motor City Grounds Crew Crary St Mary #89 Radio Patrol Coffee With A Cop North Rosedale Park #21 Radio Patrol 3 Listed above are the 90+ block clubs, neighborhood associations, radio patrol groups and police community relations meetings that gather and share information every month in District 1. Some, like the North Rosedale Park Community Association, have been around for 100 years. Others, like O’Hair Park Community Association, have three years under their belt. The goal of each of these groups is the same: to create a safe, beautiful and prosperous place to live, work and play. 8 MILE MCNICHOLS FULLERTON I-96 SOUTHFIELD FIVEPOINTS TELEGRAPH ARDMORE City Council District 1, or D1 as it’s affectionately known, is 18.73 square miles in size and is located in the farthest northwestern corner of the City of Detroit (its borders are visible on the map below). The latest U.S. Census data lists D1’s population at approximately 105,000 residents. The City of Southfield borders D1’s northern border and the City of Redford sits at its western border. City Council District 7 runs along the southern border and City Council District 2 runs along D1’s eastern edge. D1 is home to two public libraries (Chaney Branch and Redford Branch), the state’s only Meijer retail store located within the boundaries of a residential neighborhood, the Historic Redford Theater, a wide variety of small businesses and the city’s only neighborhood owned and managed community house (North Rosedale Park Community House).
  4. 4. D1 MEETINGS ITETRD Councilmember Tate’s office hosts three standing community meetings every month within the boundaries of D1. The D1 Monthly Meetings are held on 4th Saturdays. These meetings have an agenda full of speakers that always bring a substantial amount of information covering governmental, business and neighborhood news that affect the lives of attendees. The D1 Satellite Hours are held on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at the Motor City Java & Tea House and is an open forum conversation. Ideas and concerns are shared in a“living room”setting at one of D1’s favorite local businesses with Councilmember Tate and D1 neighbors. Additionally there are more than 90 community group meetings monthly in D1. These meetings are held by block clubs, neighborhood associations, radio patrol groups and police community relations organizations that work together to inform and unite all who have an interest in a safe and thriving city of Detroit. In 2016 we also started a conversation on the issue of violence, specifically gun violence in the city of Detroit. The D1 Community Action Network (D1 C.A.N.) held several meetings in 2016 to address the topic and strive to find workable solutions that address both the symptoms that lead to gun violence and the aftermath of violent firearm activity. “This way to the D1 Monthly Meeting!” D1 Community Action Network (D1 C.A.N.) Gun Violence Prevention Meeting February 10, 2016 D1 Monthly Meeting D1 Satellite Hours 4
  5. 5. 1. January: Coleman A. Young Elementary School Wayne County Treasurer, Greater Detroit Agency for the Blind & Visually Impaired, City of Detroit Animal Care & Control, D1 Foreclosure Prevention Workshop 2. February: Madison Carver Academy Grow Detroit Young Talent, New 8th Pct. Building Update, Detroit RiverFront Conservancy Presentation 3. March: Old Redford Academy Middle School Ceasefire Presentation, Accounting Aid Society, Regional Transit Authority of Southeastern Michigan 4. April: John R. King Performance Academy General Services Department Update, Michigan Community Resources , Medical Marijuana Update 5. May: The Auction Block Greenfield Trading Post, Habitat for Humanity ReStore The Auction Block, Hot Toppings, Sunny’s Menswear 6. June: Pure Word Missionary Baptist Church 8th Precinct Updates, Detroit 67 Project, Making Strides against Breast Cancer, St John Mobile Mammography Unit 7. July: Living Bread Ministries, International Animal Husbandry, ioby Detroit, Regional Transportation Authority of Southeastern Michigan 8. October: Christian Fellowship of Love Baptist Church Life Challenge Ministries, Detroit Property Reappraisals Community Benefit Agreement/ Prop A & Prop B D1 MEETINGS ITETRD D1 MONTHLY MEETINGS PRESENTATIONS 8 MILE MCNICHOLS FULLERTON I-96 SOUTHFIELD FIVEPOINTS TELEGRAPH ARDMORE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D1 MONTHLY MEETING LOCATIONS The map on the right shows the places where the D1 Monthly Meetings took place in 2016. D1 Monthly Meeting - June 25, 2016 @ Pure Word Missionary Baptist Church 5
  6. 6. D1 Satellite Hours There was a wide-range of community events held throughout the year in District 1, with something for everyone. Events like the Motor City Makeover, National Night Out and Arise Detroit Neighborhoods Day had residents coming together citywide. Others like the Northwest Detroit Farmers Market, the Grandmont Arts & Craft Fair and the Glendale Gardens Jazz & Fish Fry happened exclusively in D1 neighborhoods. Additionally, there were block parties, neighborhood clean ups, back-to-school events and community group holiday gatherings that helped to continue to build the strong sense of community that D1 possesses. Among this year’s other community events were the music/performance art extravaganza, Sidewalk Festival; the D1/Team GM Cares sponsored Evergreen Beautification Cleanup, which beautified the appearance of abandoned properties along the Evergreen corridor; and the Di$cover D1 Art Crawl (see page 8 for more details on Di$cover D1). D1 COMMUNITY EVENTS ITETRD DI$COVER D1 ART CRAWL: NeighborWay, an art installation along a 5-mile path in Grandmont Rosedale; the Grand River WorkPlace Mural Project, where attendees voted on artwork for a future WorkPlace mural; the 43rd Annual Grandmont Rosedale Community Arts and Crafts Fair; and the 4th Annual Sidewalk Festival, a one of a kind event featuring performance art, music, dance, poetry and other visual artistry. Ground breaking at new 8th Precinct site June 28, 2016 6
  7. 7. D1 Satellite Hours Art @ Brightmoor Artisan Kitchen 2016 NATIONAL NIGHT OUT The annual campaign works to enhance the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement. DPD’s 6 & 8 Precincts hosted the event which drew more than 600 D1 neighbors who enjoyed food, music and fun for all ages. Pecan pie @ EL78 Thanksgiving Community Appreciation Dinner ANGELS’NIGHT IN DISTRICT 1 The annual three-day event drew more than 800 D1 neighbor volunteers who patrolled, turned on porch lights and watched vacant properties, keeping the number of fires in D1 at an all time low. Over 150 volunteers from Team GM Cares, Motor City Grounds Crew, University of Michigan, the Office of Councilmember James Tate along with District 1 neighbors joined forces for three days in September to clean up debris, remove brush and otherwise beautify a four mile stretch of Evergreen Road. EVERGREEN BEAUTIFICATION CLEANUP • 90 properties (homes and vacant lots) cleaned • 27 abandoned dwellings and garages • 12 bus stop benches installed • Installed art boards & memorial garden on vacant lots • Painted benches and picnic table in O’Hair Park 7 The results: boarded up U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney Eastern District of Michigan @ 6 & 8 Precinct’s National Night Out - August 2, 2016
  8. 8. Di$cover D1 is the latest business growth tool engineered by the Office of Councilmember Tate, the Mayor’s Office of the City of Detroit, Prosper Us Detroit, Invest Detroit and Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation. Di$cover D1 evolved from the successful D1 Discount Days (the three-day local business initiative launched by Councilmember Tate’s office in 2014). Fueled by a generous competitive grant earned from the Knight Foundation, Di$cover D1’s primary focus is to grow local small businesses through neighborhood interaction and exposure. A Flash Mob is described as a large group of people who gather at a public location to perform a pre-defined action and disperse rapidly after the event has concluded. In similar form, we kicked off our Di$cover D1 Cash Flash series of events in 2016. The goal of the Cash Flash is the attract customers from throughout the district and beyond to a designated business during a pre-determined and promoted set time period. DI$COVER D1 ITETRD DI$COVER D1 Neighbors Fueling Small Business Growth CASH FLASH 2016 DI$COVER D1 CASH FLASH STATS DATE April 28 May 25 June 22 July 30 BUSINESS Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips Crab House Ribs & Soul Cafe Detroit Roller Wheels Redford Theatre BUSINESS 30% increase in revenue 30% increase in revenue 10% increase in revenue # OF ATTENDEES 48 52 55 262 NEW this year: The FIRST EVER D1 Business Directory. A booklet jam-packed with more than 620 local District 1 businesses and institutions. Shopping in the community has never been easier. Facebook: @discoverd1 Di$cover D1 Business Canvassing volunteers July 13, 2016 Website: 8
  9. 9. 7 Initiated by Councilmembers James Tate and Andre Spivey and entering its 3rd year, the mission of the TFBME is to access individual and organizational resources committed to the exposure and development of Black males. TFBME School Welcome: In 2016 during a series of school welcomes in District 1 over 250 volunteers gathered outside four schools to greet and encourage more than 2,500 students as they entered to begin their school day. 9 Brightmoor Youth Garden at Brightmoor Artisan’s Farmer’s Market D1 YOUTH ITETRD Our youth represent one of our greatest natural resources. They are the raw material that the future of our city will be built upon. We owe them every opportunity to learn, grow and prosper so they can reach their fullest potential. TASK FORCE ON BLACK MALE ENGAGEMENT (TFBME): TFBME School Welcome @ Old Redford Academy Elementary All smiles at the TFBME School Welcome 0n September 6, 2016
  10. 10. Farewell My Friends It was beautiful as long as it lasted The journey of my life. I have no regrets whatsoever Save the pain I’ll leave behind. Those dear hearts who love and care… And the strings pulling at the heart and soul… The strong arms that held me up When my own strength let me down. At every turning of my life I came across good friends, Friends who stood by me, Even when the time raced me by. Farewell, farewell, my friends I smile and bid you goodbye. No, shed no tears for I need them not All I need is your smile. If you feel sad do think of me For that’s what it’s like when you live in the hearts Of those you love, remember then You never die. Gitanjali Ghei, poet (1961 – 1977) Lionel Tyrone Simmons, Sr. O’Hair Park Community Association * Deborah Virgiles Photo courtesy of the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit Grandmont 1 Carol Thomas Robert Taylor Clima Fields Jacqueline Hunt Jan Oliver Neighbors Building Brightmoor O’Hair Park Community Association Stefanie Fields Bradley Norris Walker Tamika R. Gough Maurice Parker Mims Richard Castillo North Rosedale Park Civic Association Malvern Hills Neighborhood Association Michael Maingath Neighbors Building Brightmoor Frank Edward Wells Marjorie S. Fisher Philanthropist and Brightmoor Booster Evergreen Lahser 7/8 Community Council Lionel E. Little Theotus T. Hollister Edward E. Dykes Robert Page Jr. John Davis Rosedale Park Improvement Association Joseph Pruchnik Ilka LaPeer Neighbors Building Brightmoor Deborah Virgiles District 1 McDonald’s Owner Obie Moore Business Owner (The Auction Block) ITETRD 2016 IN MEMORIAM We reflect on the lives of some of our D1 neighbors who left us in 2016. We hope that fond memories of good times shared together and the knowledge of a life well-lived will fill your days with a greater sense of peace. West Outer Drive Block Club Charles Harvell Pastor Roy Isaac Bushnell Congregational Church Plainview Block Club Association Eddie Davis Mary Kim Jinks Grandmont Community Association Nathaniel Harris, Sr. 10
  11. 11. 11 To our D1 neighbors, our friends: We thank you for being continuously D1 Dedicated in 2016 and we look for�ard to ser�ing and working with you in 2017. -Team Tate *Staff photo by Glenn Kujansuu Councilmember James Tate "Build character and discipline on the inside, and you'll be able to handle any goal or challenge on the outside." - Ralph Marston Edwina King “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” - Unknown DeAndree Watson “The ultimate measure of our success rests with the security of our most vulnerable members.” - DeAndree Watson Reginald Alexander "Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10 Aaron Hall “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Martin Luther King, Jr. Angela Boyd “The energy you put into the universe is the energy you get back in return.” - Unknown TEAM TATE ITETRD 2016 District 1 Council Interns Aleanna Siacon & Loy Cohen *Photo taken at Artist Village in D1