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Will Critchlow_SearchLove San Diego 2013_Technical Optimization

  1. 1. Trends in Technical Optimization WILL CRITCHLOW
  2. 2. This is going to be a weird technical presentation
  3. 3. Your job is not answering “which of A or B is better for Google”?
  4. 4. The future of technical recommendations is business cases
  5. 5. Win heartsas well as minds
  6. 6. #1it could be amazing
  7. 7. Medium is exceptionally fast
  8. 8. #2we’re behind
  9. 9. #3customers care
  10. 10. We had a client whose cart showed EUR to US customers
  11. 11. We couldn’t even persuade them to test matching the currency to the visitor Until we tried Qualaroo
  12. 12. confusing for it to show as USD when prior to checking out then only showing EUR
  13. 13. Quote price in U.S. $
  14. 14. Country selected was USA price should be in US dollars not EUR
  15. 15. If it was possible to see the price in USD, it was not obvious how to do this
  16. 16. The first page showed my purchase in American Dollars, but checkout was in Euros
  17. 17. Win mindsas well as hearts
  18. 18. Do your recommendations pass the Bezos Test?
  19. 19. Great forecasts are stories, not numbers
  20. 20. Put all the Excel in the appendix. No-one will read it. Sorry.
  22. 22. Decisions should be data AWARE not data DRIVEN
  23. 23. How to forecast Examples are for illustration only
  24. 24. #1bottom up
  25. 25. We have 10,000 location pages that aren’t indexed. This change should get 80% of them indexed. Each should get a minimum of N visits / month from search. That results in $M
  26. 26. #2top down
  27. 27. The total search volume for nail salons in our target cities is X, by building this new section of our site, we can capture y% of that, resulting in $Z incremental revenue
  28. 28. #3based on tests
  29. 29. When we made this controversial change on a small section, it resulted in an uplift of x%. If we get 80% of that uplift across the whole site, we’ll get an incremental $Y
  30. 30. #4case studies
  31. 31. We are planning a domain migration. Other people’s experience (moz 1, moz 2) indicates a drop in the a%- b% range for somewhere in the C weeks to D weeks range
  32. 32. As you start forecasting more, you’ll find you need to work on bigger ideas that are more likely to move the needle
  33. 33. Then you could easily do some dumb things
  34. 34. “You can’t possibly succeed without graceful degradation”
  35. 35. Err.
  36. 36. “You can’t possibly succeed without graceful degradation”
  37. 37. “You can’t possibly succeed without graceful degradation”
  38. 38. “You can’t possibly succeed without graceful degradation” Does nothing
  39. 39. “You can’t possibly succeed without graceful degradation” Goes to a blank page
  40. 40. I want to talk about some great sites
  41. 41. Imagine you’re pitching this guy
  42. 42. Don’t be responsible for stopping this guy building great stuff
  43. 43. Thanks. Any questions? WILL CRITCHLOW will.critchlow@distilled.net @willcritchlow
  44. 44. What were all those sites in the screencast? http://www.teehanlax.com/story/social-portrait/ http://www.teehanlax.com/story/shipwire/ [http://www.shipwire.com/] http://www.teehanlax.com/story/readability/ http://www.teehanlax.com/story/teehan-lax/ http://www.cabletv.com/the-walking-dead http://erfgenaam.submarinechannel.com/en/ http://www.photo-mark.com/funhouse/chess/ http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2013/the-jockey/ http://hypervenom.nike.com/gb/en_gb http://moto.oakley.com/ http://www.officeline.se/kampanj/ http://www.dodge.com/en/2014/durango/ https://squareup.com/careers/creative
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