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The Future of Search - Will Critchlow's presentation at FODM 2013

What's the future of search? And does it mean that the future of search marketing is just "good marketing"?

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The Future of Search - Will Critchlow's presentation at FODM 2013

  1. The Future of SearchWILL CRITCHLOW
  2. This query really shouldn’t work
  3. But it does
  4. Understand, not just index
  5. See reddit for moreOriginal thread
  6. When someone searches for “best”From Google Trends
  7. They probably don’t mean a pagethat says “best”
  8. Watch this presentation for moreRead this. Watch this.
  9. Present information better
  10. There are a lot of cards
  11. I have a theory that this ispositioned to train us to look inthe right hand sidebar
  12. I have a theory that this ispositioned to train us to look inthe right hand sidebar
  13. Sometimes UI helps refine the query
  14. All of this enablesvoice search
  15. Live now in Chrome and on Android
  16. “what time is it in New York?”
  17. Query refinementis called“conversationalsearch”
  18. Who talks to their phone?I said
  19. I’m coming round to the idea
  20. Signed-in everywhere iscrucial
  21. It’s really hard not to be signed in
  22. Chrome sync is just the beginningI predict we are going to see cookie sync
  23. Android blurs the line with the web
  24. Query enhancement isimproving
  25. “london tube stations”queryOld Query Model
  26. explicit queryimplicit queryiPhone user, on street in London“london tube stations”New Query Model
  27. New Query Model
  28. Query ScaleTIMETOTALSIGNALINFORMATIONexplicit signalimplicit signal
  29. Query ScaleTIMETOTALSIGNALINFORMATIONexplicit signalimplicit signal
  30. Query ScaleTIMETOTALSIGNALINFORMATIONexplicit signalimplicit signal
  31. Query ScaleTIMETOTALSIGNALINFORMATIONexplicit signalimplicit signal
  32. Query ScaleTIMETOTALSIGNALINFORMATIONexplicit signalimplicit signal
  33. Where does this end?
  34. My vision when we started Google 15years ago was that eventually youwouldnt have to have a searchquery at all. Youd just haveinformation come to you as youneeded it.-- Sergey Brin, Google
  35. Queryless search
  36. Is this even search?
  37. Does it matter?It certainly helps explain (not provided)
  38. Let’s not forget the basics
  39. Desktop search is still growingThat’s 20 billion searches / month in the US2007 March 2013
  40. Sites report growing mobile searchVia RKG
  41. Hampered by measurement issuesVia RKG
  42. ...but backed by Google statistics% smartphone users searching every day2011201220112012
  43. ...and converting like crazy
  44. Social can be search tooThat’s how I found the data on the previous slide
  45. So is search marketingbecoming“just good marketing”?
  46. Google would like us tothink so
  47. You might have noticed googlebotcoming round more often
  48. The caffeine update enabled all themore recent changes
  49. No SEOpresentation iscomplete withoutan angry penguin
  50. Penguin and Panda = progressBad linksBad content
  51. Their biggest win is spreading fear
  52. Bad stuff still works short termBut brands are rightly scared (finally)
  53. Coming soon: bad merchant updateDon’t make your customers angry
  54. But not all of search isregular marketing
  55. Make pages primarily forusers, not for searchengines-- Google webmaster guidelinesThis used to go even further
  56. These days wefeed the robot inall kinds of waysRobots.txtSitemapsSchema...etc
  57. The future looks great forsearch
  58. The future looks great forsearch marketers
  59. Technical skills +Data +Building an audience
  60. I’ve talked about this elsewhere
  61. WILL CRITCHLOWFounder,
  62. Image credits