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SEO for Wordpress Slides


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SEO for Wordpress Slides

  1. 1. Wordpress SEO Luke Masters, Rob Millard #SEOWordpress
  2. 2. What to change out of the box...1. Permalinks2. Titles3. Headings4. Breadcrumbs5. Disallow, no index content6. Conditional sidebar content7. 404 page8. Delete default content
  3. 3. WARNING!Making changes to code can go wrong reallyfast!Make sure to back everything up!
  4. 4. PermalinksGet rid of parameters and numbers/%postname%/ is probably the best all round solutionbut if you want to use categories in your URL use: /%category%/%postname%/
  5. 5. TitlesFlip the titles(post title)-(category name)-(site name)Check header.php for:<title><?php wp_title(); ?></title>Check the code before Google finds it!
  6. 6. HeadingsCheck your headings structureDive into the code for your:single.phpcategory.phppage.phphome.phpindex.php Check the CSS code!
  7. 7. BreadcrumbsUse them as they help:• internal linking• usability• time on site
  8. 8. Disallow No Index ContentDisallow: /tag/Disallow: /archives/Disallow: /wp-admin/Disallow: /wp-includes/Noindex: /tag/Noindex: /archives/Noindex: /wp-admin/Noindex: /wp-includes/
  9. 9. Conditional Sidebar Content • Relevance of link • Page Types • Content Areas
  10. 10. 404 PageMo Content:<ul><?phpwp_get_archives(title_li=&type=postbypost&limit=15);?></ul>
  11. 11. Delete Default Content
  12. 12. Recommended plugins ....
  13. 13. 1. Wordpress SEO2. No Category Base3. Facebook Comments4. Pagination5. Social Sharing6. Askimet
  14. 14. Link Building for Wordpress
  15. 15. Of course you can… • Submit to directories • Guest post • Article marketing • Comments • Manual outreach • Etc.
  16. 16. But I’m talking about… Other Bloggers RSS Email newsletter Your Blog Post Twitter Facebook Internal links
  17. 17. Create a Promotion Network for your content
  18. 18. Because…• It will be more efficient• Self perpetuates• Makes the most of every post• (Good) content is expensive
  19. 19. BUT! You need great content
  20. 20. RSS• Needs to be prominent• Set up for categories/tags• Autodiscovered• Feedburner for stats• Plugins
  21. 21. Email newsletter • Feedburner • Set up your own (e.g. Mailchimp) • Plugins • Send frequency? What is appropriate for your site? • Send one offs when you have something you want to break?
  22. 22. Twitter • Sharing: Tweet this buttons (plugin or • Building followers: Twitter widget • Invite feedback on Twitter • Run interviews or games on Twitter • Interacting • Post blog posts with TwitterFeed (or manually for better returns) • Crowdbooster to find the best time of day to tweet
  23. 23. Facebook • Sharing: Facebook buttons (plugin/widget) • Building fans • Integrate fans widget • Integrate comments • Share exclusively on Facebook • Interacting • Share content!
  24. 24. Other Bloggers Add to Build a Identify Interact relevant relationship email list
  25. 25. Internal links • Related posts - YARPP • Contextual links (plugins) • Good tagging and categories
  26. 26. Questions