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SearchLove London 2019 - Stacey MacNaught - Actioning Search Intent: What to Do with All That Data



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Search Intent analysis can give us a ton of really insightful data. But what do we do with it all? In this session, Stacey talks us through using data acquired through Search Intent to create revenue and traffic driving assets on your website. She'll share practical examples of using this data to win back previously lost rankings and generate more ££ through organic search.

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SearchLove London 2019 - Stacey MacNaught - Actioning Search Intent: What to Do with All That Data

  1. 1. Actioning Search Intent Stacey MacNaught SearchLove London 2019
  2. 2. I run a (very) small SEO and content marketing consultancy @staceycav #searchlove
  3. 3. I am not good at coming up with creative agency names: @staceycav #searchlove
  4. 4. @staceycav #searchlove Stacey MacNaught MacNaughtDigital
  5. 5. And I hired my Mum to do outreach @staceycav #searchlove Stacey’s Mum
  6. 6. I’m also guilty of having loads of data that I sometimes take literally no action with @staceycav #searchlove
  7. 7. Ever had data paralysis? @staceycav #searchlove
  8. 8. I feel like that a lot with data @staceycav #searchlove
  9. 9. But with Search Intent, particularly from mid 2018, it felt like this data was the answer to a lot of problems. @staceycav #searchlove
  10. 10. @staceycav #searchlove Optimise for Search Intent.
  11. 11. @staceycav #searchlove Structure for the user journey and use search intent to help present the right pages at the right time
  12. 12. @staceycav #searchlove We felt that could be made more actionable by applying it to specific challenges we face.
  13. 13. @staceycav #searchlove We found 2 solid use cases where search intent data has been used to generate measurable improvements.
  14. 14. Recover Lost Rankings
  15. 15. @staceycav #searchlove
  16. 16. We analysed 10 websites and looked at all search queries that had declined in click terms (even if they were up overall). @staceycav #searchlove
  17. 17. @staceycav #searchlove
  18. 18. @staceycav #searchlove
  19. 19. Order by number of positions lost and focus on the ones that ranked top 5 before losses @staceycav #searchlove
  20. 20. And then categorise by top level search intent @staceycav #searchlove
  21. 21. Google’s take: @staceycav #searchlove orguidelines.pdf
  22. 22. We widely accept user intent groupings like this…. @staceycav #searchlove Navigational Informational Transactional
  23. 23. DoGo Know Not too dissimilar to Google’s take: @staceycav #searchlove Navigational Informational Transactional
  24. 24. @staceycav #searchlove NavigationalUser wants to go to a specific website.
  25. 25. @staceycav #searchlove Informational User wants information.
  26. 26. @staceycav #searchlove TransactionalUser wants to buy something.
  27. 27. DoGo Know But it’s not always clear: @staceycav #searchlove Navigational Informational Transactional Ambiguous
  28. 28. This is where we’ve been finding lots of commercial sites dropping rankings: @staceycav #searchlove Navigational Informational Transactional
  29. 29. Seen rankings/traffic drops but no drop in revenue?? @staceycav #searchlove
  30. 30. Trigger words often implying informational: @staceycav #searchlove
  31. 31. Trigger words often implying transactional: @staceycav #searchlove
  32. 32. Cross reference with SERPs @staceycav #searchlove
  33. 33. End up with a list like this. @staceycav #searchlove
  34. 34. Queries that declined: @staceycav #searchlove
  35. 35. @staceycav #searchlove Go a step further and subcategorise informational queries
  36. 36. @staceycav #searchlove
  37. 37. @staceycav #searchlove
  38. 38. @staceycav #searchlove
  39. 39. User desires a simple fact.
  40. 40. Is the user planning a trip?
  41. 41. Precursor to booking hotel?
  42. 42. @staceycav #searchlove “Know Simple” Queries Initial Solution Queries Solution Comparison Source-to-Cite Queries New Problem/ Opportunity
  43. 43. @staceycav #searchlove “Know Simple” Queries Initial Solution Queries Solution Comparison Source-to-Cite Queries New Problem/ Opportunity
  44. 44. We had an issue on a site that ranked top 3 for these:
  45. 45. @staceycav #searchlove
  46. 46. @staceycav #searchlove Overnight: from 3rd to outside the top 100
  47. 47. @staceycav #searchlove ”Ballet shoes,” and “girls ballet shoes” (amongst others) unaffected.
  48. 48. @staceycav #searchlove Nothing on site had changed.
  49. 49. @staceycav #searchlove But that whole SERP had changed
  50. 50. @staceycav #searchlove
  51. 51. @staceycav #searchlove
  52. 52. @staceycav #searchlove It was an informational query for which we were serving a transactional result.
  53. 53. @staceycav #searchlove
  54. 54. @staceycav #searchlove Back to top 3 within 2 months without page level link building
  55. 55. @staceycav #searchlove This hasn’t worked for us on all sites Success equates to recovering a top 5 position
  56. 56. @staceycav #searchlove Other types of informational (shopping led) queries this can work for
  57. 57. @staceycav #searchlove • Best {product} for {audience} • {Product} Reviews • {Product} vs {Product} • Compare {products}
  58. 58. @staceycav #searchlove Sites on which we’ve had the most success….
  59. 59. @staceycav #searchlove Retailers Stocking More than one Brand of a Product Type
  60. 60. @staceycav #searchlove Service Comparison Type Sites
  61. 61. @staceycav #searchlove So we can recover any lost informational ranking by creating a more informative piece??
  62. 62. @staceycav #searchlove Did it previously rank with a commercial landing page? (E.g. category page?)
  63. 63. @staceycav #searchlove Has the nature of the SERP changed?
  64. 64. Lower Paid CPA
  65. 65. I don’t do PPC.
  66. 66. @staceycav #searchlove Better paid performance = happier client/boss
  67. 67. @staceycav #searchlove “Know Simple” Queries Initial Solution Queries Solution Comparison Source-to-Cite Queries New Problem/ Opportunity
  68. 68. I’ve experienced this a lot.
  69. 69. The ballet shoe guide doesn’t convert well on a first visit @staceycav #searchlove
  70. 70. It’s a similar story here with a healthcare piece. @staceycav #searchlove
  71. 71. And 100+ other pieces of informational led content we’ve created @staceycav #searchlove
  72. 72. @staceycav #searchlove It’s naïve to assume there’s enough brand recall after someone reads an article that they’ll come back of their own accord and buy something
  73. 73. @staceycav #searchlove So we started working with the paid search teams
  74. 74. @staceycav #searchlove We used content built out of search intent analysis to create remarketing lists
  75. 75. @staceycav #searchlove Data from campaigns run in UK, US and Germany
  76. 76. @staceycav #searchlove The challenge: How many can you get on that retargeting list? (Minimum 100 required for display network and 1,000 for search network)
  77. 77. @staceycav #searchlove Group content types for bigger lists
  78. 78. @staceycav #searchlove Group by related product/service rather than by content type
  79. 79. @staceycav #searchlove
  80. 80. Our Approach
  81. 81. Audit existing informational assets on the website. @staceycav #searchlove
  82. 82. Identify those where user intent fits into one of those informational categories @staceycav #searchlove
  83. 83. Create new assets on relevant topic/product/ service areas @staceycav #searchlove
  84. 84. Start with a simple (tool-free) brainstorm/shout out session @staceycav #searchlove
  85. 85. Ask client customer service or sales team for the common questions/objections from prospective customers. @staceycav #searchlove
  86. 86. Perform keyword gap analysis with competitors or publishers who are educating your potential customers @staceycav #searchlove
  87. 87. Identify other relevant queries @staceycav #searchlove
  88. 88. Survey previous customers about what drove their purchase. @staceycav #searchlove
  89. 89. Gather/Create all Assets @staceycav #searchlove
  90. 90. Group by product/service area @staceycav #searchlove
  91. 91. Work alongside PPC team to create relevant ads @staceycav #searchlove
  92. 92. Run. Analyse. Refine. Run. Analyse. Refine. Run. Analyse Refine…. @staceycav #searchlove
  93. 93. @staceycav #searchlove Work more closely with PPC team
  94. 94. Resources
  95. 95. @staceycav #searchlove
  96. 96. @staceycav #searchlove
  97. 97. @staceycav #searchlove