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SearchLove Boston 2016 | Rand Fishkin | The Measure of a Marketer's Worth


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Web marketers have thousands of tactics to choose from, almost all of which can be measured, benchmarked and tracked over time. However, we too often invest in work that doesn't line up to the metrics we care about. We're tasked with work that's supposed to hit numbers, yet lack the connection between that work and those goals. In this high-level presentation, Rand will explore several analogies that illuminate a path to measuring all the way through, from work to metrics to goals.

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SearchLove Boston 2016 | Rand Fishkin | The Measure of a Marketer's Worth

  1. 1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | The Measure of a Marketer’s Worth
  2. 2. “A dream is nothing without action. Whether one fails or succeeds is irrelevant; all that matters is that there was motion in life. That alone affects the world.” Mike Norton, White Mountain
  3. 3. Let’s Watch Some Basketball
  4. 4. 2:48 – 5:22
  5. 5. Rand’s Fitbit Story
  6. 6. I Have Degenerative Disc Disease
  7. 7. Three Things Really Help Lessen My Daily Pain #1: Walking #2: Back Exercises #3: Losing Weight
  8. 8. IAssumed I WasAlready Doing Plenty Of Them I didn’t realize how much opportunity I had to improve here and positively impact my health.
  9. 9. My First Few Days with Fitbit, I Realized I Wasn’t Nearly asActive as I Thought Oh crap...
  10. 10. I Became Obsessed with Hitting My Targets Fast: That’s better.
  11. 11. TrackingAll These Have Made Me: Healthier Happier In Less Pain
  12. 12. I’ve Had These Goals For Years Tracking WORK, Not Just Progress, Made the Difference
  13. 13. Work
  14. 14. Progress
  15. 15. In Analytics, We Assume…
  16. 16. We Know the Right Inputs + More Citations More Links = #1!
  17. 17. We Know What Work Matters vs. Doesn’t Don’t Bother Do It Every Day Blog Post CreationManual Link Outreach Tweaking Facebook Ads New Facebook Posts Asking for Yelp Reviews Follow Instagram Accounts
  18. 18. Focusing on Outcome Metrics vs. Inputs Will Bring Success This is a great report, but it tells me nothing about the work that went into improving rankings.
  19. 19. What If We’re Wrong?
  20. 20. Goals of Analytics 3
  21. 21. 1) Reporting (aka measuring success & failure)
  22. 22. 2) Diagnosing (aka finding what caused change)
  23. 23. 3) Generating Targets (aka uncovering which inputs are required to produce successful outcomes) Via Moz & Hubspot’s 2015 Publishing Frequency Experiment
  24. 24. We’re good at #1 and #2 We rarely talk about #3…
  25. 25. The Challenge With Generating Targets
  26. 26. Uncovering What Works is Hard These elements might be well correlated with sites that tend to rank well, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best investments your site can make? Via Moz’s 2015 Google Ranking Factors
  27. 27. The Process of Experimentation, Failure, & Discovery is Rarely Embraced by Managers or Clients. Via Rand’s Art of Product Marketing Presentation
  28. 28. We Need to Know What Works to Create Success Via Groove’s Blog
  29. 29. Rather Than Just Measuring the Output of Our Various Tasks Via Moz’s 1Metric Content Tracking System
  30. 30. I think this may be the greatest analytics challenge facing marketers today.
  31. 31. It’s Not Just Software
  32. 32. It’s Not Just Numbers
  33. 33. It’s Not JustAbout Up-and-to-the-Right Graphs Via Majestic’s Backlink History
  34. 34. It’s About Finding… the Work that Creates Improvement
  35. 35. It’s About Finding… Effective Targets that Impact the Right Metrics
  36. 36. The Story of Ikaria
  37. 37. What’s So Special About Ikaria?
  38. 38. Via NYTimes Magazine’s Piece on Ikaria
  39. 39. Diet
  40. 40. Exercise
  41. 41. Sleep
  42. 42. Rich Social Lives
  43. 43. The World’s Five Blue Zones Have These in Common: Via National Geographic
  44. 44. Translating these longevity-promoting activities into measurable targets creates analytics that improve lifespan. Via Fitbit’s Blog
  45. 45. Resting heart rate is a strong predictor of health & longevity. This is the work that correlates. Via’s Blog
  46. 46. These lines show me the daily goal for WORK, not just a goal for results.
  47. 47. This is what’s missing from our current approach to marketing analytics.
  48. 48. We ignore the inputs that create those results. We measure the results.
  49. 49. Our Job: Find the Right Targets
  50. 50. What are the everyday actions that consistently improve your site’s metrics?
  51. 51. Regular Content Creation? Establish metrics for content cadence, and you’ll know the benefits of 1X/week vs. 1X/month.
  52. 52. Inconsistent, Higher-Effort Content? Many times, one piece of extraordinary content every quarter or even every year can be enough. Via Rand’s List of 10X Content
  53. 53. Links & the Relationships Forged to Earn Links? 1-2 new relationships w/ influencers each week might be key to your marketing efforts
  54. 54. New Citations and Brand Mentions? Many times, a brand mention/citation are enough (even without the link) Via Fresh Web Explorer
  55. 55. Social Shares? Or Social Followers? What actions earn social engagement? Are they worthwhile? Via Followerwonk
  56. 56. Interacting in Online Communities? A few replies a week, or each month, may have a compounding impact
  57. 57. Mainstream or Niche Press Coverage? Press outreach, or crafting a press- worthy story/event each month could be a worthwhile endeavor
  58. 58. Barnacle SEO? Getting listed in the sites/pages that already rank is often a huge needle-mover.
  59. 59. Reputation Management in Branded SERPs? Searchers often investigate a brand before making a purchase decision. Optimizing your SERPs may be as important (or more) than optimizing your site.
  60. 60. More Keyword-Focused Pages? A handful of keyword- focused pages could have a big, long term impact.
  61. 61. More Broad Topic-Focused Pages? Broader, topic-focused pages may be less-competitive and bring positive, 2nd-order impacts.
  62. 62. Fixing Errors in Search Console? Fixing, redirecting, and/or finding the linking sources to these may drive additional rankings & traffic.
  63. 63. Optimization of Your Google My Business Page? Via How to Fix a Google Business Summary by Eric Rohrback Wrong info, reviews, or summary data might severely impact your ability to rank in Google Maps/Local results.
  64. 64. Optimization of Your Google My Business Page? In fact, that’s happening to Love Mamak right now.
  65. 65. Physical Space Conversion Tests Via Combine Web & In-Store Analytics for Improved Retail Performance
  66. 66. Inclusion in More Local Listing Sites? Via Moz Local’s Citation Sources by City and by Category (and Google Search)
  67. 67. Comment Marketing? See more in this WB Friday on Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic
  68. 68. Guest Content Contributions? Via Time for Guest Blogging with a Purpose from Jen Lopez
  69. 69. Competitive Link Building? Via Open Site Explorer
  70. 70. Every Tactic Can Be Broken Down Into: The Work The Metrics The Goal(s) Put up two Facebook posts/week Fix any broken links Pitch a guest contribution 1X/month Participate in three discussion threads/week FB shares, new page likes, traffic Traffic increase Acceptance of post, traffic driven Traffic from discussion site Grow reach on & through Facebook Direct+search bump Visibility to new audience, traffic Brand awareness, branded search
  71. 71. The Classic Way to Do Analytics:
  72. 72. Set Metrics to Monitor
  73. 73. Create Targets Traffic will go up 30% this year! Or I will jump on all of you!
  74. 74. Do Work You Think Will Reach Those Goals OK…. I’ll buy some ads I guess. You guys… blog… or something.
  75. 75. Measure Improvement vs. Loss Not good enough!
  76. 76. A Different Way to Do Analytics:
  77. 77. Set Both Work Items & Metrics to Monitor For the next 12 weeks, 2 Facebook posts a week.
  78. 78. Uncover What Work Moves Which Metrics Crap. That didn’t work. Let’s try something different.
  79. 79. Measure the work against *work* targets, not just metrics goals That’s 177 broken links fixed. Just 81 left. You can do this, Mortimer. Breathe.
  80. 80. Double Down on Work that Improves the Metrics You CareAbout Most Oh damn! Those weekly discussion thread contributions are totally working!
  81. 81. Improve Your *Time to GoalAchievement* I’m an unstoppable marketing force! Come at me, bro!
  82. 82. Some Tools Can Help:
  83. 83. Wunderlist Via Wunderlist
  84. 84. Strides Via
  85. 85. SomeAlternatives: Via
  86. 86. Moz’s Success Stories
  87. 87. Do More Tweets = More Traffic? Or More Unfollows?
  88. 88. Does More Content = More Traffic? Moz’s Blog Post | Hubspot’s Blog Post
  89. 89. Let’s Experiment
  90. 90. Let’s Find Our 10,000 Steps
  91. 91. Let’s Measure Both Metric Goals and the Work that Improves Them.
  92. 92. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | Questions Welcome!