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Mel Carson_SearchLove San Diego 2013_Pioneers of Digital


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Published in: Business, Sports
  • Inspired by points behind Pioneering DNA!
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Mel Carson_SearchLove San Diego 2013_Pioneers of Digital

  1. Pioneers of Digital “Celebrating the People Behind the Pixels”
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  3. @MelCarson Then….
  4. @MelCarson Now….
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  8. @MelCarson Qi LU
  9. @MelCarson Bold & Audacious ‘There’s a certain ability for him to set a bold, audacious goal without yelling about it and you feel as though he’s thought it all through and has answers for any objections.’ Stefan Weitz – Bing Evangelist
  10. @MelCarson ‘Can you work on things that have a greater impact to make life greater for other people? Are you able to work with people so you become a better person every day? If you can answer yes, that’s a good day.’
  11. @MelCarson Thomas Gensemer ‘When it comes to brands, especially big traditional brands…there is this grey area between communications & PR.’ ‘Technology needs to support core business instead of dictating how it works..’
  12. @MelCarson Four Years On…..
  13. @MelCarson Really That Awesome?
  14. @MelCarson
  15. @MelCarson June Cohen ‘Don’t assume you know what your audience wants. What works for other media might not work online, so survey, test, learn & optimise.’
  16. @MelCarson Video (R)evolution ‘Different people watch video in different ways and at different times (so) we released TED Talks on multiple platforms. As a podcast on iTunes, streaming video on, embeddable player for blogs and on YouTube. We’ve now extended to mobile apps, set-top boxes like Roku & Boxee, even airplane in-flight video systems.’
  17. @MelCarson
  18. @MelCarson Vanessa Fox ‘Vanessa was always a pioneer in terms of pushing Google to be more transparent and to surface useful data to site owners.’ Matt Cutts - Google
  19. @MelCarson …….an experiment that will either fail miserably, or succeed beyond our wildest dreams, in making the web better for webmasters and users alike. Shiva Shivakumar in 2005 Leap of Faith
  20. @MelCarson Value Exchange ‘Spend time with colleagues & partners in different departments. Really try to understand what they do and how to speak their language. It’ll help when it comes to communicating ideas and having an empathy with their thinking.’
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  23. @MelCarson Jaron Lanier
  24. @MelCarson Lawnmower Man & Minority Report
  25. @MelCarson Beware the Cybernetic Totalist
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  27. @MelCarson Coming Soon…
  28. @MelCarson
  29. @MelCarson Disney MagicBands
  30. @MelCarson ‘There is no such thing as passive perception. Young people today will remember our media as quaint, cute but not quite fully engaged.’ On Advertising…
  31. @MelCarson Gurbaksh Chahal
  32. @MelCarson Originality Anyone? ‘If you want to disrupt the market, don’t necessarily do something brand new. See what people are already doing. Once you’ve scaled that, incorporate what you want to bring that’s new. You need traction on what people are already doing – existing behaviours, existing products.’
  33. @MelCarson Business is Business ‘People just don’t have a birth of companies trying to do what the original dotcom companies did.....with staggering valuations but no idea how to generate revenue, let alone profit. Don’t get carried away thinking that, because it’s online, it’s different from any other business.’
  34. @MelCarson Jeff Bezos "It's very important not to be hermetically sealed. You want to look at it and say, 'That's very interesting. What can we be inspired to do as a result of that?' And then put your own unique twist on it."
  35. @MelCarson Avinash Kaushik ‘There is a lack of imagination when it comes to doing glorious things. We need to truly embrace digital in creative ways and embrace digital’s new rules.’
  36. @MelCarson Occam’s Razor ‘I formed this mantra, and then I practiced blogging for a month and a half where only my wife and my Intuit employees read the blog, because I wanted to see that I could actually produce content that was incredible, relevant and of value.’
  37. @MelCarson “And my first question to them was, ‘What would I do here?’ And they said, ‘We don’t know.’ They said, ‘You just come and work here, and we’ll figure it out.’ And I said, ‘Oh you’re kidding me!’’
  38. @MelCarson Stephen Fry‘There are people so needy, so desperate, so mentally codependent on me that it is a real worry that if I don’t pat them on the head at least once a day………’
  39. @MelCarson ‘Ok. This is now mad. I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point. Hell’s teeth. We could be here for hours. Arse, poo & widdle’
  40. @MelCarson ‘You have to love it. You absolutely have to love it. Just enjoy the ride, enjoy the creativity that it gives you. What you've got to be driven by is what f**king fun and how unbelievably exciting it is.’ Be You…….and Enjoy It!
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  43. @MelCarson Pioneering DNA y Don’t let technology dictate y Challenge creativity y Make things that satisfy needs y Take decisions in real time y Don’t have to be original, just relevant y Have fun!
  44. @MelCarson Reaction "Pioneers of Digital makes for compelling reading about fascinating innovators. Their curiosity, passion, drive and enthusiasm for using technology in creative ways to help people connect and interact is both contagious and inspirational." USA Today "If you embrace new media and the spell it has cast over advertising and the world in general, this may be your lucky day. Readers will feel like kids in a digital candy shop." Publishers Weekly "These very insightful stories are perfect for those fascinated by the history of digital.“ Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP
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