How i doubled distilled's social media following in 12 months


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Distilled's own content and social queen, Cheri Percy talks through some of the tips and tricks she's learnt from fronting a band to managing the Distilled community. In this presentation, she shares her experiences of everything from successful email marketing campaigns to manning that corporate Twitter account; be that for you band or boss!

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How i doubled distilled's social media following in 12 months

  1. How I doubled Distilled’s social media following in 12 months CHERI PERCY
  2. June 2012
  3. @distilledCheri Percy Coldplay are topping the charts
  4. @distilledCheri Percy The Olympics come to London
  5. @distilledCheri Percy And so do I…
  6. I do not have a personal social media account *gasp* @distilledCheri Percy
  7. I had (and still have) a lot of hobbies @distilledCheri Percy
  8. I was a good promoter. @distilledCheri Percy
  9. @distilledCheri Percy Ladyfest Paris 2012
  10. @distilledCheri Percy One way to make friends..
  11. @distilledCheri Percy A two day event of live music
  12. @distilledCheri Percy Performance arts and exhibitions
  13. I wrote for an online music blog. @distilledCheri Percy
  14. the girls are @distilledCheri Percy
  15. @distilledCheri Percy
  16. @distilledCheri Percy the girls are team
  17. @distilledCheri Percy We’ve been featured on The Guardian
  18. @distilledCheri Percy And got a link!
  19. I played in a Riot Grrl band. @distilledCheri Percy
  20. Don’t know what a Riot Grrl band is? @distilledCheri Percy
  21. @distilledCheri Percy It looks like this…
  22. @distilledCheri Percy And sounds like this…
  23. @distilledCheri Percy Yes, I was a blonde then…
  24. A pretty good band, in fact… @distilledCheri Percy
  25. a refreshing kick in the goolies to boring lad rock and post-rocking chinstrokers the land over..." Drowned In Sound @distilled
  26. Engaging with people online to get the desired result @distilledCheri Percy
  27. Right. @distilledCheri Percy
  28. How I doubled Distilled’s social media following @distilledCheri Percy
  29. 2013 19, 050 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 7, 532
  30. 2012 1, 989 @distilledCheri Percy 2013 4,245
  31. 2013 25,000 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 15,000
  32. 2013 7, 646 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 2, 352
  33. A bit of history…
  34. You’ve been handed the keys to corporate Twitter account, but now what? @distilled planning-corporate-twitter-accounts/
  35. No, that’s not really what I do, Mum. @distilledCheri Percy
  36. It’s about conversation not broadcast @distilledCheri Percy
  37. A community is “a group of people sharing common interests” @distilledCheri Percy
  38. Starting the conversation @distilledCheri Percy
  39. July 2012 (one month in)
  40. @distilled One month in…
  41. @distilled Pitchfork’s People’s List
  42. @distilled hansens-song-reader-coming-in-december-2012 Beck’s Interactive Song Reader
  43. @distilled Incredibox
  44. We got some kudos @distilledCheri Percy
  45. @distilledCheri Percy
  46. And some new followers @distilledCheri Percy
  47. 307 @distilledCheri Percy
  48. Dizzy heights! @distilledCheri Percy
  49. Identify the best social media channels to suit you @distilledCheri Percy
  50. August 2012
  51. 3 months in
  52. How to measure social media efforts @distilled social-media-efforts/
  53. Tag your URL’s @distilled social-media-efforts/
  54. @distilledCheri Percy Here’s the social traffic
  55. Use the Google URL builder @distilled =en
  56. We recently launched this… It looks like this…
  57. @distilledCheri Percy Add your source
  58. @distilledCheri Percy Add your medium
  59. @distilledCheri Percy Name your campaign
  60. Pro tip – Use Tweetdeck for scheduling @distilled =en
  61. Buffer breaks things! @distilled =en
  62. @distilledCheri Percy Here’s my nice, tidy URL
  63. @distilledCheri Percy Here’s Buffer’s version
  64. Gah! @distilled =en
  65. @distilledCheri Percy And here it is all up in your Analytics
  66. Similarly, use the FB scheduler @distilled
  67. @distilledCheri Percy Use the little clock here..
  68. @distilledCheri Percy And find all your scheduled posts here…
  69. Use sparingly though @distilled analytics-was-all-about-seo-think-again
  70. November 2012 (5 months in)
  71. #askdistilled
  72. Exclusive content for our G+ community @distilledCheri Percy
  73. Turns out, not even our community is on G+! @distilledCheri Percy
  74. @distilledCheri Percy #DistilledLive videos
  75. @distilledCheri Percy Building our presence on YouTube
  76. 295 subscribers 28, 490 views @distilledCheri Percy 799 subscribers 117, 671 views
  77. @distilledCheri Percy #DistilledLive playlist
  78. #DistilledLive grew from there @distilledCheri Percy
  79. @distilledCheri Percy Free Google+ Hangouts
  80. @distilledDistilledLive | The SEO Toolkit with Craig Bradford Sometimes these go well…
  81. @distilledDistilledLive | The SEO Toolkit with Craig Bradford What a guy…
  82. Use content your colleagues are producing @distilledCheri Percy
  83. April 2013
  84. 10 months in
  85. @distilledCheri Percy The Marketing Calendar
  86. @distilledCheri Percy Project management
  87. So, why not a traditional calendar eh? @distilledCheri Percy
  88. Discuss individual tasks @distilledCheri Percy
  89. @distilledCheri Percy Add a project brief
  90. @distilledCheri Percy Attach relevant documents
  91. @distilledCheri Percy @replies within a card
  92. Filter to see forthcoming events @distilledCheri Percy
  93. @distilledCheri Percy Significant Event filter ‘on’
  94. Filter to things that are due @distilledCheri Percy
  95. @distilledCheri Percy Assigned to me
  96. What did this new system teach us? @distilledCheri Percy
  97. We can launch our content…
  98. @distilled With supporting marketing
  99. @distilled mobile-sites-and-search/ With blog posts
  100. @distilledCheri Percy With dedicated email campaigns
  101. @distilledCheri Percy Use social to support these campaigns
  102. Remember that State of Search post from Hannah? @distilled for-planning-corporate-twitter-accounts/
  103. Find the conversation (and be part of it) @distilled for-planning-corporate-twitter-accounts/
  104. @distilledCheri Percy Track your associated brands
  105. @distilledCheri Percy Bookmark these for later
  106. Using Favourites as online testimonials @distilledCheri Percy
  107. @distilledCheri Percy Twitter gives you the HTML code!
  108. @distilledCheri Percy Media and Press page
  109. @distilledCheri Percy My career development
  110. A content strategy @distilledCheri Percy
  111. May 2013
  112. 11 Months in
  113. @distilled DistilledU Open Day
  114. #contentcrush
  115. @distilled We have a system
  116. @distilled We have checklists
  117. @distilled We create shareable graphics
  118. @distilled We plan partnerships
  119. @distilled We give away free stuff…
  120. We build our brand (and our community) @distilledCheri Percy
  121. 2013 19, 050 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 7, 532
  122. 2012 1, 989 @distilledCheri Percy 2013 4,245
  123. 2013 7, 646 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 2, 352
  124. 2013 25,000 @distilledCheri Percy 2012 15,000
  125. The system works (hooray!)
  126. What does a community manager do then? @distilledCheri Percy
  127. Build a structure and plan ahead @distilledCheri Percy
  128. Pick the right platforms for you and your brand @distilledCheri Percy
  129. Conversation not broadcast @distilledCheri Percy
  130. @distilled And free stuff!
  131. Do blondes have more fun?
  132. What happened to the band?
  133. @distilledViolet Violet at Norwich Arts Centre, 27th April 2013 For one night only…
  134. Boy, was our email marketing good. @distilledCheri Percy
  135. A sold out event. @distilledCheri Percy
  136. Thanks. Any questions? CHERI PERCY Content and Community Manager • @distilled