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SearchLove Boston 2019 - Veronica Romney - Google “You” vs Google “It”: The Real Future of Search Marketing


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Search Engines have moved away from a keyword-first content mindset to an identity-first content experience. The only path ahead in the growing age of invisibility is to have an individual voice, a voice that is uniquely yours.

In order to succeed, it's important that your brand be the authoritative source of information about your products, services, locations, and other key information.

Discover how personal brands like Sheryl Sandberg, Gary Vee, Top Marketers and more have cut through the billions of web results and become their own unique story.

Explore strategies for becoming a thought leader, and how you can leverage for SEO. Then study entities and why it is important to optimize your digital ecosystem to help Search Engines better understand your business. Get tips to get started.

If you are not optimizing your brand for authority on your branded terms, you're losing traffic to someone else who may not be telling your story the way you want.

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SearchLove Boston 2019 - Veronica Romney - Google “You” vs Google “It”: The Real Future of Search Marketing

  1. 1. @themodernmami @vromney Google “You” vs Google “It” The real future of marketing with Veronica Romney @themodernmami @vromney
  2. 2. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  3. 3. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  4. 4. @themodernmami @vromney Twitter still tweets. Facebook still posts. YouTube still uploads. And the gram still grams.
  5. 5. @themodernmami @vromney
  6. 6. @themodernmami @vromney
  7. 7. @themodernmami @vromney
  8. 8. @themodernmami @vromney
  9. 9. Retain our high- paying clients Improve our company’s marketing performance Breakthrough as our own thought leaders @themodernmami @vromney
  10. 10. @themodernmami @vromney
  11. 11. @themodernmami @vromney Equal parts ambition and equal parts frustration
  12. 12. @themodernmami @vromney We are all ambitiously frustrated @themodernmami @vromney
  13. 13. @themodernmami @vromney Quit trying to be a hero, start being a guide.
  14. 14. @themodernmami @vromney
  15. 15. @themodernmami @vromney
  16. 16. @themodernmami @vromney
  17. 17. @themodernmami @vromney A Great Guide Equal parts authority and equal parts empathy
  18. 18. @themodernmami @vromney authority to help your ambition & the empathy to combat your frustration
  19. 19. @themodernmami @vromney People will buy from you + say yes to you when they feel understood by you, not when they understand you. @themodernmami @vromney
  20. 20. @themodernmami @vromney @themodernmami @vromney “Shut up and solve my problem!”
  21. 21. @themodernmami @vromney The recast of your role in the marketing execution of your next technical how-to.
  22. 22. @themodernmami @vromney
  23. 23. @themodernmami @vromney
  24. 24. @themodernmami @vromney
  25. 25. @themodernmami @vromney
  26. 26. @themodernmami @vromney
  27. 27. @themodernmami @vromney F O R M U L A Hero meets guide, Hero wins.
  28. 28. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  29. 29. @themodernmami @vromney
  30. 30. @themodernmami @vromney WHOA
  31. 31. @themodernmami @vromney The power is in your ability to guide others to their deserving success, not your own.
  32. 32. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  33. 33. @themodernmami @vromney Serve one, Serve all
  34. 34. @themodernmami @vromney Warren Buffet $82.8 billionaire, businessman, investor
  35. 35. @themodernmami @vromney
  36. 36. @themodernmami @vromney
  37. 37. @themodernmami @vromney A consistent brand voice helps you connect consistently.
  38. 38. @themodernmami @vromney “Tell me about YOURSELF” @themodernmami @vromney
  39. 39. @themodernmami @vromney Survey
  40. 40. @themodernmami @vromney Most critical questions to ask as a guide: What do you want? Who or what is standing in your way? How does this make you feel? Why is it important you succeed in this? How would you like me to help you?
  41. 41. @themodernmami @vromney Don’t fall in love with your product or service fall in love with your person @themodernmami @vromney
  42. 42. @themodernmami @vromney aaspirations >Demographics
  43. 43. @themodernmami @vromney your story, before our story
  44. 44. @themodernmami @vromney AWARENESS INTEREST PROSPECTS About Us Ads Generic 1st Time Offer Video Ads CONSIDERATION INTENT EVALUATION LEADS Remarketing Ads Drip Sequence Ads Testimonial Ads BUY CUSTOMERS Specific Offer Ads Winback Ads Where Does It Fall?
  45. 45. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  46. 46. @themodernmami @vromney AWARENESS INTEREST HEROES IN NEED Desires Frustrations Limitations CONSIDERATION INTENT EVALUATION GUIDES TO HELP Empathy + Authority Plan + Process Community + Belonging BUY H/G CONNECTION Successes together Avoided failures Transformations
  47. 47. @themodernmami @vromney @themodernmami @vromney TRUE SALES is getting people emotionally involved in something that can change their personal and/or professional lives
  48. 48. @themodernmami @vromney The script of our story
  49. 49. @themodernmami @vromney
  50. 50. @themodernmami @vromney
  51. 51. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  52. 52. @themodernmami @vromney
  53. 53. @themodernmami @vromney
  54. 54. @themodernmami @vromney Sometimes in search marketing we sell them what they want and give them what they need.
  55. 55. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney
  56. 56. @themodernmami @vromney@themodernmami @vromney People connect with people. People do business with people.
  57. 57. Stop trying to be known as the hero of “it” and start trying to be “you”in guiding. @themodernmami @vromney
  58. 58. @themodernmami /veronicaromney Thank You!m o d e r n m a r c a . c o m + m y m o d e r n b r a n d . c o m