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  • New ClientKickoffMore Google organic trafficCheck a few metrics…
  • How many people arrive on the site and leave without visiting any other page on the siteA high bounce rate is normally a sign that the traffic relevance is low
  • Pretty badBut maybe the convert really high…
  • Check macro conversion rateMacro being sales…
  • 0.06 %That’s terrible…
  • Conversion rate dependant on industryNot good for them either…
  • 133% betterLower conversion rate high valueSo I checked average order value…
  • Nope – People that came from Google organic spend 25% less that the site average.So I thought about this and then I asked them
  • Why do you want more of this terrible traffic? Don’t spend a lot of time on the site, Tiny percentage of them buy, Spend less moneySurely there’s better things to spend our time on?
  • This happens a lotPeople can’t see the wood for the TreesThey’ve done the hard work, they’ve managed to get the traffic to the websiteBut all they can think about is getting more traffic
  • Because it’s easyTracking people that arrived on the sight and bought something is easyBut it’s not smart…
  • Surely, if you You get 10,000 visits…
  • Resulting in only 6 transactions
  • The answer isn't to find another 10,000 visitors?the answer is to find some value in the 9,994?The value is probably already there, we’re just not measuring itComment?Email sign up?It’s really hard to knowLet me show you an example,
  • First things firstI have a problem
  • I’m a gadget addict. In particular, I’m an Apple fan boy. Who else loves Apple. Yes! You’ll all understand where I’m coming from.Funny storyAnyway, given that story I’m sure it’s not surprise that when the new iphone 5s came out
  • I had to have it…
  • And I wanted it on 4G
  • Day 1 – Signed up for pre-orderGave name and email
  • On laptop - Added to cart, signed inCart abandonmentWaste of moneyCouple of days later – on Facebook using my ipad OBVIOUSLY…
  • Saw an ad for EE superfast 4GOrderedWanted cover
  • Didn’t want to waitOrdered the cover for £40If we were to only look at my journey in their analyticsHere’s what they’d see
  • Ignore in store visit3 visits3 different people1 transaction of £50033% conversion rate…
  • That’s just wrong,If we’re just looking at my activity – 100% conversion rateMeasuring session conversion rateNot measuring peopleThat gives us big problems, Bad decisionsShort term effectivenessFocus on 1% that buy
  • I want to fix thatI want to show you how to leverage the 99% that aren’t customers
  • I’ve just shown a relatively simple customer journeyBut they’re often a lot more complicated that that…
  • We’re living in a world of multiple devises
  • Google researchBooking fightsTV – FacebookAnd if that’s not complicated enough…
  • Don’t buy onlineJust researchRO-PO effectOnline looks bad40% of offline purchases were researched online first.
  • How to we measure that?...
  • Before I tell you
  • I have something I want to say
  • I don’t care about not providedAnd…
  • I love GoogleMoaning about losing keyword databetter than keywords.Solves most of the problems
  • Before I tell you why – Step backProblem is tracking peopleGoogle says we’re not allowedHere’s a snippet from the website…
  • That’s pretty clear. Dig deeper
  • You will not upload any data that allows GOOGLE to personally identify and individualNot you?
  • Blew my mindHonestly nto sure when this changedDon’t care – we can do itStill can’t upload namesWe can upload things like customer IDsMore on that later
  • Focus on LTC not session conversion rate
  • How do you do it?You need two thingsThe first is the measurement protocol…
  • BasicsSeen some of the examples beforeThis allows us to measure some pretty interesting data
  • Cutroni exampleThere’s been fun examples
  • Lovesdata exampleCompare productivity of people that drink tea compared to coffeeExplain howWhere UA really gets good…
  • Combined with databaseEmail, blog subscribers or full CRMBack to EE example
  • Same but this time they assign a user IDPreviously CIDThen
  • Laptop - loginCID changes UID sameUA Stats – Same visitor twice – two devices
  • Same when I finally buy on the tabletUID stays the same across all devicesSpend of £500 assigned to ABCSo a £500 spend would be logged against user ID ABCThe final step..
  • Offline transactionNow we can rack thisAsk for phone numberNow when we see the stats
  • 4 visits not 31 Unique Visitor Not 32 Transactions Not 1£540 not £500100% Conversion Rate Not 33%How amazing is that?Track people regardless of device
  • But that’s not allMost forms have more informationGender, age, marital statusData outside of GANow you can…
  • Called dimension wideningPut outside data in using CSVLike this exampleProduct examplesCustom reports
  • We’ve covered a lotHow does this help you make more of traffic you have
  • It starts with a change of attitudeNow that we’re measuring peopleBack to the 10,000 visits example – NOT 10,000 PEOPLEFor all we know those 6 transactions could have been a referralIf I don’t buy but refer 20 sales – am I not valuable?For now just remember…
  • Not just buyers and non-buyersNow that we’re tracking people – track LTVLot’s of in-between thingsLTV quickly becomes probabilityBut lots of complicated things can made simple…
  • Investing is an extremely complex subject..Image:
  • Buffet 2 rulesImage:
  • So complex things can be made simpleLTV no differentI think it can be 2 rules…Image:
  • Just think about that for a minute. How would you do things differently?Website goals are differentIt’s a lot easier…
  • If you’ve seen Glengarry Glen Ross – You’ll recognise Alex Baldwin speechABC – Always be closing
  • I disagreeBecause closing, isn’t an event,Always trying to close isn’t smartHard time selling first time visitor anythingInstead try and do something that keeps the relationship aliveForget ABCI prefer…
  • ABV…
  • Click
  • Not that one….
  • This oneAlways be valuableJust keep the relationship aliveI love this quote...
  • Think of customers like thisSo ask yourself..How can you be valuable?Smallest thing that keeps the relationship alive…
  • I call this your MVCMinimum Viable ConversionDifferent for every businessMight look like this…
  • Not in orderI like hierarchy Smaller conversionsDon’t try and go from top to bottom
  • Might just look at new to returnRather than 0.06 – 70 %Or…
  • But what about other sections?That’s something to work onAnd don’t be upset if people never reach the bottomAVINASHBetter way to spend time that another 10,000…
  • How do we find these customers and measure them…
  • Thanks to Google we can do thisNew Advanced segmentsPerfect for MVCThe first is…
  • Explain CohortImagine assessing loyalty of PPC traffic1 week, 5 week, 12 weeksWe can do that…
  • Notice the blue arrowGroup by Date and SourceMight want to compare that to other months
  • Do the same for MarchRepeat for every month..
  • Produce thisCohort on leftTime at topWhat this showsGreat way to look at changes impact on behaviourClient asked me about app open ratesThe next kind of segments that I’m excited about…
  • If you can’t do dimension wideningAge, gender and interestSo now you can create segments like…
  • Show me all people between 18-24 OR 55-54ANDAre interested in Cooking or GamingHow amazing is that!Only 1 line of code to change…
  • Replace top for BottomGo and enableNow that we’re all measuring people not sessionAnd looking at all conversions not just salesWe need to look at channels…
  • Channels aren’t binary either, But we often treat them like they are…
  • We look at reports like thisAnd make short sighted and bad decisionsDirect is good – social is badShort sightedInstead…
  • You need a goalkeeperNot 11 strikersExactly what we measure channels on – ability to score goalsInstead of building sensible formationWe end up with this…
  • Every channel is in all out attack modeImagine for a second that you were designing a football defender….
  • How to spend pointsHere’s how I’d spend mine…
  • I’d split all my points between marking and tackling
  • I couldn’t care less if they can’t score a penalty, No goals I won’t fire himBut we do that to good channels all the timeWe judge defenders and goal keeps on goals in a seasonStop doing itGive different channels different goals and attributes…
  • PPC might be great at speed (getting people to buy quick)Social might be terrible at speedBut that’s okBecause social might be excellent at something else…
  • Like assistsSo judge it on that Judge it on it’s ability to drive new visitor to the site, Don’t judge it on a 30 day session conversion rate…
  • Google published dataHow channels interact in buying processLook by industry or Country
  • Higher the number….In the UK display acts in a very awareness channelPaid is a decision channelCompare that to just the tech market…
  • Big differenceDisplay is now more of a decision channelSocial is now the biggest awareness channelSo remember this when deciding what each of your channels should do for your businessJudge them on appropriate metrics…
  • Not going to happen overnightBut you need to start somewhereSo let’s start from the little steps…
  • Start with Tag managerExplainGoogle improving all the timeThey’ve just announced auto event trackingNot as easy as it looks but will get better…
  • Then upgrade to Universal AnalyticsBlog postGo to link for more details…
  • Enable the demographic dataOnly 1 line of codeMore ways to segment dataStraight away it allows us to skip past just measuring people – Now we can even measure certain types of peopleIt’s well worth it.
  • Allows you to push data to GADoesn’t need to be new dataCan be used to improve data you already haveFor example…
  • One of my clients has a lot of problems with fraudulant ordersInflated conversion ratesThat’s not idealThey already have the systems in place to deal with thisBut it lives outside of GA…
  • Client exampleNow you have real conversion dataNow tracking LTV – take refunds into accountUse this for refunds as wellOr time spent on customer servicesThink how this could increase your business tracking…
  • pushing for your customers to loginUp to us as marketerscan’t offer anything that’s worth an email address, we’re in big troubleWhen you do get them to login…
  • Do it like Amazon and use persistent cookiesTrack visits that don’t need login
  • Direct Traffic gets too much creditDirect = no referralUntagged email, gchat, in app browsers – lot’s moreHere’s an example…
  • Explain storyWho gets the credit for the sale?...
  • You guessed it – DirectThat doesn’t seem fairBut now there’s a solution
  • Thanks to lunametrics there’s a solution
  • Completely freeAnd in that scenario Facebook get’s credit not directNot only that…
  • Because we’re tracking peopleIt would also show who the customer was that sent the link to the friendJus think how else you could use thisWhich of your visitors send the most referral sales?Reach out and say thanks – even if they’ve never bought from you!Here’s how it works…
  • Captures all my referral dataWhen I send to friend…
  • If no referrer – inherit my referral detailsWhich is a lot more representative of what actually happenedGo install it – it’s freeAnd finally…
  • Start using the new advanced segments that I showed youEven better data insightsSo in summary…
  • Measure people not session
  • Always be valuable
  • Establish Your Minimum Viable Conversion
  • Think Of Your Channels Like A Football Team
  • Craig Bradford_SearchLove London 2013

    1. You Probably Don’t Need More Traffic CRAIG BRADFORD
    2. Bounce Rate
    3. Bounce Rate 69%
    4. Macro Conversion Rate
    5. Conversion Rate 0.06%
    6. 6/10,000
    7. Google Organic – 0.06% Referral Traffic – 0.14%
    8. Average Order Value 25% Less Than Site Average
    9. Why Do You Want More Of This Terrible Traffic?
    10. Why Do We Ignore 99% Of Our Traffic?
    11. If You Get 10,000 Visits
    12. Resulting In Only 6 Transactions
    13. The Answer Isn’t To Get Another 10,000 Visits @CraigBradford
    14. I Have A Problem
    15. I Love Gadgets
    16. I Had To Have It
    17. And I Wanted It On 4G
    18. Signed Up For Pre-Order
    19. Session Based Tracking
    20. Session Based Tracking
    21. Session Based Tracking
    22. • Session Based Tracking 3 Visits 3 Unique Visitors 1 Transaction of £500 33% Conversion Rate
    23. Wrong!
    24. Learn To Leverage The 99% That Aren’t Customers CRAIG BRADFORD
    25. The Customer Journey Is Really Complicated
    26. 90% Of People Use Sequential Screens To Complete A Task
    27. RO-PO Effect
    28. How Do We Measure That?
    29. Before I Tell You..
    30. I Have Something I Want To Say…
    31. I Don’t Care About (Not Provided)
    32. Universal Analytics
    33. The Google Analytics terms of service, which all Google Analytics customers must adhere to, prohibits sending personally identifiable information (PII) to Google Analytics. Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    34. You will not upload any data that allows Google to personally identify an individual Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    35. Mind = Blown Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    36. Universal Analytics Tracks People Not Sessions
    37. How?
    38. Measurement Protocol
    39. Send Footfall Data Image:
    40. Track Coffee And Tea Consumption Image:
    41. Customer Database
    42. User Based Tracking
    43. User Based Tracking
    44. User Based Tracking
    45. User Based Tracking
    46. 4 Visits Not 3 1 Unique Visitor Not 3 2 Transactions Not 1 £540 Not £500 100% Conversion Rate Not 33%
    47. But Wait There’s More!
    48. Dimension Widening
    49. How Does This Help Me Make More Money?
    50. Change The Way You Think
    51. Visitors Aren’t Binary
    52. Investing Is Hard?
    53. There’s Only Two Rules To Making Money
    54. “Rule No.1: Never Lose Money. Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No.1.”
    55. Rule No.1: – Keep The Relationship Alive. Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No.1. Craig Bradford Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    56. I Disagree
    57. A B V
    58. 40% ABV?
    59. 40% ABV? (Not That One)
    60. Always Be Valuable
    61. The purpose of a customer isn't to get a sale. The purpose of a sale is to get a customer. Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    62. MVC (Minimal Viable Conversion)
    63. 0.06% Conversion Rate Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    64. 70% Conversion Rate
    65. 1% Conversion Rate
    66. How?
    67. New Advanced Segments
    68. Cohort Analysis
    69. How Good Is Your PPC Traffic? Image: @CraigBradford
    70. First Visit In March – Source PPC Image: @CraigBradford
    71. Cohort Analysis – PPC Loyalty Image Source: @CraigBradford
    72. Demographic Segments @CraigBradford
    73. Include Interests @CraigBradford
    74. Enable Demographic Data Replace This line: ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '’; With this line: ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; @CraigBradford
    75. Channels Aren’t Binary
    76. Think Of Your Channels Like A Football Team
    77. Don’t Build A Team Of Attackers
    78. Design The Optimal Defender 100 Points: Marking Tackling Shooting Penalty Taking Image:
    79. 100 Points: Marking - 50 Tackling - 50 Shooting - 0 Penalty Taking - 0 Image:
    80. I Don’t Care If He Can’t Score A Penalty
    81. Speed (PPC)
    82. Assist (Social)
    83. UK Market @CraigBradford
    84. Tech @CraigBradford
    85. Actions
    86. Sign Up For Google Tag Manager @CraigBradford
    87. Upgrade To Universal Analytics @Craigbradford
    88. Enable Demographic Data CraigBradford
    89. Try To Use The Measurement Protocol
    90. Get Real Conversion Data
    91. More Accurate Conversion Data Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    92. Push For Login
    93. Use Persistent Cookies
    94. Direct Traffic Gets Too Much Credit @CraigBradford
    95. The Problem With Direct Traffic
    96. • The Problem With Direct Traffic Direct = $50
    97. Thanks To LunaMetrics, There’s A Solution…
    98. Install Directmonster.js
    99. Better Insights Image:LunaMetrics @CraigBradford
    100. DirectMonster.js Encodes Referral Data @CraigBradford
    101. Decodes Referral Data @CraigBradford
    102. Start Using The New Advanced Segments Image:Mixpanel @CraigBradford
    103. Measure People Not Sessions
    104. Always Be Valuable
    105. Establish Your Minimum Viable Conversion Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    106. Think Of Your Channels Like A Football Team
    107. Thanks. Any questions? CRAIG BRADFORD @CraigBradford