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Claire stokoe linklove presentation 2013


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Claire stokoe linklove presentation 2013

  1. 1. Out of 5,000,000 infographic only 1.3% will give you 0.3 of a millisec an orgasm in
  2. 2. Who the f### am i? Claire Stokoe @killer_bunnie
  3. 3. BIG ISN’T IT!!
  4. 4. Infographic 101
  5. 5. Infographics are not a paradigm shift
  6. 6. The process Clients needs Analysis Select Topic Gathering Data Planning a Narrative Researching Testing Sketching ideas Designing Finish Editing Hosting Promotion
  7. 7. Good vs Evil
  8. 8. Good vs Evil
  9. 9. The winning idea
  10. 10. Types
  11. 11. Statistical 3.1k shares 2.8 RT’s
  12. 12. Geographical
  13. 13. Training / Timelines
  14. 14. Opinion piece 14
  15. 15. Data sourced / sorted
  16. 16. Data to graphic 63,384 impressions – 382 clicks – 85 upvotes
  17. 17. Always have 3 targets 1. Film fan 2. 007 fans 3. Fashion bloggers 4. Data junkie
  18. 18. Find a highly sharable high PR site
  19. 19. Out reach made easy
  20. 20. Out reach made easy
  21. 21. Out reach made easy
  22. 22. This is what a REAL infographic can do
  23. 23. Promotion Example 232 reddit Votes 59 comments from fans
  24. 24. Promotion Example
  25. 25. Holiday Promotion 300 likes 314 RT’s 188 Pins
  26. 26. The competition!
  27. 27. Hosting on PR7 site 189 backlinks 207 shares 733 likes 2.4k RT’s 208 Pins
  28. 28. Holiday promotion Reddit – 10 upvotes – 210,551 impressions – 532 clicks from PR 7
  29. 29. Promotion Example Link from PR 7
  30. 30. Promotion Example 222 likes 298 RT’s PR – 7 – domain Auth - 89
  32. 32. How to save your creativity
  33. 33. Experiment
  34. 34. Experiment
  35. 35. How to make an INFOGRAPHIC
  36. 36. Header BAD GOOD
  37. 37. Hook BAD GOOD
  38. 38. Path BAD GOOD
  39. 39. Arty by simple BAD GOOD
  40. 40. Typography BAD GOOD
  41. 41. Icons over text BAD GOOD
  42. 42. Colour palette BAD GOOD
  43. 43. The references & Creative Commons BAD GOOD
  44. 44. Promotion
  45. 45. @killer_bunnie
  46. 46. “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission” Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Editor's Notes

  • 83% of all statistics are made up Some infographics are good - some dreadful and i’m the person that can tell the difference.. and hopefully after this so will you Infographics have recently became a bit of a pariah on the Internet. Some people in this room might think they are shit - i adore infographics.
  • Who am I, my name is Claire Stokoe - killer_bunnie on Twitter I’ve worked in social media for around 7 years or so - spent a year of that unlearning social media cos i thought it was a load of shit Worked for a bunch of different agencies, had my own company and now i’m working at stupendous mediaworks in the Northeast RIGHTO
  • This is a portion of the web the bright nodes are some of the biggest sites out there - the amazons and ebays.. this tiny this speck is you.. how do you get noticed? One why is with an infographic and an what is an infographic - quite simply a visual representation of data - that is then presented in such a way that makes an impact - it gets noticed through all the noise out there online and by the right people.
  • Data can be a range a figures about the economy, where celebrities live or the live cycle of a garden knome it can be anything! So infographics, and a very core of any infographic. Is the data it's what they are built on. So we find the data that could be spread over a series of different sites, we then sort it to get an idea of what is useful, we arrange what is useful and then present it on a graphic and this is then pushed out to bloggers, and social media sites.
  • Infographics are not a paradigm shift - im sorry Little story to back up that statement Florence Nightingale back in 1855 noticed that the young men coming back from the Crimean War with minor injuries. She made the connection that these preventable deaths were caused by bad hygine in the hospital. So she began to create an infographic. She logged all of the death by preventable disease is shown in grey - Death by war wounds is the pink section!. She could have simply written to the queen and said “ Death by preventable disease far outweighs other causes, particularly in the winter months.” But this proved her point in an instant!
  • So how do you get from idea.. to impact? 1. what does the client need.. not what do they want .. what do they need? traffic? links? brand awareness or all of the above? 2. To get this for your client what topic and data is going to help you acehive this? 3. When you have found the data you need.. how do you confince others of its importance and pursudae them to help you reach your goal? 4. Then when you conclude all of this, how to you check that what you have done.. has worked?
  • I have spoken about impact. Which of these do you think has a biggest impact for a serious coffee drinker? This shows quite clearly the difference between an information graphic and a graphic. One shows you a cute picture of a cappuccino and the other shows you how to make a cappuccino. It has to be informative and the information has to be valuable!!
  • Which of these would have the greatest impact to someone trying to win a arguement about who was in the skywalker family tree? Again. They are both saying the same type of thing, but one is saying it clearly. One is more muddled, cramped with a lot of information that could be visual. The other is very clear, shows you the different familys, the links between them and delivers information. If they can invest an emotion in it then they will want to share it!
  • Impact comes from a Good idea, well conceived, well presented and well placed. Ideas can come from anywhere and on occasion you can have a random idea that will do really well, but its a risk. An idea needs to be formed out of what is already out there and being shared byt people.. but which has not quite either made its point simply OR been shown to the right community yet . pope and google glasses would be a winner! The idea must have impact!!!
  • I will just quickly run through the types of infographics to consider. These will be moulded by the data you choose as some data will be numbers related, some facts, times and dates and other will be geographical. Without the information this is just a picture!!!
  • Stats based infographic can be anything from piecharts, graphs - basically anything numbers related. This one that tracked how many miles the new iphone 5 takes from conception in california to the apple store.. did incredibly well on mashable with 209 backlinks..
  • Geographical promotions are highly underrated. You can back an IG up of movie locations by adding an interactive Google Map that people can add too, and position the whole thing on IMBD or a similar movie fan base
  • Timelines work very well as a resource and IG’s made in this format can become popular again months, perhaps years after the initial promotion. So their longevity is always good. This timeline history of distance learning got 47 ref domains and 165 backlinks some from PR 8 sites, a load of PR 6 and the majority of them education focused. They are also still getting attention, 60 backlinks built in last 60 days
  • This is for silly ones, Movembers, Celebrities.. thinks that are all based loosely on opinion. This was an ultimate 007 cars graphic that was picked up by a number of sites and got 164 backlinks from movie and car sites from 53 ref domains.
  • All of this data from a how to dress like Bond IG’s was from a Blog.. i searched through post after post for each film, each detail, each accent of colour and recorded it all on a spreadsheet. Do not expect IG’s data to just hand itself to you.. go and find it
  • This was the result of the data... i probably used a quarter of all the data i sourced
  • Now you have to think about who your target audience is!!!!!!!! who are you trying to make an impact on?? who do you want to make an impact on? thats your audience!!
  • Now once you have that then where to host it will come naturally .. and again where its hosted should be where it makes the greatest impact If you can find a site that is both scraped and has a high PR then all the better. If that site also has a massive following that interact and share, this is better still
  • How to meet the people behind the sites you want How to add people who you have no connection to. If its a blogger then find out what their last post was. Then if they are in groups join the same group. As soon as you are verified you can then add them as “i know this person from the (i’m just in a group to add people - group) and then in the invite tell them you loved their post on Eastern European Hamster Weddings.
  • G+ is a good place to reach out to people who might not bother with you on Twitter or Facebook. In fact its a good idea to look across most of the networks and see which one this “prized person” enjoys using.. i have had influencers chatting to me more on Instagram and not even giving me the time of day on the other networks
  • The thing about this type of outreach is “Its not link building - its PR” - If you send a journalist an email, the focus of which is a link (thats link building and will be dealt with accordingly) - if you call the journalist and talk about this data visual you have created which would work brilliantly in their column. - They see that as a PR call You want to be offering value as opposed to offering money!!
  • So we are now gonna look at what you should be getting out of an infographic. And just what they can do for you!
  • What happens when you do it right. 232 Reddit Votes, if you have never tried to get anything on a reddit category page then you won’t know, but try and fail a lot and then you will know. So this got the impact it needed!
  • Page rank of image is higher than the homepage of the site. I used the jpeg as i was promoting it on reddit and a community like reddit trusts either the original jpeg or something posted on imgur more than a general client website. Just 301 redirect to the infographic page on the site.
  • Win all the holidays and festivities.. use the natural energy online around things like xmas, mothers day, fathers day, easter and halloween. Others will also be doing the same thing.. sometimes exactly the same .. never thing that the data you find has not been used by someone else and that they aren’t a fucking wizz kid at design and promotion... its a war!!! and your Infographic has to win the holiday seasons.. this one for traidcraft was hosted on wisebread... but it did nothing There are certain events that you need to WIN ... you got to win xmas .. Its alright if you come 2nd.. but try again like this!!!!!!!
  • the compeition was insane.. around 40+ graphics using the same data!.
  • I needed to get seen above the competition.. so i decided where i wanted the graphic to go.. found out that the editor had written a post last year on Halloween spending and pitched a follow-up. It launched on Halloween and went crazy
  • Xmas is really hard to win the infographic war!!. But my target was Huffington post much to my colleugues amusment.. but i persisted for a month prior and it went live on the 22... a little later than i’d hoped but it still helped sales for client and
  • pushed rankings up for all xmas related terms at a time when the client sold - sales xmas trees for 2013
  • This one was discussed prior to design with the blogger, so it was designed for Huffington Post. So rather than pitching an existing graphic, this was tailored to them. This is something that i do alot with my outreach. This also got the blogger in question interviewed by the sunday times, so it just shows that this approach can also help the bloggers and journalist careers as infographics stand out.. and cut through the noise! its adding value to their colum...
  • Now we are going to shake things up a bit.. im going to talk about getting into the right head space for this type of work. Almost an unlearning or what you have learned in the corporate world. The great thing about making infographics is that you get to be creative .. and why you need to realise this creativity. Its infectious ... and it should be...
  • Explore your creative juices!!!.. whether you think you are creative or not YOU ARE! - This image got 41k views in 2 days If you have a dog or a cute kid or a tortoise who has a giant tail or something post it on Imgur and then on reddit.. in the AWW category.. it might do nothing... but it might become really popualr.. improving your state of mind as you feel like you belong to a random group of people who live in their mums basement and build up your Reddit account for the big promotions How much i enjoy the creative side of it!!!!!!!!! it can be fun ....
  • Experiment and don’t be afraid to look like a Twat.. I got bored of twitter back in 2009 so invented a serial killer called Dinner_guest who gave lessons how to shrink a human head. the reaction was brilliant, mostly due to the fact that i lied to Mike Butcher from Techcrunch when he asked me if this was genuine LOL. People were having Dinner_guest parties and making the body part menus i disgussed with real ingreadiant. The local Press in Brighton also got wind and a few people thought it was real. It made me release that an active following of 200 was better than an inactive following of 20,000
  • This was for a Poker client and i launched this made up story of their site, using Tumblr as the originator. It went ballistic and was shared across 150+ gambling sites and forums
  • Make sure that the header tells them nothing about the infographic. Be a vauge as you can and merely concentrate on the placement of the purchased images you are adding to the top of the graphic to make it look pretty. Don’t add simply images that give a nice over view of what the rest of the graphic is cover
  • Don’t add a path for people to follow so that they consume the data in the way it was intended. Let the data free on the page, its all in the eye of the beholder after all
  • Don’t bother with a hook.. the last thing you want people to do is relate to your graphic.. so things like Nostalgia, memories, celebrity, sex .. dont bother with any of that.. repeat it and slow down the delivery ..
  • Just buy in all your images from Shutterstock. don’t be original at all. Don’t what ever you do is find someone in your team who is a dab hand at artworks and let them lose on fireworks. and what ever you do - do not draw Rand as a boyscout
  • Use a basic font - don’t worry about looking for fonts that give a feel of the subject matter. So for example if its an IG about arnie dont look for a terminator or Predator style font
  • Use a basic font - don’t worry about looking for fonts that give a feel of the subject matter. So for example if its an IG about arnie dont look for a terminator or Predator style font
  • Use as many colours as you can so that it eye rapes the veiwer! if they pass out and you need to put a warning on it.. all the better Don’t what ever you do use a site like www. colour /
  • Who cares about the sources that helped you make the infographic in the first place, without whom you would not be able to do anything. And hey if you do remember 1 or 2 of them, just stick them at the bottom on a white background so they defiantely look like a last thought. And what ever you do, dont add a creative commons link so that anyone can take your graphic and change the data and sell it as theirs.. and you can’t then chase them to add a link
  • What ever you do, don’t look at a community who might have been discussing the very topic that your infographic is built on. In this case, if its an arnie graphic and reddit has just run an AMA on his new film.. dont even think of adding it there.. just post it on FB and twitter and leave it..
  • You might ask - WHAT IF THE CLIENT SAYS NO!!!!!