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These are Analytical platforms that enable a sudden spurt of performance improvement. Designed to answer specific problems that retailers face, these solutions use BI, Analytics, Big Data and Mobility based approaches to provide a clean wrap.

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Distil Info - Platform solutions Retail

  1. 1. Platform Solutions Powered with Analytical Solutions Distil Information Systems Private Ltd, Chennai, India Analytics | Big Data | Consulting |Visualization www.distilinfo.com
  2. 2. We assist enterprises in unlocking valuable insightsfrom their business data & making them moreintelligent. Consulting Analytics Decision Support Systems
  3. 3. Platform Solutions Transactional Processes AnalyticalPlanning Process Performance Forecasting Management
  4. 4. Platforms Location Location Buying Campaign Aware Efficiency Planning Aware Content Sales Delivery SupplyCommissions Promotions Chain Financials Planning
  5. 5. Platform Name • Input – Specifies the inputIndustries Served: conditions and dataLists the applicableIndustriesPurpose: 140 chardescription on what theplatform does • Output – Details the output data as well as analytics available
  6. 6. Buying Efficiency • Input – PurchaseIndustries Served: Information viz. PO details,Distribution Rates, Discounts, Supplier,Retail Buyer, Item/SKUPurpose:Procurement centricbusinesses; retailing,trading, distribution etc.,depend on the • Output – Metrics: Buyerperformance of theirbuying teams to succeed. wise efficiency, Department wiseThis analytical platformenables the management efficiency, Supplierin such companies tomeasure, monitor and comparisonimprove buying Benefit: Better rates, More Discounts, Better Purchase Termsefficiencies Direct contribution to the bottom line
  7. 7. Some key aspects of payments and cash flow• Are we paying too early• Do early payments really lead to higher discount realizations• Do some locations negotiate for higher discounts ?• What is the net operational cash flow• Is there a consistent trend to net operational cash flows
  8. 8. Process FlowRetail System Analytics ReportsProcurement Dashboards Prediction System
  9. 9. Commissions • Input – Sales Targets,Industries Served: Employee Terms,Distribution Commission Rules, ActualRetail SalesPurpose:Tiered sales teams aredriven by commissionslinked directly to salesrelated parameters. • Output – PerformanceOn the flip side, measures, Employee wisecommissions eat into metrics, Commissionthe gross margin accrued, paid and payable,A companies’ ability tobalance these two sides, Annual bonus, if anymakes it a winner and Benefit: Better sales, Better Cash Planning, Timely, Transparentthe sales teams and Accurate commission payoutmotivated. Direct contribution to the top as well as bottom line
  10. 10. Lost Sales • Input – Lost Sales orders,Industries Served: Customer details, SalesDistribution person details, Item/SKURetail detailsPurpose:A lost sales is a lostcustomer opportunity,many a times leading tothe customer shifting • Output – Suggestedloyalties to competition. stocking plan, AssortmentThe ability to analyze, and Plan and Pricing Planeliminate stock-outs, price-outs of SKUs in demand ismandatory for survival.This provides the neededinsight to make this Benefit: Better sales, Customer retention, Higher sales/unithappen and sell-through Direct contribution to the top line and customer retention
  11. 11. Location AwareContent Delivery (MID) • Input – MID location (GPS),Industries Served: User profile, Content forDistribution delivery (from otherRetailPower & Utilities platforms like PromotionsPurpose: platform etc.)Distributed sales, serviceteams perform best whenarmed with real-time • Output – Relevantinformation and updates personalized contentRetailers, if given thepower to push promotion tailored for time and MIDand deal information to user preferencethose clients who are inthe circle of influence willbenefit immensely by Benefit: Real time information feed, Better sales, Customerbeing able to convert fence conversion, Higher sales/unit and sell-throughsitters into sales Direct contribution to the top line and customer retention
  12. 12. Location Aware Sales(MID, Handheld) • Input - MID location (GPS),Industries Served: Sales unit location, SKUDistribution stock in sales unit,Retail Customer per routePurpose:Mobile sales teams,Distributed sales teams,Van sales etc. dependon real time feedback • Output – Real Time Plansloops to feed theproductive routes most. for: Run Rate, Strike Rate, Allocation Planning, RouteReal time locationupdates on mobile sales Planningunits enables agileinventory routing andplanning Benefit: Real time information feed, Better sales, Eliminate stock out, Efficient Routing of mobile sales units Direct contribution to the top line
  13. 13. PromotionsPlanning • Input – Sales history, SKUIndustries Served: wise sales, PromotionRetail types, Sales Budget, Margin TargetsPurpose:Planning of Promotionsis a double edged swordfor retailers. • Output – Margin and SellWhile the right planwould accelerate sales; thru optimized promotions.a wrong step will knock Seasonally smoothedoff the marginadvantage budget revisions Benefit: Remove the ambiguity from promotion planning, Optimize promotion spend by increasing supplier share in promotions Direct contribution to the top line and bottom line
  14. 14. CampaignPlanning • Input – Prospects, ProspectIndustries Served: Profiles, Target definitions,Retail Campaign budget,Purpose: Campaign ObjectivesFootfall or Eye ball is adirect measure ofcustomer engagement.This in turn leads tobetter conversion and • Output - Optimizedincreased sell thru campaigns, CustomerCampaigns are a retailers profile linked sales plans,best friend enabling howare they going to be Loyalty program efficiency.relevant in the changingenvironment?” Benefit: Remove the ambiguity from campaign planning, Optimize campaign spend Direct contribution to the top line
  15. 15. Financials • Input – Financial set up andIndustries Served: transaction informationDistributionRetailManufacturingPower & UtilitiesPurpose: • Output - Financial statements as per statutoryFinancials is the directlyreflection of a formats and drill down toCompany’s performance. Constantly assessing the least level,the Financial performance v/s budgets,Statements, Ratios andthe individual granular financial ratiosaspects improves theFinancial Productivity Benefit: Remove the ambiguity from financial reportingand performance of the datesorganization Direct contribution to productivity increase as well as better corporate governance
  16. 16. DRP • Input – Stock Orders, ASNs,Industries Served: Delivery Plan, Per routeDistribution packaging, holding andRetail transporting costs, HoldingPurpose: and Demurrage, BudgetMulti tiered distributionand supply networksdepend on optimizedplanning for the right • Output – Optimizeddistribution model. Distribution Plan, ActualWhere a milk run is Cost Forecasts and Deliveryadvised, going with a huband spoke model Planguarantees failure. Benefit: Remove the ambiguity from distribution andThis platform suggests the effectively met demand while costs are controlled.optimum distribution plan Direct contribution to top line and bottom line
  17. 17. Supply ChainPlanning • Input – Production/SalesIndustries Served: plan, Inventory, PurchaseDistribution orders, Stock receipts,RetailManufacturing Item, warehouse, supplierPurpose: • Output – Single view ofBringing demand,supply and in-transit stock requirement,information on a singlepage helps better replenishment avenues,planning future orders. shortfall, outage risks andThis platform integrates stock excessesmultiple supplier, 3PLand customer data for Benefit: Remove the ambiguity from global supply chainsoptimum planning and effectively met demand while wastages are controlled. Direct contribution to top line and bottom line
  18. 18. Thank you www.distilinfo.comAnalytics | Big Data | Consulting |Visualization www.distilinfo.com