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  1. 1. The present world has witnessed a wide arrayof technological advancements and therefore led plenty of service sectors to prosperous paths. Owing to the contribution of various mind-blowing technologies, communicationhas gained superb impacts. Its all through the web availability that nations are able to communicate with one another clearly and much faster in comparison to the earlier times. Now, the present service sectors are highly dependent on email exchanging since every information needs to be delivered fast and in time. Therefore, its very crucial to install SMTP servers to let communication happen more fast and flexible.Devis fenetre
  2. 2. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP mail server software helpsyou to send mails with lighting fast speed to your desired recipientWhen you send an email, the SMTP server comes into play Most ofthe people know the process of sending mails but remain unaware ofinside processing When a mail is sent, the email client starts talkingto the SMTP server through the simple process of receiving mails
  3. 3. This is how the SMTP email server works when you send an emailHowever, there are various steps in understanding the insideprocess of the SMTP servers According to the first step, theprogram that you are using for your email actually plays the role ofan SMTP client It automatically connects itself to port 25 belongingto your email server which is usually the SMTP port
  4. 4. Now, once the connection is done, the EHLO command is utteredHowever, HELO is the simplest and understandable command ofSMTP servers This command actually introduces yourself TheEHLO command is the next one that requests an extended modeapart from introducing yourself just like HELO
  5. 5. MAIL FROM is the next command which actually specifies thesender, whereas RCPT TO is the command that specifies therecipient Amongst the other commands, DATA helps to specify thebody of your message, the RSET command stands for resetting andthe QUIT command refers to the quitting of a session The SMTPmail server software is so helpful that it lets you to save a good lot oftime
  6. 6. The installation process is very simple and you just need toaccumulate all the important components Missing one of them canobviously create problems in installing your SMTP servers If you arenot aware of the installation process, you can always get it installedwith the help of an software expert
  7. 7. Once you have installed it, you need to configure your emailprogram in such a manner that it can perfectly send and receivemails with the help of your email address of your domain Nowadays,businessmen are opting for the SMTP mail server software that arecreating wonders in fetching customers from all over the worldBesides, plenty of educational institutes have also introduced thisSMTP emailing to boost up their work progress
  8. 8. If you wish, you can always go online and know everything on Toknow more on and SMTP mail server software, contact websitesand download your concerned information Devis Eliot is workingfor a SMTP service related company
  9. 9. So he vast knowledge on For more information on he suggest tovisit Devis fenetre
  10. 10. Devis fenetre