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  1. 1. A Virtual Private Server (VPS), also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), provides the features of a dedicated server for multiple web hosting customers to share. At first instance it sounds contradictory, how can you have a dedicated server if it is being shared by multipleusers? Isnt that a regular shared or virtual hosting environment? It is true that with a Virtual Private Server you still share system resources like theCPU and RAM with other users but the resources are allocated in such a way that you cannot tellthat the system has anyone else on it, much like a dedicated server. So resources are usually setup in such a way that each hosting client is onlyallowed to use an allocated percent, meaning thatresources assigned to you will always available to you.dedicated server
  2. 2. Advantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting Most hostingcustomers would rather have complete control of their server environmentsThey dont want to be hosted on a server with tens or hundreds of other users,who could easily use up all the resources or cause the server environment tobe unstable But at the same time most websites dont need a dedicated server The Virtual Private Server (VPS) alternative is a very attractive niche hostingsolution for a fairly large chunk of web hosting clients who would like thestability of a dedicated server but on a smaller scale
  3. 3. With the resources setup in such a way that each person can only use what isallocated to them, your site will be more consistent because it will always havethe same amount of access to the CPU, memory, and bandwidth VirtualPrivate Servers are also more secure since even as you share the memoryand CPU time, you are allocated your own file system If a website on theserver is hacked, the hackers will only have access to that particular filesystem and would not harm the other websites A VPS is also much cheaperthan a dedicated server
  4. 4. Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting Now that youhave read the pros of a VPS you are probably thinking that this is the bestthing since sliced bread Well, almost - as is the case with every other type ofhosting service, not all providers setup or define Virtual Private Servers, alsoknown as Virtual Dedicated Servers, the exact same way You must makesure that your provider guarantees that their setup is robust enough to handleoperations at a peak level A trick used by many providers in the reselling andshared space is overselling
  5. 5. What this means is selling more in terms of services than what physicallyavailable, with the hope that the end users wouldnt use up all the service thatwere advertised to them In the realm of VPS this can be a bit more serious,since at least the expectation is that you are operating in a more robustenvironment and many clients could be running more intensive applicationslike message boards or custom web applications A shortfall of resourcescould end up causing problems for everyone hosted on such a server,therefore negating the benefits dedicated server of a VPS In a shared ordedicated environment you might be able to access more resources duringpeak or spike periods but since the VPS environment limits you to to your sliceof the server resources, it can be a drawback
  6. 6. As if the technology rich lingo of regular web hosting wasnt enough, the VPSservices add a few new wrinkles Apart from storage space and bandwidth youmust also deal with CPU cycles and RAM So you will see ads for hosting thatmight include *** MHz and *** MB RAM to go with the usual hosting relatedfeatures
  7. 7. It is somewhat harder to figure out how much CPU time or RAM you mightneed, so seek out a hosting provider that will provide you with somebenchmarks and the ability to upgrade or downgrade the VPS service ifneeded Conclusion - Allows complete control of your virtual server and itsresources - Allows you to run web applications without adversely affectingother clients - Flexible - cheaper than dedicated hosting, more expensive thanshared Please refer following web sites for useful resources related to website hosting: About Author: Paras Shah Chief Technology Officer VIPPowerNet, Inc Phone: (713)787-6501 Email:
  8. 8. dedicated server