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Disha building capabilities

  1. 1. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting An Approach to Building Capabilities A Journey towards Excellence Disha Consulting Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting About Disha We are a group of Behaviour Re-Modeling Consultants, who believe in ‘Evolving the Path’ in partnership with organizations, institutes, and individuals We partner for Performance and Excellence by transforming people – empowering them with life skills and motivating them to visualize and achieve great goals About Disha Transforming Business Performance
  3. 3. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting The Mission To bring about a paradigm shift among individuals by:- Taking them beyond the traditional bounds of learning and development Confronting them with a whole new dimension of their personality that they never knew existed Empowering them with skills critical for success in today’s world and placing them in a league of their own About Disha
  4. 4. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting The Team The founders bring with them over 30 years of combined industry experience and are passionate about talent development, management & consulting. M o s t o f o u r ‘ B e h a v i o u r R e m o d e l i n g Consultants’ (BRC) have lived and travelled all over the world and have been exposed to many different cultures. Our BRCs undergo a rigorous selection process apart from a “Training Excellence Certification”, which beings together the best industry practices, tools and techniques from across the globe. About Disha Team Disha Experience Core Team (10) 30 yrs + net experience Sr. Consultants (12) 15 - 25 yrs experience Mid level Consultants (14) 12 - 15 yrs experience Executive Consultants (18) 6 - 11 yrs experience
  5. 5. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting 5 “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” About Disha ~ Japanese Proverb To create the right balance, a Development Centre (DC) should comprise of: Assessment Centre (AC) Skills Enhancement Intervention (SEI) Refresher Courses + Coaching Post Assessment ROI
  6. 6. z Disha - Learning Model z S A Synergise Learning Action Evolutionby H R Highlighting Concepts Reinforcing Learningby I E Involve Participants Exciting Participantsby D L Diversify Learning Learning Initiationby A N Assimilate Learning Necessitating Applicationby Disha Guiding Principles • Hearing is Acknowledging • Seeing is Understanding • Doing is Believing •Transferring Learning is Evolving Training Facilitation Consulting Behaviour Remodeling
  7. 7. Behaviour Remodeling Methodology Intervention Package Post Assessment Pre Assessment & Bench Marking Tools Participant Tracometers Textra Methodologies In-Basket Exercises Simulations FGDs Memory Retention Tools Flash Cards Mind Maps Pocket Dairies Table Top Memory Enhancers 7 Intelligentia - Is a battery of Psychometric Tools & Behavioural Profiling Instruments that would be used in combination with other Developmental Centre tools during Pre & Post Assessment. Classroom Sessions Project Work Outbound Learning E - Coaching
  8. 8. Service Offerings 8
  9. 9. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting Building Capabilities- Generic Series 9 DC: A Journey Towards Excellence Attitudes Skills Knowledge Training + Facilitation O n Job application Buddy SystemEm powered Em ployee Participant Tracometer (Capabilities Check Point Chart) Quintessentials 15 - 18 SEI Half Day Nuggets Duration: 9-10 months Batch Size: 12-15 participants
  10. 10. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting 10 Generic Series continued... Task People Personal Achievement Orientation Time & Task Management Impactful Presentations Decision Making & Problem Solving Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills Innovation & Breakthrough Thinking Business Communication Emotional Intelligence Collaboration Impact & Influence Change Management Customer Centricity Self Awareness & Motivation Assertiveness & Confidence Positive Attitude Autonomy Environmental Mastery Professionalism at the work place Enabling Management eTP2m Model DC: A Journey Towards Excellence
  11. 11. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting Pipe Line Series - High Potential Performers 11 DC: A Journey Towards Excellence Assess Develop Coach Expand Launch Mother Care - Disha Partnership Intelligentia Skills Enhancement Intervention Executive Coaching Mentorship Program Leadership Launch Pad Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Skill-Gap Analysis Pre-Post Assessment Knowledge Nuggets Pre + Post Work (10 - 12 Sessions) In-house Mentoring + Refresher Nuggets Project Presentation High Potential Performer Organisation - Disha Partnership
  12. 12. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting Senior Leadership Layer 12 DC: A Journey Towards Excellence 1. Strategic Decision Making 3. Managing Change 5. Balanced Score Card 4. Precision Questioning 6. Breakthrough Thinking 2. Influencing 7. Destructive Leadership Leadership Layer Quintessentials Twin Facilitation - Consulting Model Textra Methodologies Video Recording Licensed Simulations International Certifications External Venue
  13. 13. Behaviour Remodeling Interventions Function / Levels Ops Sales HR Finance Tech Sr. Leadership Team (SLT) Manager of Managers (MoM) First Time Managers (FTM) Individual Contributors (IC) L1 -VDAD L2 -BLP L3 -CPIP L1 -VDAD L2 - BLP L3 -CPIP L1 -VDAD L2 -BLP L3 -CPIP L1 -VDAD L2 -BLP L3 -CPIP L1 -VDAD L2 -BLP L3 -CPIP L4 - CMP L6 - NCR L15 - BAP L9 - CV L4 - CMP L7 - PQPS L8 - IP L9 - CV L4 - CMP L8 - IP L9 - CV L14 - PIP L7 - PQPS L15 - BAP L19 - SMP L20 - DTC L7 - PQPS L8 - IP L19 - SMP L20 - DTC L5 - P&P L14 - PIP L16 - CCC L20 - DTC L5 - P&P L10 - ARI L18 - BTI L20 - DTC L5 - P&P L16 - CCC L17 - PSFP L18 - BTI L6 - NCR L9 - CV L11 - DDCo L16 - CCC L9 - CV L15 - BAP L16 - CCC L17 - PSFP L11 - DDCo L12 - ISP L13 - PEP L19 - SMP L11 - DDCo L13 - PEP L17 - PSFP L19 - SMP L11 - DDCo L12 - ISP L13 - PEP L19 - SMP L12 - ISP L13 - PEP L17 - PSFP L19 - SMP L11 - DDCo L12 - ISP L13 - PEP L19 - SMP
  14. 14. Post Intervention Training Evaluation will be measured in terms of: Enhanced Behavioural Skills Work Productivity Psychological Well Being Tools used would include: - Work Productivity Calendar - Mile Stone Tracker - Project Work - E Coach - Intelligentia 14 The Disha Training Evaluation Process is aligned with Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 - ‘Performance Behaviour’
  15. 15. Stage I: Human Capabilities Foundation (HCF) Job / Role Analysis Competency Models & Frame Works Competency Mapping Performance Management Systems Stage II: Human Capabilities Search (HCS) Defining Stage Talent Hunt Talent Management Stage III: Human Capabilities Engineering (HCE) Discovering Stage Skills Enhancement Initiative + Coaching & Mentoring + E Learning + Refresher Nuggets + Buddy Systems + FGDs + BEIs +OBL + Project Work Bench Marking GAP Analysis Stage IV: Human Capabilities Deployment (HCD) Post Intervention Follow Up Performance Management Systems Deployment ROI Developing Stage Deployment Stage H U M A N C A P A B I L I T I E S E N G I N E E R I N G S Y S T E M S (HCES) OD Consulting
  16. 16. Consultancy Services • Competency Mapping, Frameworks and Models • Organisation Benchmarking • Assessment and Development Centers • Performance Management Systems • E - Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) • Executive Coaching and Mentoring • Behavioural Event Interviews (BEI’s)
  17. 17. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting Building People 17 “If you want 1 year of prosperity...Grow Grain If you want 10 years of prosperity...Grow Trees If you want a 100 years of prosperity...Grow People” - Ancient Chinese Proverb Way Forward!
  18. 18. Talent Development, Management, and Consulting Disha team appreciates your time. Disha Consulting Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Email: