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Dish Out - A couple story


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The story behind Dish Out, the new mobile application for couples. By Etienne Do & Beatriz Bernal

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Dish Out - A couple story

  1. 1. This is us.
  2. 2. And this is the story of Dish Out…
  3. 3. It all began in France when we started dating in 2007
  4. 4. We then moved to Spain,
  5. 5. then to Malta,
  6. 6. then to Singapore.
  7. 7. It’s not easy to move place every 2 years
  8. 8. You need to pack up your stuff,
  9. 9. say goodbye to your friends…
  10. 10. …and make new ones
  11. 11. You need to find new jobs…
  12. 12. …to pay new bills
  13. 13. You need to make travel and visa plans,
  14. 14. this is a lot of work for busy people like us.
  15. 15. In our kitchen in Singapore, there was a light
  16. 16. One day, the bulb broke
  17. 17. We tried to repair it
  18. 18. Didn’t work out
  19. 19. We cooked in the dark for almost a month… Pass me the salt please.. This is the sugar Here you go
  20. 20. You can call that procrastination…
  21. 21. …or destiny
  22. 22. We argued a bit When are you gonna fix it? Why me?
  23. 23. a bit more… Because this is your thing What’s my thing? Changing bulbs?
  24. 24. a little bit more… No, everything Electronics and Cables is your thing Yeah, but kitchen is your thing
  25. 25. We were busy I’m too busy So am I
  26. 26. and this is how we came out with the idea:
  27. 27. a mobile app that would allow couples to manage their chores,
  28. 28. to get things done,
  29. 29. and to know who’s doing what in the house.
  30. 30. We decided to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand to start up
  31. 31. 6 months later, you’re reading our story,
  32. 32. whilst we are planning to go live in April 2014,
  33. 33. and we hope you will find it fun and useful for your couple.
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