YOU plc - Discover a different and powerful way to approach your work


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This powerful presentation shows you how to reframe your working world and prime yourself to influence people, situations and results. Essential for Leaders, Managers and Key Influencers…it provokes you to see things differently and do things differently.

YOU plc - Discover a different and powerful way to approach your work

  1. 1. YOUplc A different way to look at you at work
  2. 2. It could be time to re-design your approach to work YOU plc
  3. 3. Select a different model to follow
  4. 4. Look well beyond employee, manager, leader or key influencer
  5. 5. Select a different model to work to... What if you were a business?
  6. 6. If you were a business... You would need a business model YOUplc
  7. 7. Business Model What is a Business Model? This is the ‘rationale’ for the business existing It is what it does in exchange for money
  8. 8. What is the Business Model of an airline?
  9. 9. To transfer people and goods from A to B ...and to charge much more than it costs
  10. 10. The business model is not a list of all the things it does… Buy Planes Hire Pilots Sell Tickets Board Planes Land Takeoff
  11. 11. The business model is WHY it does these things
  12. 12. What is the Business Model of a Search Engine?
  13. 13. It is about providing a website that attracts a huge amount of traffic to it… It is not about providing information or access
  14. 14. that it is attractive to advertisers.
  15. 15. They then exchange advertising opportunities for money
  16. 16. What is the business model of a Management Consultancy?
  17. 17. To exchange valued skills, knowledge and expertise for money
  18. 18. YOUPLC What is your Business Model?
  19. 19. What do you provide in exchange for money? YOUPLC ?
  20. 20. You do not provide your attendance You do not provide availability at meetings You do not provide tasks and activities Its not about your job description ?
  21. 21. ? You do not exchange your hard work for money
  22. 22. ? You do not exchange your experience for money You exchange what you can do with that experience
  23. 23. You exchange your CAPABILITY for money
  24. 24. What is your main customer buying? See yourself as a business
  25. 25. They are buying your ability to INFLUENCE
  26. 26. Your ability to influence People, Situations and Results
  27. 27. Your ability to make a difference
  28. 28. Your ability to execute and deliver
  29. 29. WHO is your main customer? YOU PLC
  30. 30. Your main customer is the Organisation that you work for
  31. 31. External clients, end users or the public are your organisation's customers.
  32. 32. Your main customer is represented by your direct manager and those in Leadership YOUPLC
  33. 33. Your Business Model... is to wisely deliver your Organisation’s Business Model YOUPLC
  34. 34. How impressive is the product catalogue for YOUplc ?
  35. 35. Are you adding new and valued products and services?
  36. 36. What Unique Selling Proposition have you developed for your main customer?
  37. 37. How are you ‘adding value’ to your customer? YOUPLC
  38. 38. How well are you standing out from the others? What is your Brand reputation? YOU PLC What are you ‘known’ for doing? What are you ‘known’ for being like?
  39. 39. Now would be a good time to review your personal business plan YOUPLC
  40. 40. What do you want to achieve over the next 5 years? YOUPLC
  41. 41. YOUPLC How are you developing the skills, knowledge and expertise of
  42. 42. Thanks for watching the slide show! Jonathan Frost is a Director of Discovery Coaching Limited and has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. His focus is on enabling people to discover the practical tips, hints and techniques that are relevant to their everyday leadership life. He has extensive experience working with leaders at all levels in industries as diverse as Retail, Distribution, Utilities, Defence, Engineering, Local Government and Professional Services. If you like Jonathan’s SlideShares, you will love his new book! It shows you how to influence people, situations and results. Having 'influence' is at the very heart of leadership and the book provides practical tips, hints and techniques that you can use to trigger change in your team. It is aimed at those who want to access 'distilled wisdom' in an easy to read book. It has an engaging 'coaching' approach that provokes you to think deeper, see things differently and do different things. Click here to read more… Motorbikes-situations-ebook/dp/B00SQ7S9RA/ Email: web: