Mind the Micromanagement Myth!


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A timely look at the topic of MICROMANAGEMENT…and a warning to avoid the Myth. Helpful for all supervisors, managers, leaders and key influencers.

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Mind the Micromanagement Myth!

  1. 1. Micromanagement? Are you sure its… Friday, 23 May 14
  2. 2. You know the symptoms... Friday, 23 May 14
  3. 3. Nothing seems to win approval Friday, 23 May 14
  4. 4. It has to be their way! Friday, 23 May 14
  5. 5. They want more and more detail and data! Friday, 23 May 14
  6. 6. They see things through their own filter Friday, 23 May 14
  7. 7. They just can’t let go Friday, 23 May 14
  8. 8. Hang on a minute! Lets avoid the Stereotyping ...and the exaggeration Friday, 23 May 14
  9. 9. Lets think a little more carefully ...more objectively Its too easy to label someone Micro Manager Friday, 23 May 14
  10. 10. The label sticks and it ‘primes’ the way you see things and interpret them Micro Manager Decisions, behaviours and approaches are all seen through the lens of the label Friday, 23 May 14
  11. 11. You may stop engaging in your responsibility to lead and influence An incorrect diagnosis of micromanagement creates problems 1 Friday, 23 May 14
  12. 12. Your focus is on what others will ‘approve of’… ...not what is your best 2 An incorrect diagnosis of micromanagement creates problems Friday, 23 May 14
  13. 13. Problems 1 & 2 tend to create a need for Micromanagement to fill the quality voids! It is self-fulfilling! 3 An incorrect diagnosis of micromanagement creates problems Friday, 23 May 14
  14. 14. Never assume it is Micromanagement ...unless you have first assumed it is not Friday, 23 May 14
  15. 15. Organisations need strong, visible and obvious leaders Its not MICROMANAGEMENT if it is needed Friday, 23 May 14
  16. 16. Yes, they see things through their own filter This comes from having a wider remit, a longer term view and a ‘buck stops here’ responsibility. Friday, 23 May 14
  17. 17. Lets not confuse what somebody else does in their role... ...compared to what you do in yours Friday, 23 May 14
  18. 18. Its true… They want lots of detail and data! Friday, 23 May 14
  19. 19. Because this might be the picture that they have to work with! Friday, 23 May 14
  20. 20. They can’t just let go... Because they need to hold people and situations up! Friday, 23 May 14
  21. 21. Micromanagers do they really exist? Rampant Friday, 23 May 14
  22. 22. YES But its not common because its not a successful way of leading people Friday, 23 May 14
  23. 23. YES But its not common because its not a successful way of leading people Natural Selection takes care of most of them! Friday, 23 May 14
  24. 24. Apply helpful filters Respond Objectively to feedback and involvement Objectivity Positivity Engagement & Curiosity Friday, 23 May 14
  25. 25. Defensive Perception Objective Reality Attack your defensiveness Friday, 23 May 14
  26. 26. Look for opportunities to interact, advise, inform, and discuss in advance. Don’t wait for feedback or intervention. Take the lead! Friday, 23 May 14
  27. 27. Thanks for watching the slide show! Jonathan Frost is a Director of Discovery Coaching Limited and has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. His focus is on enabling people to discover the practical tips, hints and techniques that are relevant to their everyday leadership life. He has extensive experience working with leaders at all levels in industries as diverse as Retail, Distribution, Utilities, Defence, Engineering, Local Government and Professional Services. If you are hindered by the Micromanagement Myth...or its a reality for you...we can make a difference and we would be delighted to hear from you. Email: jfrost@discoverycoaching.com web: www.discoverycoaching.com Friday, 23 May 14