How to build a better role.


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6 questions that provoke you to think about your role…and how to have more impact, influence and success. This presentation triggers a journey of discovery that yields helpful and insightful outcomes.

How to build a better role.

  1. 1. Build a better role 6 questions that will enhance your role
  2. 2. Its not that there is a problem...
  3. 3. Things are actually going well
  4. 4. But you are wondering...
  5. 5. Could you be even better?
  6. 6. are not doing anything wrong...
  7. 7. Could you be doing things ‘more right’?
  8. 8. DIFFERENCE You want to make more of a
  9. 9. Influence the organisation more You want to
  10. 10. You want to inspire others... ...and trigger enthusiasm and engagement
  11. 11. You want to lead powerful & effective meetings
  12. 12. You want to work to your… full potential
  13. 13. This involves recalibrating your role
  14. 14. You see the value in developing your capability
  15. 15. You just need a simple and effective discovery process
  16. 16. The following slides provide that thought provoking and helpful process This presentation provides 6 helpful questions for you to answer
  17. 17. What is the difference between your current performance… and your current potential? Q1 Useful questions and ‘thought provokers’ from a coach can help you to discover the difference.
  18. 18. CapabilityThis circle represents your... Current Performance
  19. 19. Capability What you do... How you do it... The results you get... Current Performance
  20. 20. Capability What you are actually capable of This circle represents your full potential
  21. 21. Capability Potential Performance The difference is GOOD NEWS ...its an opportunity... Overlay Potential and current Performance
  22. 22. Capability Potential Performance The difference is your OPPORTUNITY ...if you decide to... See things differently Do things differently Do different things
  23. 23. SEE things differently
  24. 24. To see things need to think differently
  25. 25. Always look for 3 different perspectives... 1 2 3 See our 3d Thinking slideshare for more...
  26. 26. Consider your ROLE from 3 different dimensions RESULTS SITUATIONS PEOPLE
  27. 27. Who else can you engage with to get better results? Q2 PEOPLE
  28. 28. Who else can you engage with to get better results? Q2 PEOPLE How can you make your ‘sphere of influence’ wider? Who holds the attention of your network? Who are the ‘shapers’ of things in your working world? Who are the ‘key influencers’ in your working world?
  29. 29. Who do you need to influence more? Q3 PEOPLE
  30. 30. Q3 PEOPLE Who needs a different outlook or approach? Who needs to ‘reframe’ their working context? Who needs to feel more urgency or pace? Who needs to factor you and your team into their decisions? Who do you need to influence more?
  31. 31. SITUATIONS What situations do you need to challenge, change or avoid? Q4
  32. 32. What situations can you take advantage of? SITUATIONS Q5
  33. 33. RESULTS What are the measurable ‘indicators of success’ for your role? What are the metrics? What would trigger different metrics? Q5
  34. 34. RESULTS Q6 What are the intangible ‘indicators of success’ for your role? What are the behaviours, outlooks, culture and approaches that you effect? How can you use that effect more wisely?
  35. 35. If you look for answers to the 6 questions…you will discover ways to have more impact, influence and success.
  36. 36. Thanks for watching the slide show! Jonathan Frost is a Director of Discovery Coaching Limited and has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. His focus is on enabling people to discover the practical tips, hints and techniques that are relevant to their everyday leadership life. He has extensive experience working with leaders at all levels in industries as diverse as Retail, Distribution, Utilities, Defence, Engineering, Local Government and Professional Services. If you would like to re-calibrate your role and significantly improve your personal results... ...we can help and we would be delighted to hear from you. Email: web: