3d Thinking - how to enrich your thinking.


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When you see things in 3d…it is a richer experience. The same happens when you THINK in 3d. It opens up a new way of 'seeing' things and this can significantly influence your outlook, approach, choices and activities. It is a technique that all can apply however it is especially useful for managers, leaders and key influencers.

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3d Thinking - how to enrich your thinking.

  1. 1. © Discovery Coaching Limited
  2. 2. can you think in 3d?
  3. 3. It can open up a whole new dimension for you!
  4. 4. You will see more ...much more
  5. 5. You will see things differently ...and be impacted differently
  6. 6. You will see people differently ...perhaps more insightfully
  7. 7. You will have new & different ideas
  8. 8. It can influence your outlook, approach, thinking and choices.
  9. 9. Lets look at HOW it works and WHY it works so well!
  10. 10. Over the last 17 years this guy spent thousands of hours coaching, consulting and training leaders, managers and key individuals. He discovered ways to help people think differently. Jonathan Frost
  11. 11. This significantly influenced individual & team… Performance
  12. 12. It also influenced… Engagement
  13. 13. It helped people to understand and engage with others better.
  14. 14. How it works ...an example...
  15. 15. You have been asked to complete a Jigsaw Puzzle
  16. 16. A 2d map ... of the world
  17. 17. Your brain is not very excited! It is easy Too easy
  18. 18. No need to concentrate Answers are obvious Approach is intuitive You don’t need to engage It’s no challenge
  19. 19. You have been asked to complete another Jigsaw Puzzle
  20. 20. A 3d map ... of the world
  21. 21. This is not easy Your brain is very excited! It has to work harder
  22. 22. The extra dimension makes a difference!
  23. 23. You are provoked to think differently
  24. 24. You are more engaged and focussed!
  25. 25. You concentrate for longer periods
  26. 26. You have to take more into account
  27. 27. You have to focus on constructing the image...not just fitting parts
  28. 28. Success feels more significant!
  29. 29. By thinking deeper or differently...What a difference a dimension makes! 2d 3d
  30. 30. What a difference a dimension makes makes It can be a ‘self imposed’ difference!
  31. 31. It is Simple… ...but not Easy How to make this work for you
  32. 32. Consider your topic Identify 3 definite perspectives Carefully consider each perspective Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Perspective 3
  33. 33. Lets apply this to an example... How good are you at your job?
  34. 34. Your brain starts firing off all sorts of ideas. There are so many perspectives.
  35. 35. How good are you at your job? Perspective 1 Perspective 3 Perspective 2 Evaluate yourself from these three perspectives… What is OK performance? What is GOOD performance? What is EXCEPTIONAL performance?
  36. 36. OK GOOD EXCEPTIONAL What is the difference between these 3? What are the ‘indicators of excellence’ in your job? Could you be accused of being exceptional? What should you be doing differently? What different things should you do?
  37. 37. Lets apply this to another example... How do people ‘rate’ your performance?
  38. 38. What do your ‘direct reports’ think? What do your ‘competitors’ think? What do your ‘superiors’ think? How do people ‘rate’ your performance?
  39. 39. Consider your topic Identify 3 definite perspectives Carefully consider each perspective
  40. 40. This is how it works. Make it work for you!
  41. 41. If you like Jonathan’s SlideShares, you will love his book! An easy to read and entertaining book that provides you with the tips, hints and techniques that you need to influence people. Available on Amazon right now! http://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Zebras-Discover- Motorbikes-situations-ebook/dp/B00SQ7S9RA/
  42. 42. Jonathan Frost is a Director of Discovery Coaching Limited and has been a consultant and coach for over 17 years. His focus is on enabling people to discover the practical tips, hints and techniques that are relevant to their everyday leadership life. He has extensive experience working with leaders at all levels in industries as diverse as Retail, Distribution, Utilities, Defence, Engineering, Local Government and Professional Services. Email: jfrost@discoverycoaching.com web: www.discoverycoaching.com Thanks for watching the slide show!