Discoveroom Mobile App Walkthrough


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A step by step presentation of the Discoveroom lodging owners' reservation management mobile application.

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Discoveroom Mobile App Walkthrough

  1. 1. Login-Register Existing users, press “login” to go to the login page. If you are a new user, press “register” to go to the registration page to create a new account.
  2. 2. Register Fill in your email. Preferably, this should also be the email of the lodging, but it is not required. Choose a password. A valid password must contain a mix of lower case and upper case letter, numbers and special characters.
  3. 3. Activate The password that picked in the registration page will be pre-filled here. Copy and paste here the activation code that was sent to you via email.
  4. 4. Notifications The home page of discoveroom is the area where you can receive information about important upcoming events that require potential action. For events that require action, such as communicating with clients about their arrival or an overdue advance, button-icons allow you to quickly drop an email or call them, provided that this piece of information was entered in the original reservation
  5. 5. Menu Tapping on the top left icon, or sliding the screen to the right, reveals the main menu of the application. The first area that will require your attention is setting up your lodging. Until you complete this, the reservations menu will be inactive.
  6. 6. Lodging settings The steps that you need to take to complete the lodging setting, are listed here from top to bottom and must be followed with this order. Before the completion of each step , the following will be inactive.
  7. 7. Lodging settings / details Fill the general information of your lodging. The information will serve for you identification.
  8. 8. Lodging settings / map Press the icon on top right to allow the phone to locate your position. Touch and hold the marker to move it elsewhere if you desire so.
  9. 9. Lodging settings / room types This is an example list of room types. The number indicates how many rooms of such a type are set.
  10. 10. Lodging settings / room types To create or edit a new room type, the important elements are the name, the number of beds and the pricing. Amenities are optional.
  11. 11. Lodging settings / seasons Here is an example list of seasons . Seasons are timeperiods classified as of one of low, mid or high and affect pricing.
  12. 12. Lodging settings / seasons Pick a date range that suits your purpose, give it a name so that you remember what is it about classify it as Mid or High. Low is the default for all days and does not need to be set.
  13. 13. Lodging settings / rooms An example list of room shorted by room number. For each room, the room type is also shown.
  14. 14. Lodging settings / rooms Adding or editing a room is easy: assign it a number and one of the room types you have defined.
  15. 15. Reservations Open the reservations colour legend Roll calendar back to “Today” Change calendar date range Rooms list Reservations are colour coded Tap and empty square to create a new reservation
  16. 16. Color code Each reservation state is given a different colour in order to be easily distinguishable. The colour code is explained here.
  17. 17. New reservation Adding a new reservation by taping an empty square on the calendar, pre-fills the check-in date and the selected room. Reservations where an advance is required are created as tentative by default. Clients Email and Phone are optional. If filled in, they will make the relevant buttons appear in the home page. Scroll down the screen to reveal the free text note area.
  18. 18. Settings For the time being, the setting are displays preset values. In the future, it will allow you to customise the application further.
  19. 19.