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Unique Brazil Carnival Experience with the Disover.Travel Group


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The Discover.Travel Group creates Exclusive Special Carnival Package to Rio de Janeiro for Travelers to experience the most diverse facets of the biggest Party of the World.

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Unique Brazil Carnival Experience with the Disover.Travel Group

  1. 1. Unique Brazil Carnival Experience with the Disover.Travel Group The Discover.Travel Group creates Exclusive Special Carnival Package to Rio de Janeiro for Travelers to experience the most diverse facets of the biggest Party of the World Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, August 27th 2009 ---Carnival in Brazil has for years been one of the biggest parties in the world, and it continues to attract more travelers from all over the world every year. The biggest events are the street carnival in Salvador da Bahia and, of course, the world-famous Samba Schools’ Parade in Rio de Janeiro. For Carnival 2010, the award-winning Online Travel Company Intelligent Leisure Solutions and Discover.Travel Group (ILS3) has developed a special Carnival Package for the dream society traveler looking for an authentic and unique Carnival experience. With the Discover.Travel Group’s Special Carnival Package Rio de Janeiro, travelers will not miss any of Rio’s carnival highlights from the famous and colorful Samba Schools’ Parade to the popular street carnival in Rio’s neighborhoods, from elegant Carnival Balls to rhythmic celebrations with the Street Blocks. Of course, tours to Rio’s most famous landmarks Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Christ Statue are also included. On all tours and Carnival activities, a local, English-speaking guide will accompany the travelers and give them insider information and a feeling for what Carnival in Rio is really like. Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group individually design this package to suit each client’s wishes. The Special Carnival Package can be a Luxury Vacation with accommodation at Rio’s Top Hotels such as the Copacabana Palace or the Fasano Hotel, and a private guide on all activities. Who is traveling on their own can join a small group of up to eight people staying in a good and centrally located three or four star hotel and participate in the activities together with like-minded adventurers.
  2. 2. Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group have created a diverse tour program for this Special Brazil Carnival Package. On 12th February 2010, travelers arrive in the morning. From the airport, depart to a half day city tour that includes Rio’s highlights plus Carnival attractions. A Costume designer customizer will show her atelier and guests will see how they build those incredible costumes displayed during the Carnival Parade. Then, a short historical tour to downtown Rio will show the busy mixture of historic buildings overshadowed by high rise office blocks. The historical centre of Rio houses an impressive complex of colonial Baroque architecture, including the Royal Palace, the National Historical Museum, the Candelaria Church and the monastery of Sao Bento, considered by some to be the city's richest historical building. After a stop at one of Rio's most traditional restaurants and tea rooms, Casa Colombo, depart by subway to a Samba Lesson! Samba is the spirit and soul of Brazilian music and dance. The fascinating rhythms and bodily expressions make the Samba one of the most popular ballroom dances. With the Discover.Travel Group’s teachers, the simple steps and distinctive music makes the Samba very easy to learn. On 13th February, the Discover.Travel Group`s clients will depart to the Sugar Loaf Mountain, go up by cable car and appreciate the fantastic view of the Guanabara Bay. This afternoon they will have the first opportunity of exercising all they have learned about samba, joining the Carlinhos de Jesus street block. Carlinhos de Jesus owns a Dance House and Course and in 1992, as a carnival fan, he created his street block. To take part on it, just let the music reach the heart and move the body accordingly. The Carnival troupe has a shirt with exclusive drawing, the perfect souvenir. On the next day, Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group take travelers up the Corcovado Mountain to the Christ Statue for another unforgettable view of the Marvelous City. After a relaxing afternoon, at night, the guide accompanies the guests to visit the Samba Schools´ parade concentration He will take them to the event by subway in order to experience driving with locals wearing their carnival costumes to the parade. The schools line up at the concentration, which is the ideal chance to see all costumes and floats together for the first time, even before the TV cameras! As an exclusive special, the Discover.Travel Group arranges this possibility for travelers to take unique backstage photos and experience the authentic Carnival behind the scenes. The Highlight of the night follows when a private Chauffeur takes the guests to one of Rio`s legendary Carnival Balls, where they can dance or observe the Cariocas` colorful costumes until the early morning hours. After a well-reserved day for relaxation, on 15th February Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group reserve tickets for the world-famous Samba Schools` Parade; the highlight of the entire Carnival Experience. Be part of the show that is transmitted on TV in numerous countries around the globe! On 16th February 2010 is when the people of Rio celebrate the most traditional Street Carnival Parties with famous bands playing in the streets of Ipanema. With the Discover.Travel Group’s guide, travelers once mix with the locals and enjoy the authentic Carnival in Rio. After the official Carnival Celebrations end on Ash Wednesday, the Discover.Travel Group can arrange for diverse add-on programs to Brazil’s most popular destinations such as the Amazon, Iguassu Falls or
  3. 3. Salvador da Bahia, or organize some relaxing days at tranquil fishermen’s villages surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest at short distances from Rio. Intelligent Leisure Solutions’ Specialized Travel Consultants will choose the ideal destination with each traveler to create his personal Dream Vacation in Brazil. For further information on travel destinations, services, hotels and contact with a specialized travel consultant please visit the Discover.Travel Group’s websites www.Discover.Travel,, www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel and www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel. Recent accomplishments by Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group: • 2008 Ulysses Award for Innovation in Tourism Enterprises from the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), • World Travel Award 2008 for South America’s Leading Travel Management Company, • World Travel Award 2008 for Central America’s Leading Travel Agency, • Managing Partner Robert Phillips was elected ASTA Chapter President for Brazil. • Selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. • Authenticated by the Tralliance Corporation and the .Travel Registry. Contact: Email Address: Telephone Number: +1 888 457 3266 Fax Number: +55 71 3113 4203 www.Discover.Travel www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel