The Discover.Travel Group visits select Partner Lodges in the Amazon


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To guarantee the excellence of its Luxury Travel Packages, members of the Discover.Travel Group`s team personally visit Jungle Lodges to select the best partners to offer to its clients.

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The Discover.Travel Group visits select Partner Lodges in the Amazon

  1. 1. The Discover.Travel Group visits select Partner Lodges in the Amazon To guarantee the excellence of its Luxury Travel Packages, members of the Discover.Travel Group`s team personally visit Jungle Lodges to select the best partners to offer to its clients Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, June 1st 2009 --- The Amazon is one of the most exotic destinations in the world, and one that of many travelers dream of. Together, the world's largest rainforest and the world's largest river form a unique ecosystem with a diversity of plants and animals that no other place in the world can equal. In one hectare of Amazon rainforest scientists have identified more species of trees than in all of Europe. Numerous species of animals can only be found in here, and several tribes of Indians still live deep in this endless forest and have never been in touch with white people. All of this conjures images of adventure and mystery, which travelers who want to go beyond the typical tourist destinations adore to explore. The Amazon weather reflects the tropical climate, which makes it a year-round destination. Seasons divide into the rainy season, which in the area around Manaus is during the first half of the year, and the
  2. 2. dry season from July until December. Experienced guides partnering with the Discover.Travel Group say that to really know the Amazon, you have to go at least twice: once in each season. In the dry season, sandy beaches appear along the river and animals are easier to spot when they come to the open banks for water. In the rainy season on the other hand, the landscape becomes even more intriguing when part of the forest is flooded and allows unique activities like paddling in wooden canoes through the tree-tops of the jungle-giants. However, traveling in this remote destination requires special care to make it a safe and rewarding experience. In the Amazon, where towns and settlements are very distant from each other, transportation is rare and not on a regular basis, most of the local population does not speak English or any language but Portuguese and reliable information is hard to obtain, travelers need a responsible partner to recommend where to go, organize how to get there and book where to stay in advance and guarantee a good and safe journey. The luxury online travel company Discover.Travel Group does this for its clients in its tailor-made Amazon travel packages, created by Specialized Travel Consultants individually for each traveler in order to ideally suit their wishes and provide for an unforgettable experience: The holiday packages combine peace and relaxation with adventure, rustic outdoor activities with charming and even luxurious accommodation, exciting encounters with wild animals like caimans and snakes with serene sunrise contemplation on the river surrounded by a group of gray dolphins. Of the four million inhabitants of the Brazilian state Amazonas, three million live in Manaus. This makes the city the entrance gate to the Amazon. Thanks to its wealth obtained in colonial times, Manaus features cultural attractions like the Theater of the Amazon, which make it worth a visit in itself. Day tours into the jungle, on the river and to natural beauties such as waterfalls or the famous meeting of the waters, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet and form the beginning of the real Amazon can be arranged by the Discover.Travel Group according to the traveler's individual preferences. The travel company also offers several-day Amazon cruises on luxurious cruise ships or small and exclusive yachts and boats. The real adventure of the Amazon, however, is a stay right in the jungle in a lodge, where you can hike through virgin rainforest during the day and listen to the jungle's sounds at night, which become louder and more intense as soon as the sun sets and many animals awaken, avoiding the heat of the day in the tropics. Lodges are often far away from cities or towns and during their stay there, travelers spend their entire time in the lodge's area and on its activities. Therefore, even more than in other destinations, they depend on their travel agent and the lodge to provide quality accommodation, meals, guides and service. All the more important it is for the Discover.Travel Group to carefully select its partner lodges in order to make sure that its clients find the excellence they expect. In order to personally experience the quality and to hand-select the best lodges to recommend, a team from the Discover.Travel Group traveled to the Amazon in April 2009 and visited a number of jungle-hotels.
  3. 3. The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a small and exclusive hotel situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil. Resting in front of Anavilhanas, the world’s largest fresh water archipelago, one of the few places where the pink dolphins can be seen, the Lodge is touched by the dark waters of the Rio Negro and is surrounded by the sounds, smells and mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Free of mosquitoes and nested within a vast stretch of untouched rainforest, it allows its guests to experience the perfect balance between Nature and comfort, adventure and peace. The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge currently accommodates a maximum of 35 guests at a time, which allows an atmosphere of familiarity and exclusiveness, created by the excellent and sympathetic team. The New York Times have called the Anavilhanas Lodge “perhaps the most elegant lodging in the Amazon” (NY Times), and the Discover.Travel Group recommends this partner as the best place to experience the Amazon jungle in great comfort. In order to reach the Anavilhanas Lodge, however, travelers have to be prepared for a three hours transfer from Manaus Airport. During this comfortable ride, the attentive observer gets a good impression of the way of life the majority of the Amazon population lead. Alternatively, the Discover.Travel Group can arrange for a transfer by hydroplane, which additionally to saving time allows breathtaking aerial views of the more than 400 lush green islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago. However, to those who only have a short time available to experience the rainforest, the Discover.Travel Group recommends the Amazon Eco Park. This elegant lodge is located only one hour from Manaus by boat and car, depending on the season and level of water. Accommodating more than 120 guests and offering access by wheelchair, it maintains a familiar atmosphere by building small groups of travelers accompanied by one guide each throughout the diverse program of activities. This lodge brings an air of luxury into the jungle, while maintaining an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort and being in complete harmony with the surrounding rainforest landscape. The Discover.Travel Group's tailor-made Amazon Travel Packages to these Lodges, which can include further activities, hotels and destinations, will provide the client with a unique travel experience and allow the most demanding of travelers to indulge in the fascination of the Amazon. For further information on travel destinations, services, hotels and contact with a specialized travel consultant please visit the Discover.Travel Group’s websites www.Discover.Travel,, www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel and www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel. Recent accomplishments by Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group: • 2008 Ulysses Award for Innovation in Tourism Enterprises from the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), • World Travel Award 2008 for South America’s Leading Travel Management Company, • World Travel Award 2008 for Central America’s Leading Travel Agency, • Managing Partner Robert Phillips was elected ASTA Chapter President for Brazil. • Selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. • Authenticated by the Tralliance Corporation and the .Travel Registry.
  4. 4. Contact Email Address: Telephone Number: +1 888 457 3266 Fax Number: +55 71 3113 4203 www.Discover.Travel www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel