Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival Parade information (by DiscoverBrazil)


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The Carnival Parade of the Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro is a world-famous event. Experience it in Brazil.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival Parade information (by DiscoverBrazil)

  1. 1. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – BrazilSo what is the Carnival Parade about?The carnival of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is a huge competition between their "Escolas deSamba" (Samba Schools) to see who´s the best carnival school of 2011.W h a t g o e s o n a t S a m b a d r o m e d u r i n g t h e f o u r d a ys o f C a r n i v a l o f R i o d e J a n e i r o 2 0 1 1 ?Next Carnival will take place during 3-9 March.The Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro are separated among 6 categories. In each category there are12 Escolas de Samba.The Special Schools and the A group, are the ones that actually parade during the 4 days of Carnivalat the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro, (Group A, the first two days, and the Special Group in the lasttwo days).The Escolas of Samba of other groups parade in other locations of the city in shows that are alsoworth watching during summer See morewww.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  2. 2. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil How does a Samba School win? A group of 50 judges analyze the Escolas of Samba of Rio de Janeiro in up to 10 aspects to decide who gets the glory of winning the carnival and who gets thrown off the Special Group, so the preparation, competition, and climax is intense. The Winners and runners up will parade at the Winners Parade, the weekend after (11-13 March 011) See Champions Parade Where can I watch the Events? You can buy tickets with us for specific Sectors of the public audience. These sectors are either in VIP Boxes or on the arena. See Tickets Can I parade at the Sambadrome during rehearsals or Carnival? Yes, you can actually parade in costume with an official Samba School. See How During summer, the Samba Schools rehearse all around the City of Rio. See Rehearsals Champions ParadeAlso known as the Champions Parade, theWinners Parade takes place on the Saturdayfollowing Carnival held again in theSambadrome.The winner and 5 runners-up from the SpecialGroup make part of the Winners Parade theSaturday after Carnival, March 12 this year.If you spent your carnival on a resort near Rio,in Salvador or are arriving in Rio right afterCarnival, go and watch the Winners Parade.Because there is no competition, some say itsthe funniest, lightest parade on Carnival, withpeople dancing the samba celebrating to beamong the bests 5 schools, in a natural swing,dancing the true and beautiful samba.www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  3. 3. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Special GroupSunday 6th March Monday 7th March1st São Clemente 1st União da Ilha2nd Imperatriz Leopoldinense 2nd Salgueiro3rd Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel 3rd Portela4th Unidos da Tijuca 4th Grande Rio6th Mangueira 5th Porto da Pedra51st Vila Isabel 6th Beija-Flor Group ASaturday 5th March1st Alegria da Zona Sul nd2 Renascer de Jacarepaguá rd3 Viradouro th4 Santa Cruz th5 Império da Tijuca6th Inocentes de Belford Roxo7th Cubango8th Estácio de Sá9th Império Serrano10th Rocinha11th Caprichosos de Pilares Samba School Divisions and Characters Carnival King (King Momo) "Momo" is the name of the god of mockery in the Greek mythology, and according to Carnival tradition, King Momo should be jolly and as big as a house. Legend suggests that he was expulsed from the Olympus to come and settle down in Rio, the City of Carnival. The Rio Carnival officially opens with the delivery of the key of the city to King Momo. When King Momo sambas, everything and everyone - sequins, feathers, flesh and all people around should also samba with him. He opens all major Carnival events including the Samba Parades.www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  4. 4. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – BrazilQueen and Princesses of accessories. They can earn a lot responsible for the costumesCarnival of money in a top school. The (production and sales) and co-The Queen of Carnival is chosen names of the top carnival ordination of all the wing´sby a contest based on her designers are as well known in members, self-assurance, Rio as the names of top filmsociability, ease of expression, directors. They have their own Vanguard Commissioncongeniality and samba abilities idiosyncratic style, some being This is the opening wing of abut all in all she must have the known for being very futuristic school. A group of 12-15"carnival spirit". The 2nd and (Salgueiro), baroque/rococo dancers with a highlythe 3rd place candidates in the (Imperatriz, Mangueira), or choreographed routine, whocontest are named the have a special preference for a parade at the front of thePrincesses of Carnival. particular topic (like Beija-Flor´s school, "introducing" it to the for anything native Brazilian- crowd. Their costumes do not Indian). have to reflect the school´s theme. Originally they were only well-dressed men. Recently they have become a spectacle on their own with splendid choreography. A float is part of this wing, too carrying theCarnival Designer Schools symbols along with(Carnavalesco) some celebrities wearing theHe is responsible for the artistic most elaborate of designing, producing Wing (Ala)and directing the schools They are the building blocks of aparade. Sometimes they chose schools parade - the school isand write the schools theme of split into several of them. Athe year, too. They design every group of 20-100 people wearingcostume and float, choose and the same costume and havingsupervise the purchasing of the same purpose. The costumematerials, administer the will illustrate a particular aspectconstruction and manufacturing of the schools theme. Everyof floats, costumes, and wing has a president who isThe Flag Bearer and her couple of flag bearers but only Whirling Ladies (Baianas)Escort the front bearer (in front of the Older women are dressed inShe is carrying and presenting drummer group) is important glitzy variations of thethe schools flag, as the symbol and can gain scores. traditional costume of Bahiaof the School, while the couple state, with huge skirts withis dancing down the Avenue. He tubes inserted inside so thatis there to protect her they lend themselves for some(originally he had a knife to beautiful whirling. Whirlingmake sure that the other down the Avenue, theyschools are not damaging the represent the soul of the sambaflag, making them lose the schools, their African roots.competition). Their dance is the There is a minimum numbermost elaborate and elegant. that must parade or the schoolThe schools have more than a gets penalty points (at least 80www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  5. 5. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – Brazilin the Special Group). They are Carnival. The groups costumesold ladies of the community, that reflect the themes arewho have already been with the sometimes so big that its hardsame School for many years like to play. There are overheadthe samba dancers. This is an mikes carried alongside theabsolute honor and the samba group and a sound truck withschool pays for their costumes. the samba singers. Some areThey are much respected and traditional ones, using the sameoften get a round of applause elements for decades (likewhen passing by. Today only Mangueira, Portela, Imperio Queen of the Drummerswomen can have this role while Serrano). In the 80s, Mocidade This is a beautiful female sambain earlier years men dressed in however brought along some dancer standing in front whilethose costumes, too. new elements for their introducing the PercussionistsSome schools (like Beija-Flor, drummers in the rhythm they to the crowd. She is supposedGrande Rio, Salgueiro, etc.) also played. Inevitably, other schools to motivate and inspire thehave wings of little Baianas, (like Viradouro, Grande Rio, hundreds of male drummersyoung girls in their teens. Porto da Pedra, Beija-Flor) behind her. started to use further innovation incorporating totally new genres (going as far as Samba Dancers (Passistas) using funk and. high A small wing of the finest samba choreography). It seems to be dancers of the school is no very successful. more than 15-20. Its very hard to dance the samba at Rio´s speed whilst moving forward at Vocalists near walking pace for 700m This is a well-known male lead (1/2 mile). These samba dancers vocalist who is accompanied by are a star turn. They are chosen many others. They are usually through competition each year on top of the sound truck right and it is certainly high honor to behind the percussionists or take this role. they march along the sambaPercussion Band (Bateria) run-way. Stewards of the FlowThis is the beating heart of the (Harmonia)School comprised of 250-350 Each float and each wing has apercussionists, mainly number of dedicated stewardsdrummers. It lends energy and to ensure that the flow is keptlife to the whole parade. This is up. They will wear the T shirt ofa community wing, thus the their wing or float. There arecostumes are paid for by the penalty points if the schoolschool. The Head of the takes too long to parade. PointsDrummer Group chooses who is are also lost in the Rio Sambagoing to play in the group via Parade if there are any gapscontinuous auditions at between or inside the wings.rehearsals many months beforewww.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  6. 6. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Options for taking part:  Watching from the outsideAttending the Samba Schools parades at the Sambadrome, Rios official parading venue, is a uniqueexperience. Samba Schools are the very essence of Rios Carnival.And being at the right place at the right time makes the whole difference. Thats why its so importantthat you buy THE TICKET THAT SUITS YOU BEST. We do our most to help you make this decision withconfidence and security.Before BUYING your ticket we suggest you get acquainted with the various options of parades, locationsand seats. Through an easy-to-read text filled with self-explanatory illustrations we disclose the majorhighlights and pitfalls of the various seating spots.We are the only ones on the web to offer this detailed explanation, because we do care for yoursatisfaction. After all, tickets are hard to get and exchanging them might be a laborious task, or even animpossible one, if too close to the parades dates.So, we consider it our obligation to provide all the information you need to choose your tickets carefully.The first decision you have to make is to which parades to attend. Next we suggest you choose thelocation on the avenue from which to watch the parades and finally the type of seat that suits you best. Telephone: +1 888 457 3266 Email:
  7. 7. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil  Dancing on the Parade in costume Costumes are still available, so let your dream come true! We offer you the unique opportunity of parading with a top School (belonging to the special group or group A) dressed up in a genuine costume! We have partnership with Schools which allow non-members to wear their exclusive costumes and parade with them. Chose how you want to participate, walking exclusively, in a group, on the truck/car or if your physique allows you, parade on the high part of the truck, exclusively and in the center of all!www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  8. 8. The Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro – BrazilSamba Schools are split into several "wings" (alas, in Portuguese) when they parade alongthe avenue. In each wing School members wear specific costumes, all of them designed inaccordance with the School theme of the year.Therefore costumes change from School to School, from wing to wing and from year to year.But each School is always responsible for the design and manufacturing of its severalcostumes.We refer to Schools who allow non-members to parade wearing their exclusive costumes ashost Schools.As soon as the Schools make their songs available (samba-enredo, in Portuguese) well alsodo so on the site, to help you practice in advance.Enclosed with your costume youll find further information about the warm upYou can buy your costume through our site and pay for it with PayPal or CreditCard. As soonas the purchase process is concluded, well send you an e-mail requesting your measures(waist, collar, etc), preferably in centimeters time prior to the parade. You will have anunforgettable time: we guarantee!All costumes are handmade by local craftspeople who are members of the Schools and takethe utmost care and zeal in their confection. Therefore, choose your model carefully: we canonly afford to give you a maximum of 48 hours after your purchase to alter or cancel yourorder.www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email: