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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival Costumes (by


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Typical Carnival Costumes by Rio de Janeiro's Samba Schools. Participate in the most famous Brazil Carnival Parade

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival Costumes (by

  1. 1. Carnival Costumes for Rio de Janeiro’s Samba Parade - Brazil Options for taking part:  Dancing on the Parade in costume Costumes are still available, so let your dream come true! We offer you the unique opportunity of parading with a top School (belonging to the special group or group A) dressed up in a genuine costume! We have partnership with Schools which allow non- members to wear their exclusive costumes and parade with them. Chose how you want to participate, walking exclusively, in a group, on the truck/car or if your physique allows you, parade on the high part of the truck, exclusively and in the center of all!www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email:
  2. 2. Carnival Costumes for Rio de Janeiro’s Samba Parade - Brazil Samba Schools are split into several "wings" (alas, in Portuguese) when they parade along the avenue. In each wing School members wear specific costumes, all of them designed in accordance with the Send us your measurements (in cm), chose School theme of the year. costume, and pay. We deliver them to you in Rio with further information about the Therefore costumes change from School to rehearsals / warm up time prior to the School, from wing to wing and from year parade. You will have an unforgettable to year. But each School is always time: we guarantee! responsible for the design and manufacturing of its several costumes. All costumes are handmade by local craftspeople whom which are members of We refer to Schools who allow non- the Schools and take the utmost care in members to parade wearing their exclusive their confection. Therefore, choose your costumes as host Schools. model carefully: we can only afford to give you a maximum of 48 hours after your As soon as the Schools make their songs purchase to alter or cancel your order. available (samba-enredo, in Portuguese) well also do so on the site, to help you practice in advance.www.DiscoverBrazil.comTelephone: +1 888 457 3266Email: