Participate in South and Central America’s Easter Festivities


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The so-called Semana Santa, Holy Week, is observed with a range of celebrations, from the most solemnly religious ceremonies, to a mix of popular traditional and cultural events. This is a fantastic opportunity for international travelers to meet the peoples of the South and Central American.

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Participate in South and Central America’s Easter Festivities

  1. 1. Participate in South and Central America’s Easter Festivities with the Discover.Travel Group’s Specialized Luxury Travel Packages Special Easter Packages Provide a Unique Experience of Exotic Cultures and Peoples Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, April 3rd 2009 --- Most South and Central American countries are predominantly Catholic, therefore the Holy Week of Easter is the most important religious festival on the Continent. The so-called Semana Santa, Holy Week, is observed with a range of celebrations, from the most solemnly religious ceremonies, to a mix of popular traditional and cultural events. This is a fantastic opportunity for international travelers to meet the peoples of the South and Central American countries, commonly known as exceptionally hospitable, friendly and open to foreign visitors, in a festive mood and observe and participate in their diverse and fascinating customs. Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group creates tailor-made luxury travel packages for individual travelers and groups, allowing them unique insights into these countries and their peoples, histories and cultures, and providing a dream travel experience for each client. Specialized Travel Consultants help choose the perfect destination for the taste of each traveler to South and Central America. Amongst their recommendations are destinations as diverse as the following. La Antigua, Guatemala During Holy Week, La Antigua Guatemala hosts the most beautiful religious celebration in the Americas, when huge processions daily wind their way through the town's colonial architecture and streets which are covered with ornate carpets made of flowers, leaves and colored sawdust. On Good Friday, Antigua streets are filled with processions and reverent spectators. The processions consist of big floats, so-called 'andas', bearing statues of Christ with a cross, carried by hundreds of purple-robed men, and float with the Virgin Mary followed by women dressed in black. National and international visitors crowd streets not just to see the processions, but also to participate in the detailed elaboration of the colorful carpets which decorate route the procession will take. On the evening before each procession, there is a Holy Vigils at the respective church for each sculpture that will appear in the processions. A carpet is constructed in front of the sculpture and surrounded by fruit and vegetables, bread, candles, and flowers. Outside the church a carnival-like atmosphere develops with traditional foods, drinks and even games. Visiting Antigua during the Holly Week of Easter
  2. 2. with the Discover.Travel Group is an extraordinary and spiritually rewarding experience which you will never forget. Ouro Preto, Brazil The Easter Week celebrations in the magnificent colonial city of Ouro Preto, in Brazil's southeastern state of Minas Gerais, feature some of the country's most spectacular Holy Week processions. Ouro Preto bloomed in golden splendor due to a tremendous gold and silver rush in this region which is known for the silver and gold mines. The Holy Week celebrations include processions through the cobblestoned streets of the historic center lined by 13 splendid Baroque churches and festive church services. A poignant reenactment of the removal of Christ's body from the Cross on Good Friday makes Easter in Ouro Preto a unique travel experience. The Discover.Travel Group creates luxury travel packages to individually suit the festive program, including stays at the best hotels. Cuzco, Peru In Cuzco, capital of the Inca Empire, Semana Santa celebrations revolve around the Señor de los Temblores. Legend has it that the statue of Christ, sent by Philip V of Spain to aid in the conversion of the Indians, became emaciated and blackened after an earthquake on May 31, 1650. The statue, now resembling the native population, has been revered since then as the Cristo de los Temblores (Christ of the Earthquakes.) The processions through the streets are lined by colorful textiles with gold threads hanging in the windows and accompanied by firecrackers. In Peru, Easter festivities are an exceptional culinary experience. On Good Friday, twelve traditional dishes are served, from soups, fish and potato dishes to desserts. Again on Easter Sunday, celebrating with food ends the Semana Santa observations. The Discover.Travel Group’s specialized travel packages include meals at the most sophisticated restaurants. All Discover.Travel Group’s Special Easter Packages can be extended to include further destinations to provide each traveler with an itinerary that takes him to experience the highlights of South and Central America and suits his individual travel style.
  3. 3. For further information on travel destinations, services, hotels and contact with a specialized travel consultant please visit the Discover.Travel Group’s websites www.Discover.Travel,, www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel and www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel. Recent accomplishments by Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group: • 2008 Ulysses Award for Innovation in Tourism Enterprises from the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), • World Travel Award 2008 for South America’s Leading Travel Management Company, • World Travel Award 2008 for Central America’s Leading Travel Agency, • Managing Partner Robert Phillips was elected ASTA Chapter President for Brazil. • Selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. • Authenticated by the Tralliance Corporation and the .Travel Registry. Contact: Email Address: Telephone Number: +1 888 457 3266 Fax Number: +55 71 3113 4203 www.Discover.Travel www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel