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Which Beach in Brazil will become your favorite? Tips from Discover.Travel Group


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The Discover.Travel Group’s Travel Consultants find the perfect beach for each client: famous and popular like Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, or a remote insider’s tip such as Búzios, Paraty, Ilha Grande or Trancoso.

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Which Beach in Brazil will become your favorite? Tips from Discover.Travel Group

  1. 1. Which Beach in Brazil will become your favorite? Which beach type are you? The Discover.Travel Group’s Travel Consultants find the perfect beach for you: famous and popular or a remote insider’s tip. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil – April 13, 2010 Brazil has hundreds of kilometers of beaches, which offer a huge variety to visitors: Choose from popular city beaches such as famous Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, the beaches by stylish colonial towns developing a new chic with luxury boutique hotels, and remote and virgin beaches where travelers can leave the world behind and indulge in the untouched scenery. When planning travel to Brazil, travelers should know what they expect from their personal beach of their dreams. Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group’s personal Travel Consultants analyze this question with their clients and know the insider tips to find the perfect beach for each Dream Society Traveler. Those who like famous and popular city beaches to experience the atmosphere, meet other travelers and local people, and combine visiting in the cultural attractions of a city with a dip in the Atlantic Ocean will most enjoy the “Marvelous City” Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis which is situated on a peninsula with long beaches, and Salvador da Bahia by the Bay of all Saints. In the North-East of Brazil, Natal and Fortaleza are also great options which the Discover.Travel Group recommends to these travelers. When the big, bustling city gets too much, Brazil offers laid-back beach towns, which are within easy reach and are sure to further travelers’ appreciation of this stunning part of the world. In The Sydney Morning Herald, the travel journalist Steve McKenna listed some of the beaches which the Discover.Travel Group’s specialized Travel Consultants like to recommend to their clients. View from Vila Deste Veranda over the Beach of Búzios.
  2. 2. Buzios: Until the mid-1960s, Buzios was just a simple fishing village and a former French pirate hide-out on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. Then Brigitte Bardot breezed into town with her Brazilian boyfriend and things were never the same. Steve McKenna tells the story like this: The French actress told her friends about Buzios, who told their friends, and it's now Brazil's most glamorous seaside resort, a kind of Latin American Saint Tropez. Affluent Cariocas (Rio city folk) have second homes here and flood in for weekends and public holidays, filling many of the peninsula's 20-plus beaches, up-market seafood restaurants and trendy clubs such as Pacha and Privilege. Búzios is a mandatory stop for sail-boats from all over the world. For travelers who stay during the week, however, it's gloriously quiet. Buzio's main cobbled street - the Rua das Pedras (Stone Street) - features chic fashion boutiques and establishments where Bardot is, seemingly, everywhere: on paintings and in photographs on restaurant walls, on caricatures etched into doorways, and there is a bronze statue adorning a waterfront promenade named after her. Búzios is close to the peaceful, secluded Azeda and Azedinha coves, where travelers can spend the best part of two days snorkelling in calm, warm, crystal clear waters, relaxing in a deck-chair, drinking juice of tropical fruits freshly squeezed by cheerful vendors trading out of old fishing boats. It's a world away from the often-frantic vibe of Copacabana. Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group team have visited Buzios and carefully selected the hotels to recommend to each client: The Vila d’Este with its exclusive Italian style and panoramic pool with scenic view of the sparkling bay is ideal for the demanding luxury traveler and offers an especially romantic suite with private sea view Jacuzzi for Honeymoon couples. The Casas Brancas hotel and Abracadabra Pousada are further top tips for accommodation in Búzios. Paraty Bay Perequê River in front of Paraty Paraty: One of the most enchanting of the old Portuguese colonial towns in Brazil, Paraty has been dubbed "a virtual museum in a tropical paradise" because of its blend of natural and architectural beauty located between a backdrop of misty rainforest-encrusted mountains and sparkling seas graced with little yachts and schooners named after Pele and other famous Brazilian footballers. Travelers can choose between hopping on one of these boats for a tour around the beautiful little islands nearby, and exploring the gorgeous town itself. Looking back on four centuries of history, Paraty still evokes something of a bygone feel – while at the same time featuring souvenir shops, art galleries and cosmopolitan eateries. In Paraty, travelers have the opportunity to stay in boutique hotels housed in old mansions built in the 18th century, which have been carefully redecorated while preserving the style of the original
  3. 3. architecture, slightly rustic but providing a charming and special flair. The Discover.Travel Group’s favourite is the Sandi Pousada. Bay in Ilha Grande Island, surrounded by Atlantic rainforest. Breakfast at Sagu Mini Resort on Ilha Grande. Ilha Grande: Ilha Grande (translated as the Big Island) is the perfect place to get away from it all - although travellers do not have to endure Robinson Crusoe-like living conditions to enjoy it. The village around the main port, Abraao, offers hotels, restaurants, and cafes. In the surroundings, Ilha Grande offers plenty of numerous blissfully peaceful and photogenic spots and fabulous beaches, such as the Lopes Mendes beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. A network of trails hugs both the coastline and delves into the mountainous interior, matted with lush Atlantic rainforest. Hiding in the undergrowth are hummingbirds, monkeys, toucans and sloths - as well as waterfalls and mangroves. Some of the island's treats are only reachable by boat, including a couple of lagoons blessed with vivid green and blue tones, which the Discover.Travel Group recommends to visit on a schooner tour. Travelers can appreciate these natural beauties while enjoying exquisite accommodation and first class service at the Sagu Mini Resort, immersed in the luxurious Atlantic Rainforest, set in front of the calm waters of the Bay of Abraão, recalling the traditional style of a colonial Portuguese fishing village with an intimate piazza detailed with a pavement of inlaid terracotta, and walls of hand-hewn yellow, typical of the island, and offering its guests Massage Therapy, Sailing Excursions, Scuba Diving and Certification, Fishing Excursions, Snorkeling, Guided Hikes and Botanical Tours, Boat Trips, Kayaking. The hotel Asalem creates an intimate and exclusive atmosphere for its guests in only 4 suites, each opening onto a terrace and landscape that resembles a tranquil Japanese garden, situated directly on the spectacular Bay of Abraäo where the ocean offers rare, intimate glimpses of sea creatures such as starfish, crustaceans and turtles, as well as abundant schools of fish. Trancoso: The beach of Trancoso in the South of Bahia is the one of the latest insider tips, praised by the New York Times “Unspoiled Beach Fit for the Chic” and described as “a former fishing village that has turned into a super-trendy getaway for Brazilians and fashionable jet-setters willing to pay St.-Tropez prices for rustic accommodations on an unspoiled beach. Situated on the palm-fringed coast of Brazil’s Bahia state, Trancoso still looks like the hippie getaway that first made the town popular 20 years ago, with its uneven cobblestone streets and dirt roads.” Recently, Trancoso is experiencing a swirl of Brazilian and international celebrities who have jetted there in recent months to party. The New York Times observed that “In January, Rodrigo Hilbert and his wife, Fernanda Lima, both Brazilian television actors, were spotted dancing at the Pink Elephant beach club.
  4. 4. Francesca Versace and Dimitri Mussard, an heir to the Hermès fortune, party-hopped in Trancoso over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. And the Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto tied the knot there in February in an informal wedding with 50 guests, which was fawningly documented by the Brazilian gossip site Glamurama. And then there are the regulars, bold-faced names like Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen and Diane von Furstenberg, who rent or own more secluded summer houses up the beach.” The Etnia Trancoso and Estrela Dagua are only two examples of exquisite accommodation options in Trancoso, recommended by the Discover.Travel Group; the Terravista Golf Course is one of the most enchanting and challenging golf courses in South America, located on a cliff high above the sea. Stylish Beach Restaurants in Trancoso Pool at Vilas de Trancoso There are many more beach towns in Brazil, each one enchanting visitors with their own unique flair, from luxurious and chic to rustic and adventurous. Amongst the top 10 Brazil beaches recommended by the Discover.Travel Group’s travel consultants are furthermore: the island Fernando de Noronha with crystalline waters and an exuberance of corals, dolphins, lobsters and colorful tropical fish, Praia do Forte where the Tivoli Ecoresort is the best accommodation option, Taipus de Fora on Maraú with the exclusive Kiaroa Resort, the surfers’ paradise Itacaré where the Discover.Travel Group’s clients enjoy staying at the Txai Resort, as well as Porto de Galinhas and Jericoacoara. For further information on Brazil and South and Central American travel destinations, services, hotels and contact with a specialized travel consultant please visit the Discover.Travel Group’s websites http://www.Discover.Travel,, http://www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel and http://www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel. Recent accomplishments by Intelligent Leisure Solutions and the Discover.Travel Group: • 2008 Ulysses Award for Innovation in Tourism Enterprises from the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), • World Travel Award 2009 for South America’s Leading Travel Management Company, • World Travel Award 2009 for South America’s Leading Travel Agency, • Managing Partner Robert Phillips was elected ASTA Chapter President for Brazil. • Selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. • Authenticated by the Tralliance Corporation and the .Travel Registry.
  5. 5. Contact: Email Address: Telephone Number: +1 888 457 3266 Fax Number: +55 71 3113 4203 www.Discover.Travel www.DiscoverSouthAmerica.Travel www.DiscoverCentralAmerica.Travel