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Open day at mosque - tour posters


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For mosques organising open days, this set of posters points out the key features of the mosque which can be used for a walking tour to welcome and introduce guests to the Muslim place of worship.

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Open day at mosque - tour posters

  1. 1. Masjid Place of prayer standing, bowing, kneeling and prostra6ng on the floor
  2. 2. Qiblah The direc6on of prayer
  3. 3. Mihrab A niche in the wall that indicates the direc6on of Makka
  4. 4. Minar The minaret tower from which the call to prayer is announced
  5. 5. Minbar The pulpit from which the sermon is delivered
  6. 6. Wudhu Washing parts of the body
  7. 7. Madrassah Educa6onal classes
  8. 8. Maktaba Library