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Technologies for Disaster Management


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There are many different technologies available for use in disasters. This page highlights the different technologies and categorizes them by type.

The SlideShare below was originally created in response to a number of presentation requests I have had. I will continue to add new technologies as I come across them! Feel free to send any leads you may have!

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Technologies for Disaster Management

  1. 1. Technology for Disaster Management Brandon Greenberg, MPA, CEM July 10, 2015 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.1 @DisasterNet DisasterNet1 +DisasterNetCo1in/DisasterNet DisasterNet +1 (571)
  2. 2. Technology Types I. Dashboards and Workflows II. Crowdsourcing/Microtasking III. SMS IV. Networks V. Open Data VI. Security 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.2
  3. 3. Dashboards and Workflows 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.3
  4. 4. Tx360 – Open Source Intelligence “TX360 is a situational intelligence and Smart Alerting workflow tool optimized for busy security professionals who need to extract relevant, actionable information from the torrent of fast-breaking events and threats around the world.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.4
  5. 5. Disaster Assistance and Assessment Dashboard (DAAD) (Appalicious) “Visualizes nearby environmental hazards, and allows local government to identify community resources to aid in recovery.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.5
  6. 6. Vizonomy - Asterra “Integrate data collection, analysis, and visualization process in one clean, seamless, and powerful experience for emergency planners, sustainability officers, and more.” Leverages open data and open technologies in easy-to-use interface. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.6
  7. 7. Geofeedia “Search, monitor and analyze real-time social media content by location, from anywhere in the world, with a single click.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.7
  8. 8. SeeClickFix “Report neighborhood issues and see them get fixed.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.8
  9. 9. TruvianLabs “Truvian makes it easy to create and share beautiful maps and reports with your GIS data.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.9
  10. 10. GeoQ “GeoQ crowdsources geo-tagged photos of disaster-affected areas to assess damage over large regions. Programmers can use the existing services and add features to customize the GeoQ code for their own community.“ 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.10
  11. 11. CrowdMap (Ushahidi) Create your own crisis maps. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.11
  12. 12. Crisis Cleanup “Open Source Disaster Relief Mapping and Work Coordination.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.12
  13. 13. Internet Response League IRL enables and encourages video gamers to support response efforts by helping organize and make actionable the overwhelming amounts of data generated by disasters. www.internet-response- 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.13
  14. 14. LanternLive “Lantern Live is a mobile app that allows users to report the operational status of local gas stations, find fuel, and look up power outage maps from local utilities, while also accessing useful tips and guidelines.” Google Play Store 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.14
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing/ Microtasking 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.15
  16. 16. VOST – Virtual Operations Support Team “Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST)…is an effort to make use of new communication technologies and social media tools so that a team of trusted agents (VOSTies) can lend support via the internet to those on-site who may otherwise be overwhelmed by the volume of data generated during a disaster.” Virtual Operations Support Team 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.16
  17. 17. Humanity Road “Humanity Road delivers disaster preparedness and response information to the global mobile public before, during, and after a disaster.” Humanity Road 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.17
  18. 18. Standby Task Force 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.18 “The Standby Task Force (SBTF) organizes digital volunteers into a flexible, trained and prepared network ready to deploy in crises.” Standby Task Force
  19. 19. Digital Humanitarian Network “The aim of this network-of-networks is to form a consortium of Volunteer & Technical Communities (V&TCs) and to provide an interface between formal, professional humanitarian organizations and informal yet skilled-and-agile volunteer & technical networks.” Digital Humanitarian Network 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.19
  20. 20. Red Cross Digital Volunteers “This training is aimed at people who would like to deepen their commitment to using online social tools on behalf of the Red Cross. Disaster Digital Volunteers will report directly to the National Headquarters social engagement team during times of disaster and work as part of the social engagement team to monitor, engage, and report on activity surrounding specific disasters.” Red Cross Digital Volunteers 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.20
  21. 21. MicroMappers “Combine human computing (smart crowd- sourcing) with machine computing (artificial intelligence) to filter, fuse and map a variety of different data types such as text, photo, video and satellite/aerial imagery.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.21
  22. 22. Amazon Mechanical Turk “We give businesses and developers access to an on-demand, scalable workforce. Workers select from thousands of tasks and work whenever it’s convenient.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.22
  23. 23. SMS 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.23
  24. 24. Twilio Open Source SMS “From emergency response to community organization, Twilio built the basic [SMS] communications apps you need so you can spend less time coding and more time making an impact.” Twilio Open Source Rapid Response Kit 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.24
  25. 25. FrontlineSMS “Frontline builds professional SMS management tools that help you reach more than 3 billion people with the phone already in their pocket.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.25
  26. 26. Networks 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.26
  27. 27. FirstNet “FirstNet is building the team that will create the first nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. See our current opportunities and consider joining our team.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.27
  28. 28. LDLN “LDLN is developing inexpensive, distributed local data hubs and mobile apps to immediately address damaged communication infrastructures that are unfortunately common of natural disasters.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.28
  29. 29. BRCK 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.29 “The go anywhere, do anything, self-powered, mobile WiFi device.”
  30. 30. Open Data 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.30
  31. 31. Open Humanitarian Initiative “OHI strives to revolutionize how information is shared in humanitarian response by engaging nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, private sector technology companies, donors and governments in a shared vision that advocates for open data.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.31
  32. 32. OnTheMap for EM OnTheMap is a free public data tool from the U.S. Census Bureau that provides an intuitive web-based interface for accessing U.S. population and workforce statistics, in real time, for areas being affected by natural disasters. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.32
  33. 33. ShakeMap/ShakeCast “ShakeMap and ShakeCast are post- earthquake information tools for rapid situational awareness, using data from seismic monitoringsystems to help emergency managers gauge an earthquake’s impact and plan response activities.” 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.33
  34. 34. Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) makes humanitarian data easy to find and use for analysis. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.34
  35. 35. Disaster.Data.Gov This portal features disaster-related datasets, tools, and updates. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.35
  36. 36. Rx Open Rx Open is an online tool that maps the location of open pharmacies during disasters using Google Maps, and also shows which pharmacies are closed and those whose status is unknown. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.36
  37. 37. Security 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.37
  38. 38. Stabilitas We help travelers stay safe, connected, and informed about what is happening around them. Stabilitas is for teams and travelers of all types: from professional to leisure, corporate to nonprofit, families to universities. Join our network of informed travelers today. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.38
  39. 39. EchoSec “The most advanced contemporary [Social Media] analytic tool for law enforcement and security intelligence professionals.” Location Based Search, Real Time Results & Background Investigations. 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.39
  40. 40. Thank You Questions? 7/11/2015 © DisasterNet, Inc.40 @DisasterNet DisasterNet1 +DisasterNetCo1in/DisasterNet DisasterNet +1 (571) Email Newsletter: