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FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, the international journal established in 1955, is a quarterly magazine printed by quality litho on fine art paper, and with overseas governments and air force libraries as long-term subscribers and read by Prince Philip since the 1950s, FSR is recognized as the leading international organ in the world on the subject.

It is produced in England with the collaboration of a team of more than seventy experts and specialists from Britain and twenty other countries, including Western Europe, and the USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia,China, Japan and the Middle East. They include numerous PhDs, doctors of medicine, astronomers, physicists and other scientific experts.

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Flying Saucer Review - Volume 32, No. 6 1987

  1. 1. FLYINGSAUCERREVIEN Volume 32, No.6, 1987Further Reports on Circles in the Corn, andEvidence of UFO Connection see pages 3-17 UFO Chase in China see page 1s
  2. 2. THE VALENTICH The book that settles all argument about the matter STORY! MELBOURNE EPISODE: CASE STUDY OF AABOVE TOP SECRET: MISSING PILOT by FSR CONSULTANT THE WORLD-WIDE DR RICHARD F. HAINES, PhD. UFO COVER-UP From: by TIMOTHY GOOD (1) EAST-WEST BOOKSHOP, 1 1 70 El Camino Real, MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA 94025, USA. Foreword by $12.95 plus postage. LORD HILL-NORTON, GCB., (2) ARCTURUS BOOKS, Chief of Defence Staff 1 971 -73. P.O. BOX 221 3, SCOTIA, N.Y. 1 2302, USA. $14.95. Price £14.95 (3) DR R.F. HAINES, SIDGWICK & JACKSON, LONDON 325 Langton Avenue, LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA 94022, USA. $12.95 plus postage.FLYING SAUCER REVIEWANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (Six issues) UK and EEC (Common Market) Countries: £12.00 (Single copies: £2.50) Western Hemisphere: $US25.00 (Single copies: $US5.00) All other countries: £15 (Single copies: £3.00) All prices Include postage by surface mail.Air Mail extra: for Western Hemisphere: $ US10.00 All other countries: £6.00.Overseas subscribers should remit by cheque drawn in Sterling on a bank in theUnited Kingdom, or by cheque in US dollars drawn in the USA only, or byInternational Money Order in Sterling. If remitting by Giro then FSRs accountnumber is 356 325 1 .All mail, editorial matter and subscriptions should be addressed to:The Editor, FSR Publications Ltd., Snodland, Kent ME6 5HJ, England.Remittances should be made payable to ��FSR Publications Ltd. " Artwork: Eve and Contributors ii
  3. 3. EdltorGORDON CREIGHTON, MA. FAGS. FAAS (UK) Consuftsnts snd Correspondents COLIN C. ANDREWS, MASEE. AILE (UK) THE REVEREND CHARLES HARRINGTON (UK) V.J. BALLESTER-OLMOS (GEl- SPAIN) LEIF HAVIK (UFO NORGE- NORWAY) AHMAD �AMALUDIN (MALAYSIA & S.E. ASIA) DR WALTEA K. BOHLER, MD (SBEDV- BRAZIL) RICHARD HEIDEN (USA) JONATHAN CAPLAN, MA (UK) BILL CHALKER, ssc.Hons. (AUSTRALIA) JOHN A. KEEL (USA) ANTONIO CHIUMIENTO (CISU- ITALY) MILOS KRMELJ (YUGOSLAVIA) GRAHAM CONWAY (CANADA- BRITISH ANDERS LILJEGREN (ARCHIVES FOR UFO COLUMBIA) RESEARCH, SWEDEN) DR ROBERT F. CREEGAN, MA. PhD (USA) JUDY MAGEE (AUSTRALIA- VUFORS) JOAN PLANA CRIVILLEN (GEl- SPAIN) HANS HERMANN MARKERT (WEST GERMANY)ESTABLISHED SPRING 1955 IGNACIO DARNAUDE ROJAS-MARCOS (SPAIN) YUSUKE J. MATSUMURA (CBA INTERNATIONAL, PAT DELGADO (UK) JAPAN) TIM DINSDALE, FAGS (UK) AIME MICHEL (FRANCE) PAUL DONG (CHINA) WILLIAM L. MOORE (FOCUS NEWSLETTER, USA) ANN DRUFFEL, BA (USA) DR RICHARD C. NIEMTZOW, MD, PhD (USA) (CANADA- VANCOUVER ISLAND & DR P. M. H. EDWARDS, PhD, MA, FTCL, LAAM. AACM PAUL B. NORMAN (AUSTRALIA- VUFORS) DR JEAN-PIERRE PETIT (FRANCE) BRITISH COLUMBIA) DR ROBERTO PINOTTI (GUN-ITALY)Volume 32, No. 6 LAWRENCE FENWICK (CUFORN- CENTRAL DAVID POWELL (SOUTH AFRICA)(published November 1987) JOAQUIM FERNANDES (CNIFO- PORTUGAL) CANADA) ANTONIO RIBERA (SPAIN) DR VLADIMIR V. RUBTSOV (USSR) DR BERNARD E. FINCH, MAGS, LACP, DCh, FBIS (UK) LUIS SCHONHERR (AUSTRIA) OMAR FOWLER (SIGAP- UK) DR BERTHOLD SCHWARZ, MD (USA) DR JOHN F. GILLE, PhD (FRANCE) JEAN SIDER (FRANCE- LDLN) DR WILLY SMITH, PhD (UN/CAT PROJECT, USA) CONTENTS TIMOTHY GOOD (UK) IRENE GRANCHI (CISNE- BRAZIL) DR R. LEO SPRINKLE, PhD (USA) DR I. GRATTAN-GUINNESS, MA, MSc, PhD, DSc (UK) THE REVERENDDONALD THOMAS (UK) The Mystery Circles in the Corn: MARIA-ANGELA THOMAS GUMA (Jane Thomas) DR JACQUES VALLEE, PhD (USA) Preliminary Report (Jan-Sept . , (SPANISH AMERICA) GENEVIEVE VANQUELEF (FRANCE- LDLN) KHALED HAMSHO (SYRIA & MIDDLE EAST) 1986) DR RICHARD F. HAINES, PhD (USA) PAUL WHITEHEAD (UK) Pat Delgado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 DR LEONARD M. WILDER, BDS (Lond.) (UK) DR JAMES A. HARDER, PhD (USA) PROF. R. H. B. WINDER, BSc, CEng, FIMechE (UK) 1986 Mystery Circles: Final Summary Pat Delgado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. 5 The international journal on cosmology and eschatology, and for the discussion of Circles in the Corn: Strong reports of unidentified flying objects and their alien occupants. Evidence of a "UFO Connection" Colin C. Andrews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 An Interesting Letter from "Busty Taylor" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Tentative List of UFO Sightings Associated with nearby Circle Phenomena Gordon Creighton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 "ABOVE TOP SECRET" study of the way in which Timothy Goods important book, ABOVE Hedgehogs, Australians, or Cows? More Mystery Circles A TOP SECRET: THE WORLD-WIDE UFO COVER-UP, published down on the Farms in London in July 1 987, has been received by the British press, is deci­ Gordon Creighton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 dedly "instructive". UFO Chase in China Gordon Creighton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 So far as we know, some seventeen British newspapers and journals The Bogota Specimen: A New have mentioned it in their book-review sections. But the seventeen consist Physical Investigation mainly of the minor and provincial newspapers of Britain. Dr Jacques Vallee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 What is startlingly evident is that most of our national newspapers Spanish Motorists Chased for have probably received express instructions not to mention it. Even The Five Hours J . P. Crivillen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Times (which, in an advance note about the book, on January 22, 1 987, Mail Bag . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 had spoken scathingly and insultingly about Admiral of The Fleet Lord Hill-Norton who, both as a human being, and as a noble and distin­ © Flying Saucer Review guished servant of this nation, is certainly worth a lot more., than the Library of Congress copyright FSR Publications whole of the piddling staff of The Times rolled into a ball) has not said a Limited 1981 single word about it. Contributions The four publications that did deal with it are so interesting that they appearing in this deserve our attention :- magazine do not necessarily reflect its ( 1 ) In a pre-publication note in the Observer (May 3 1 ), reviewer Martin policy and are Bailey treat�d the book cautiously, but endeavoured to make it appear published without as though the entire question of the UFOs and the forty-year cover-up prejudice depended upon the authenticity (disputed in some quarters) of the For subscription details and address famous MJ-12" documents, whereas, in fact, the authenticity or non­ please see foot of authenticity of these is in no way crucial to the argument, inasmuch as page ii of cover we already possess such a vast accumulation of evidence that is totally extraneous to "MJ-12. "MJ-12"is only a small part of the picture.
  4. 4. (2) In the Sunday Express (July 1 2, 1 98 7), their princi­ the same sort of idea as prevails today among the al­ pal reviewer,Graham Lord, gave a very fair ac­ leged sportsmen, the yobbos of our football fields, count of the book, with his headline emphasising who, if they cannot secure the ball by skilful play, do the report that "Neil Armstrong had been warned not hesitate to "tap" the other fellows ankle or break off the Moon by the Aliens". Graham Lord con­ his leg.) cluded : Tm still sceptica� but millions arent. We do not know, of course, whether Mr Adrian (Maybe his job would have been in jeopardy had Berry was brought up to be a devotee of the "Gentle­ he voted otherwise, for we know very well that, man and Scholar" code, nor where he went to school. over the course of these past forty years, no news­ But one thing is at least certain, namely, that in the papers in Britain have been more consistently present case he has descended to the "Argumentum ad hostile to "our subject" than the Beaverbrook Hominem� seeing in it his best recourse. Newspapers Group.) I suggest that this is immensely significant, because (Nevertheless, Graham Lords review was seen by it indicates that somebody, somewhere, is badly rattled at least 21/4 million readers.) by Tim Goods book. Very conveniently - or fortunately - as some may think - its publication came very late in the(3) In the Sunday Telegraph (July 1 9, 1 98 7), the re­ year. In fact it appeared right at the start of Fleet Streets viewer David Sexton made an (entirely predict­ traditional "Silly Season� when jokes about Loch Ness able) savage attack on both Tim Good and Admi­ Monsters and flying saucers get their annual spawning. ral Hill-Norton. He also attacked the publishers, (The publishers might find it worthwhile to check up on Messrs Sidgwick & Jackson, for "issuing such a far­ this, and ascertain how the book "just happened" to be rago as this, no doubt because they saw, or thought ready at the precise moment for the "Silly Season. I they saw, distinctly identifiable conglomerations of have heard of cases of good money being paid for this money coming towards them over the horizon at sort of "delaying tactics.) well-nigh incredible speed. " When all is said and done, however, the book will Well, of course, how low can you get? And we all have generated much unease, and this unease will not know the track-record of the Telegraph news­ go away. For one thing, we have seen from the book­ papers too. lists in several papers that it has been quite high, several times, in the weekly polls of the best-selling Non-fiction.(4) By far the most interesting and most important All in all, then, we congratulate Timothy Good. reaction to the book was the whole-page devoted And we congratulate his courageous sponsor, Lord to it in the weekly review, The Spectator (August Hill-Norton. 1 , 1 987) by Adrian Berry, the Science Correspond­ We trust that both of them will continue to enjoy the ent of the Daily Telegraph very best of health, and that they will both be extremely Mr Berry refrains - no doubt wisely - from careful . . . addressing himself to, or tackling, a single one of Before we conclude this over-long Editorial, there all the points made in the book; a single one of the remains one other "interesting" little point which we cases or pieces of evidence adduced; or a single think needs ventilating. one of the 1 06 pages of photostated documents We have all seen the frenzied ravings of the British which constitute about one-fifth of the book. All newspapers, in their desire to have full access to the that Mr Berry can find to say is that: "It is an evil contents of Mr Peter Wrights book, SPYCATCHER. book. And: "Mr Goods ideas are those of a Just like ABOVE TOP SECRET, SPYCATCHER deals maniac." He concludes : "The dust jacket tells us that with matters that Controlling Powers would prefer to he is also a professional violinist. Better for the world see hushed up. if he and his kind were always so harmlessly em­ How interesting it is, therefore, to see the different ployed. " fashions in which our British press have dealt with these two books! As one of our readers observes: "That UFO books On the whole, I think we can congratulate ourselves are subject to harassment does not matter. Subversionon Adrian Berrys "review". We have grounds for alone is important!"great satisfaction. Various individuals - including even the manager In the Middle Ages, the monks and scholars had a of one important bookshop - have sent me snippetsvery useful term, "Argumentum ad hominem" (in Eng­ of information which may point to some "disturbancelish, "The Argument against the Man· Its meaning of factor" (shall we call it that?) which is impeding thecourse was that, if you cannot win your dispute in a distribution of ABOVE TOP SECRET. But naturallyscholarly and gentlemanly fashion, by the power and it is still far too early for an accurate assessment oflogic of your case, then you descend to personal and ven­ such a possibility. If more evidence comes in, we shallomous insult against your debating adversary. (Much publish it. 2
  5. 5. THE MYSTERY CIRCLES IN THE CORN:PRELIMINARY REPORT(JANUARY- SEPTEMBER, 1986)Pat Delgado, FSR Consultant HILE not to be compared with the current ( 1 987) questions as well as contributing towards our investi­Wremarkable year, 1 986 was nevertheless a very gations.busy one for swirled rings and circles in the fields and Some of the farmers with whom we have spokenI spent a considerable amount of time in visiting the can recall having seen circles in their fields for manysites, in measuring the rings, photographing from the years past and all of these people - without excep­air, interviewing the media, and meeting farmers and tion - attribute the rings on their land to some natu­other eyewitnesses. ral cause, and so they just accept the circles without Many seriously interested people were now asking wondering how or why! The number of years over NITH AND LlftC.Lf.. S()RR.OVNDINC. Rt�G �f4t2..CJW :>PUR. t..ODGE: F"�£M_ L.HI�Rii.v- WANrR£ 4!-o-> 356 .66� 01sc.ove� 2S- 7- &6 � •• MAIN C.ll�.ue. L�- A)(J!:) 1)6.6.. (:.L1 " DIA!;7 2..0 HDLE. tt-l � WlTl-1 �Al.oM 110LL �H -i{�,���f>EI!p NOT Fol>NI) Ar(.f!OW!J IN C.fii:C.U!..S f:LA.TfI!J.II!D I.A41!Ar. 5HOW Dt�TON oF 3
  6. 6. which farmers recalled having seen the circles was of reports, photographs, and drawings was more thanthe order of 32 years, 28 years, 25 years.2 enough to justify him in bringing the subject to the One of the most spectacular circle/ring combi­ serious attention of his colleagues in the august Royalnations I visited was on Lodge Farm at Childrey, near " Society. As he remarked : You cant get much higherWantage (5 1 ° 35 N., 1 ° 25 W.) in Oxfordshire. I at­ than that!". He said that he did not wish to "take over"tach a drawing qf this circle at Childrey. our investigations, but that they would be able to back Mr Matthews, who owns the Childrey farm, and all us with whatever scientific coverage was required.3the members of his family, were extremely helpful to Last week, I gave a half-hour talk for the Canadianus in describing how they had discovered the circle Broadcasting Corporation. It was recorded by themand what they saw. They also gave me the names of for their new programme, to be broadcast nationwide,other farmers who have had circles in their fields over called "Quirks And Quarki. This is a scientific pro­the years and even possess photographs of them. It gramme, lasting one hour, and broadcast every Satur­seems that the Wantage area is quite a hot spot for day. In the course of the talk I managed to get in acircles, and this makes you wonder how many other request for the co-operation of anyone who might belocations there are like this. interested enough to collect reports of such rings and Mrs Matthews said they were walking along one of circles from anywhere in Canada and send them tothe "tramlines" (marks left through the fields by the me, and I said I would reciprocate with reports fromtractors) when they happened to walk right into this this side. With my already existing Australian con­circle and ring. They then discovered the pathway to tacts, we would thus hopefully build up a world-wideone side, and at the end of the flattened path she reporting network.found a hole in the ground, of diameter 1 2" - 14",and about 9" deep. It was quite a smooth hole, "ratherlike looking down into a saucepan", she said. Whatwas curious was that they could not find any earththat had been removed in order to make the hole! COMMENTS BY EDITOR, FSR They told me that they had informed the Police,who came and investigated shortly after their dis­ ( 1 ) We now understand from Mr Colin Andrewscovery of the phenomenon. I have also spoken to the that, in his exhaustive interrogation of scores ofPolice investigating officer in question, who was very farmers, the oldest report of rings found so farhelpful indeed. I asked him whether he thought that go back much further, namely to the yearsthere was anything significant about the circle and 1 936- 1 940, and relate to a site or sites atring, and he replied: "While walking round the ring Whiteparish, in Wiltshire. The next year notedwe came upon a path that was flattened and leading by him relates to the alleged UFO landing ondirectly away from the centre. This path ended in a Farmer Blanchards fields at Charlton, also inpoint, and we could see in fact that the path was an ar­ Wiltshire, in 1 962 or 1 963. I myself visited therow. There was a distinct triangle at the end of the site, and so did Professor Winder. (In fact wepath, forming an arrowhead. If you had been able to first met there.) The large marks there werelook down on the ring and arrow, it would have certainly more or less circular, but it was not inlooked exactly like the symbol for man!"2 a field of grain but partly on a strip sown with This remark, coming from the policeman, surprised potatoes and partly something else, and notme. For I was instantly reminded of the time when I very clear. Nevertheless, I agree that the caseworked for N.A.S.A., at Woomera in Australia, when, might well be included in our list of "cornfieldat the conclusion of the successful Mariner Four rings."Mission to Mars in 1 964, we were presented with The next case found by Mr Andrews was atgold cuffiinks and a tie-clip bearing this very symbol! Headbourne Worthy, Hampshire, in 1 966, and When I asked the police-sergeant whether he had is dealt with in some detail in his article, Circlesnoticed anything else that was peculiar, he said : In The Com: Strong Evidence Of A "UFO Con­" There were these raised whorls of wheat spiralling out nection: which will follow this.from the centre, rather like curved ribs." This feature isinteresting, for it is common to most circles, but is not, (2) The police-sergeants remark is not quite accu­in fact, recognized by many observers. I must say that rate. The symbol Cf , which, as Mr Delgadothis police-sergeant was very observant . . . correctly says, was used on NASAs famous Professor Archie Roy, of the Department of Physics plaque fired out to Mars in 1 964, and bore rep­& Astronomy, Glasgow University, read my article in resentations of a man and a woman, does notFSR 3 1 /5, and he considered that there was sufficient indicate mankind It is a long-established andsubstance in the subject to ask to see me. He came internationally recognized symbol, used es­here on September 7, 1 986, and we had a most inter­ pecially in zoos and in books on all forms ofesting two-hour conversation, after which he consid­ wildlife, to indicate MALE or MASC ULINEered that the evidence put before him in the form of The corresponding sign for FEMALE, which 4
  7. 7. naturally also figured on NASAs plaque to in­ they were trying to fool us into thinking that dicate our woman, wa� of course <.f . they hail from Mars!. At any rate, such would Students of Astrology are especially well be a better theory!) acquainted also with these two symbols, as they have been employed in Astrology for centuries (3) One of the most dramatic and significant fea­ past to indicate MARS and VEN US respect­ tures, in the whole of our investigations of the ively. cornfield rings, has been the fashion in which In view of all this, I doubt very much indeed Professor Archibald Roy subsequently denied he that the entities who left this mark in the corn had ever made such statements, and there are wit­ were such macho chauvinistic pigs that they nesses for this. Has the Glasgow astronomer been wished to indicate anything specifically mascu­ silenced? We may have more to say about this line! (Maybe, if they know about our Astrology, later. - G. C.1986 MYSTERY CIRCLES:FINAL SUMMARYPat Del gado, FSR ConsultantDear Editor, Here is the 1986 "Circle" Summary.* The Summary for the year 1986 I found that I was re-living it all again as I wroteabout all the circles. Having been so deeply involved What a most interesting year 1 986 was for thosein it, I was able to compile the entire report without who are interested in the mystery swirled circles inreference to any of my notes. Naturally I could have the corn fields.written many reams more about all the complexities Since the mid- 70s there has been a steady pro­of the various configurations that we have found. gression of numbers of circle sightings, group con­Maybe Ill save it all for a book. figurations and the intricacies of circle construction. I have just received a letter from Hugh Cochran, 1 986 has outshone all other years in all three of thoseauthor of the book "GATEWAY TO OBLIVION", departments. It is tougher now for those of us who arewhich contains the information about "swirled circles" endeavouring to discover a pattern, system and causein Canada. He wrote to say that he has actually seen of what is going on and what they are all about.swirled circles in tobacco plants and in marsh-grass in As with most mysteries, the more facts that come tothat country, and has given me the locations. light, the more questions arise, spreading like a net­ He also says that he thinks along the same lines as I work of, namely that UFOs could be manipulating Earth­ For readers who wish to avail themselves of the de­Forces to create these circles with such clean precision. tails of all the 1 986 circles investigated, the followingThis same precision may be responsible for the ani­ list will probably give much food for thought. (Andmal mutilations. This idea is not so preposterous our Summary for 198 7, when we come to it, will givewhen you remember the clean-cut circular hole in the even more!).Wantage circle and ring! You will probably be hearing from Hugh Cochran. SITE DATE OF MAP NO. LOCATIONHe asked me for information about FSR and about my NO. APPEARANCE O.S.articles in it, and I have sent him all details. (I hope OR DISCOVERY CO-ORDShell become my seventh recruit!) Yours, 5thjuly, 1986 185 Punch Bowl, Pat Delgado, 529 282 Cheesefoot Head, 4 Arle Close, Hampshire. Alresford, 2 6thjuly, 1986 185 Punch Bowl, Hants, S024 9BG 529 281 Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. January 1, 1 987. 1Oth July, 1986 199 Rathfinney Farm, 3 027 686 Alfriston, Sussex.*As soon as we can, after the close of this year, we 4 13thjuly, 1986 184 Near Whiteshall also publish Mr Delgados even more extraordi­ 898 517 Horse, Bratten,nary Report for 1 987! - EDITOR Wiltshire. 5
  8. 8. 5 25thjuly, 1986 17 4 Childrey, 4. This was a 20.4m. dia. circle with an outer ring. 356 869 Wantage, The circle was flattened and swirled clockwise. Oxfordshire. Width of standing wheat surrounding the circle, 6 1st August, 1986 185 Upper Farm, 1.2 m. and average width of ring, 1 .2 m. The circle 475 325 Head bourne was swirled clockwise and the ring was swirled Worthy, Hampshire. counter-clockwise. The wheat in both the circle 7 14th August, 1986 185 Punch Bowl, and the ring was not all completely flattened; much 528 2815 Cheesefoot Head, of it had a lumpy appearance similar to circle 3. It Hampshire. appeared to have suffered some disturbance or 8 24th August, 1 986 185 New Warren trampling. (See Fig. 5.) 532 275 Farm, Cheesefoot 5. This was a most sensational oval and oval ring. Head, Hampshire. The two axes of the oval were 1 8 m. and 20 m., the 9 25th August, 1986 197 Venthams Farm, greater axis being in a S.E. - N.W. line. The flat­ 698 252 Froxfield, tened wheat was swirled similar to circle 1 , with Hampshire. contra-rotated swirled wheat in the main oval. The Site No. Descriptions peripheral band of the main oval varied from 1 . Two of us, Don Tuersly and myself, commenced a 0.8 m. at the N.W. side to 2 m. at the S.E. side, just pre-dawn vigil after checking the site until dark­ as though a slip or sliding motion had occurred ness fell the previous evening. A fine rain was fall­ during the creation of the oval and its ring. The ing and we neither saw nor heard anything un­ ring width varied from 1 .5 m. at the N.W. side to usual until, in the first dim light of dawn, about 2.4 m. at the S.E. side. In addition, the ring had a 3.40 a.m., with the aid of good light-gathering bin­ flattened "path" jutting outwards in an easterly di­ oculars, we made out something had been created rection. This "path" was approximately 0.8 m. wide in the field. Investigating right away I found a flat­ and 3.5 m. long. The end of this "path" terminated tened, swirled circle with a flattened, swirled ring in an arrow-head. The police investigating officer, around the outside of it. Circle dia. 20. 7 2 m., width who examined this oval the day after it was first of ring of standing wheat, 1 .52 m., width of ring, discovered by the farmer, described this ring and 1 .52 m. average. Wheat in the circle was flattened "path" as follows. "If you were in an aeroplane in a clockwise direction except for a peripheral looking down on this circle and ring, the ring band, 1 .22 m. wide, which was flattened in a coun­ would look like the symbol for man - a ring with ter-clockwise direction. The outer ring was flat­ an arrow head at the bottom right hand side". The tened in a counter-clockwise direction. The central farmer and his wife also described how they had swirl had a neat tangential pattern but was dis­ photographed a hole in the ground inside the head placed from the true centre towards the north by of the arrow. "The hole, about 300 mm. dia. and approximately 0.8 m (See Fig. 6.) 250 mm. deep, was clean and smooth, just like2. This circle with a ring around it was created at this looking into a baking tin! We could not see any of popular beauty spot between 7 p.m. and 7.45 p.m. the earth that had been removed from the hole. We on a bright, sunny evening; there were no wit­ did not touch the hole for fear of contamination". nesses. Actually, when measured, it turned out to The police sergeant also confirmed the existence of be flattened, swirled oval shape, 1 4 m. short axis, the hole to me. 1 6 m long axis, with an oval shaped ring around it. I was able to photograph the disturbed remains of Width of standing wheat averaged at 0.5 m. and the hole the day after the field was harvested. width of "ring" 0.6 m. Both "circle" and "ring" were The wheat in the arrow path was flattened away flattened in a clockwise direction. The "circle" had from the ring. (See Fig. 8.) two distinct central swirls about 2 m. apart in an 6. This circle, unaccompanied by a ring was dis­ E.W. direction, equally spaced either side of true covered the morning after it was created. It was centre. There was a straight flattened "path" about first seen by Busty Taylor, who noticed it while 3 m. long, 0.3 m. wide and flattened towards the driving away from Winchester. north running between the two central swirls. The circle was in a barley field. When I asked the Close to the eastern central swirl was a short pla­ farmer if I could measure it, he asked me which ited path with braids facing alternately north and field it was in. When I told him, his remark was, south. (See Fig. 1 0.) "Oh, its in that field this year, is it?" I asked him3. Two circles, not well defined, 1 0.6 m. dia. and 4.8 what he meant by that remark, and he replied, "My m. dia. Both had clockwise swirls with some of the father used to point these circles out to me when I was crop not flattened to the ground but leaning over. a lad. They have appeared in one of my fields almost This may have been due to the circles being every year for the last 28 years that I can remember� created in a young, green crop as some of it had The diameter of the circle was 1 7.4 m. and almost a partly recovered from being flattened when it was true circle. The swirl was all flattened in a counter­ discovered. (See Fig. 2.) clockwise direction with a tightly wound central 6
  9. 9. ® - • ~ ® 1 2. 3 � • � 4- 5 6® ®@ • ® 7 B 9 iO ALL KNOWN CIRCLE CONFIGURATIONS 7
  10. 10. swirl looking rather like a 1 00 mm. dia. vase made 1 986. Flying to this site after photographing the Frox- of wound barley stems. (See Fig. 9.) . field circle, Busty Taylor and I were very surprised to 7. A circle with an outer ring created close to the side see words had been formed in the same field that con­ of the Punch Bowl wheat-field containing circles 1 tained the three circles. The words were joined up and and 2. You could look down into it from the A272 appeared thus : WEARENOTALONE. I took some road. The circle was 1 8.3 m. dia. A standing wheat photographs of the words and a view which included ring around the circle was 1 .5 m. wide. The ring all three circles with the words. averaged 1 .5 m. in width, being slightly narrower I visited the Punch Bowl on foot after landing. Mea­ at the southern side. The circle swirl was flattened suring the letters I found they were all 1 2.2 m. from in a clock-wise direction and the ring was swirled top to bottom and from end to end they measured 6 1 flat in a counter-clockwise direction. There was no m . The width o f the letters varied from 1 .3 m. to 0.6 central swirl, instead the wheat stems were facing m. The shape of the letter N in ALONE was formed radially away from a central point covering a circu­ backwards. lar patch of about 2 m. dia. The wheat then com­ I calculated the time it would have taken four menced to swirl in a clockwise direction. (See people to tread out this message. The calculation was Fig. 5.) based on the time the demonstration circle took in. 8. This was a group of five circles similar to the 1 985 circle 9, and gave me man-hours per square metre. sets. A large circle with four smaller satellite circles The four persons would have taken two and a half positioned approximately N.S.E.W. The difference hours. It was created at night and because of this it this year was the startling fact that the main circle would not be easy to form the straight parts of the let­ also had a ring around it. This group, accidently ters in such a perfect manner as the photographs discovered by Busty Taylor while flying over show. Neither would it be easy to form any ·of the let­ Cheesefoot Head, could not be seen from anywhere ters in such a well-defined manner. The farmer, quite while one was standing on the ground. The main rightly, had obliterated the words by midday the same circle was 1 2.8 m. dia. swirled in a clockwise direc­ day. If they had been left, I feel it would have been an tion. Around this circle was a ring of standing invitation for irresponsible people to create graffiti wheat, average width, 1 m. The ring around the and destroy a further amount of the crop. I am unde­ circle had an average width of 1 .3 m. swirled in a cided about this creation. At first sight it was an obvious counter-clockwise direction. The four satellite cir­ hoax, but prolonged study makes me wonder. cles had a diameter of 2.8 m. and all were swirled in a clockwise direction. The centre of each small circle was 1 7.6 m. from the centre of the main Here are known circle configurations, to date, for circle. (See Fig. 7.) 1 986 :- 9. This circle with a ring has a question mark against The configurations of these circles seem to be its being genuine. It was reported to me two weeks strongly symbolistic. The increasing complexities may after it was created. It seems the person who orig­ be in the form of a challenge to us to de-code. They inally had this circle reported to him by farm per­ could symbolise all manner of subjects from evolution sonnel, decided it would be a good idea to claim to in cell structures to planets or asteroids revolving be its creator for publicity reasons. The main circle around the Earth. The contra-rotated swirls are a was 9.7 m. dia. swirled clockwise. The ring of mystery in themselves. standing wheat was 0.8 m. wide and the surround Maybe these circles are created by alien beings ring was 1 .2 m. wide swirled in a counter-clockwise using a force-field unknown to us. They may be ma­ direction. This circle could only be seen from the nipulating existing Earth energy, the mysterious ener­ air and it was 1/a mile from the nearest road. The gies we know exist. people who claimed to have created this circle and In September last year I was invited to give a talk ring gave me a demonstration of how they alle­ about these circles by the Canadian Broadcasting gedly did it. They created a 9 m. dia. circle with a Corp. It has twice been transmitted nationwide across ring around it, for the benefit of the media, in Canada in their "Quirks and QuarkS programme. The another field. The result after 1 hr. 1 5 mins. was a Corporation received numerous requests for photo­ poor roughly trodden circle without the special graphs by interested listeners, who, hopefully, will characteristics with which we have become famil­ keep a look-out for any circle formations appearing in iar. We were very fortunate to witness this demon­ Canada. stration, for it highlighted the outstanding differences Among the letters I have received as a result of thi� between man-made circles and those made "other­ broadcast was one in which the writer makes the fol­ wise: lowing remarks. "What struck me was what would seem to be a de­ It may interest readers to know of a quite spectacu­ liberate provocation on the part of the cause of thelar incident that occurred in the Punch Bowl at circles, to entice people to work on the clues given, i.e.Cheesefoot Head at the beginning of September, at the same time each year." He goes on, "Being in the 8
  11. 11. marine industry, we observe strange intelligence- di­ configurations, new complexities, and, most import­rected echoes on the radar, which should be, but are antly, whether we will be offered any clues as to hownot, visible to the eye". they are created and for what purpose. He is an amateur radio operator; his call sign is If intelligent beings or an intelligence of some formVE3CF. is responsible for these circles, then the progressive Most of us have probably read about the above �omplexity we have experienced in the past shouldphantom echoes, but it has greater impact when verifi­ provide some even more exciting investigations incation of this is received fro m an operator who has 1 98 7.*observed them at first hand. Our investigating group is looking forward to 1 987,and what may be forthcoming in the way of new circle *And, as will be seen, it did ! - EDITORCIRCLES IN THE CORN:STRONG EVIDENCE OF A "UFOCONNECTION"Colin C Andrews, MA.S.E.E., A.LL.E., FSR ConsultantWe welcome to the pages of FSR yet one more honoured Consultant. Mr Colin Andrews, an electrical engineerby profession, lives In Andover, Hampshire, and is the Communications and Emergency Planning Officer for theTest Valley Borough Council In that County. He is an extraordinarily keen and active Investigator who, since July,1985, has devoted a vast amount of time and energy to the study of the famous rings and circles in the corn and,with the special skills and technical knowledge which he has, he is extremely well fitted to probe these mysterieswith great acumen and efficiency. Like his equally active colleague Pat Delgado of nearby .Airesford, in the samecounty of Hampshire, he, moreover, enjoys the inestimable advantage of living right on the spot, in the delightful"circle country" of Southern England- for which many of us might well envy them both! EDITOR * * * * * NJuly 1 4, 1 986, at a BUFORA meeting inLondon,O I was astounded to hear the statement made that "No reported UFO sightings have ever been associated N T with these circles at Goodworth Clatford� My own interest in these matters had started a yearbefore, on the night of Saturday, July 6, 1 985, after re­turning with my family from watching the local Car­nival Procession. I am a Local Government Communi­cations Officer and, having just entered the house, Iswitched on one of my radio monitors, and found my­self listening to the Hampshire Police Control at Win­chester. At approximately 1 1 .30 p.m. I heard theminstruct two Police cars to go to the A2 72 (Britishhighway) at Stockbridge Down, just east of Stock­bridge, where a couple travelling in their car towardsWinchester claimed to have seen a UFO hoveringabove the hedgerow and close beside the road. So Itold my wife, who was also listening to the message,that I proposed straight away to take a ride too, outthere to Stockbridge Down, which was about five (+ ·�•• eooa.r ••-.u)miles distant from my home. (See map.) As I drove out there, I now had my radio monitoron in the car, and heard Control insisting to the PoliceOfficers that they must treat the report seriously. Con­trol said : " We have the couple here in Winchester with The UFO sighting on night of July 6, 1985, at Stock­us now. They are very shaken up by what they saw: bridge Down, and the circles found just afterwards at When I got to Stockbridge Down, I watched the (A) Goodworth Clatford, and (B) at Matterley Farm,Police Officers with torches, searching the Downs, but near Alresford. 9
  12. 12. they neither found nor saw anything. • ·· - · · ·, . • • • A few hours later, just over the hill towards the • •north-west, a five-ring set of circles was found, near • • • ..• ··· •.. • Goodworth Clatford! And indeed, during that very ... • •• •�·IJ . , • •- same night, another set of five rings is known to have . / I t /-� • /fappeared about the same distance away towards the �· ·. · • .l) south-east. This was at Matterley Farm, on the east I f {I 1 _,,_• • ., side of the A31 road, near Alresford. Can it be mere coincidence that this UFO sighting and report which were taken so seriously by the Police should i : • •• ••• ·.::: ��: .. . •••• • � . . . : • have occurred on the very same night, and at that time, • . •· f:! . and at a spot lying on a line between these two reported ." . � ,_ / . cJive-ringer" sites: (See map.) . . . . Having heard the Police giving their directions, . . . . ·· . . . ..and having read the published accounts of the ccGood­ . /.�/ . ·;.·/ ./ . . worth Clatford Circles" in the local press a few days . ··/ ..: ....... .../ • •later and, of course, being myself resident but a shortdistance from the site, I went to see the newspaper re­ �j . . . . .. ,� ........ -� :... /porter who had written the story. He listened to whatI had to say, and then, in my presence, he began totelephone around and make enquiries. First, he asked Fig. 1. Sketch by Mr Jack Collins of UFO seen at Stock­ bridge Downs, July 6, 1985.the Andover Police Station whether they had sentanyone out to Stockbridge Downs to look for a UFO.They replied that yes - they had sent Officers to the The couple were so shocked at seeing the fieryDowns after somebody had reported seeing some­ circle that they called the Police . . ."thing unusual there, but there had turned out to be I interviewed Mr and Mrs Collins, and requestednothing in the story. He then telephoned to the Press them to give me a sketch of their UFO, indicating asOfficer of the Hampshire Police, in Winchester. This well as they could recall the positioning of the lightsofficial also admitted that a Police vehicle from And­ on it, and here it is (Fig. 1 .) : -over and another one from Romsey had indeed beensent to the Downs, but that nothing had been found at Other UFOs Seen Near Circle Sitesthe time. And this of course was true. But it is alsotrue that sets of mysterious circles were found in a In any case, this is no isolated eyewitness account of afield close by, the very next morning, and that, several UFO observed near a spot where, and about the timedays later, more were found. The Press Officer also when, rings or circles are found.spoke with the Army Air Corps, at Middle Wallop, For an even more startling account was given to me inwho replied : ccwe had nothing flying that night., April of this year by a farm-hand whom I met while travelling around surveying and listing the circle-sites. This man, who asked me not to reveal his name, told me The Eyewitnesses Traced that he had been a passenger in a car driven by his wife on the night of Friday, July 4, 1986. They were travel­ Eventually, a persistent press-reporter managed to ling from Winchester towards Petersfield on the A2 72.trace the couple who had had the UFO sighting on At about 11.45 p.m. they were approaching Cheesefootthe night ofJuly 6, 1 985. I give below an extract from Head (one of the most famous cring and circle sites" fortheir story as it appeared in the newspaper Southamp­ some years past) when, as they turned right around aton Reporter for July 1 9, 1 985 :- bend on the western side of the Head, he saw a chain of "Shaken pensioners Jack and Pat Collins spotted a lights over the top and slightly behind the fir trees on the brilliantly-lit object hovering over desolate down­ eastern side. He said they looked cclike a string of mole­ land as they drove home at night. cules - about seven of them� Each one of them Jack, of Fox Lane, Stanmore, Winchester, de­ emitted a white light which was bright at the centre, scribed it as ca perfect circle� but diffused before it reached the light from the next · And Pat added : It was a huge circular thing, and centre, and so on, along the chain. it was divided out like the spokes of a wheel. Around The attached sketch (Fig. 2) was made for me by the outside of it there were very bright lights like huge this man when I interviewed him. And he told me light-bulbs, and other lights in the sections. It was so that, when they got home that night, he had said to his bright - like something out of a fair-ground." wife : "THEY WILL FIND SOMETHING IN THE Jack, who was driving the car, put his foot down BASIN TOMORROW!" when he spotted it hovering about thirty feet above AND THEY DID . . . AT ABOUT 3.30 A.M. ON the open fields. THAT DAY, PAT DELGADO FOUND THE FIRST 10
  13. 13. BASI� OF C.I4E"€SE:"FoOT I-4£Rl> ORIG.&NA L. SKe-=-Ct-l S"YANoNYMous Wtrl1 esssFig. 2.CIRCLE OF THE 1 986 SEASON! AT CHEESEFOOT separate "events" (rings and circles in fields, etc.) sinceHEAD! I started my investigations in July 1 985. And I have records of other cases too where the UFOs During April 1 987 I spent many days interviewinghave been seen over fields where rings and circles have farmers, who have been good enough to fill in ques­been found soon afterwards. These include Findon, in tionnaires distributed to them. (Questionnaires issued West Sussex; Fonthill Bishop in Wiltshire; and Childrey by the T.O.R.R.O. - Tornado And Storm Research Or­in Oxfordshire. ganization.) And the sad, sad fact is that many of the All of the evidence that I possess so far indicates most stubborn "believers" in the "Tornado and Stormthat AN AERIAL COMPONENT is at work. And our Theory" are now beginning to see that, in fact, theirresearch goes on. theories wont work and wont hold up! The questionnaires went out to more than 400 Farmers Interviewed known cereal farmers in the County of Hampshire, some thirty in the County of Wiltshire, and one or two Since that first night,July 6, 1 985, I have spent lit­ in Oxfordshire. All of the returns indicating circles onerally hundreds of hours researching the rings and farms have been dealt with by me by a visit to thecircles. My companions, almost daily, have been Mr farm, and an interview with the farmer. Full results ofFred Taylor (known to all as "Busty Taylor who is a this survey will be published in due course. Interest­licensed civilian pilot, and the meteorologist Dr Ter­ tingly, some new formations have been reported,ence Meaden. Together we have scoured the country­ namely a set of four, and also a set of three arrangedside in search of clues to this most extraordinary in a triangle. Several of the farmers told me that theymystery, often in a helicopter piloted by Mr Taylor. themselves had been the first to discover the circles,And I have also spent much time with FSR Consult­ and confirmed that when they did so there were noant Pat Delgado. My files now contain details of 1 08 tracks of any kind in the fields concerned. (And that 11
  14. 14. U FO Seen by Author I m ys e l f, w h i l e waiting in 1 986 fo r t h e m eteoro l o ­ g i s t D r Terence M e a d e n to j o i n m e at t h e H e a d ­ b o u rn e Worthy s i te , saw a v e ry small g rey d i sc s t a t i o n a ry overh ead. J u s t as I c a u g h t it w i th my eye, t h e d i sc s u d d e n l y darted s ideways v e ry rapi d l y . In o n e j e rk i n g movem ent, i t entered a s m a l l i s o l ated c u mu l u s c l o u d a s h o rt d i stance away. I wai ted to s e c i t re - a p ­ pear from t h e clo ud, a n d t o o k c a r e not to b l i n k. B u t t h e d i sc d i d not rea p pear ! H eadbo u rn e Wo rthy fal l s w i t h i n a fa i rl y w e l l d e ­ fi n e d "co r r i d o r" from w h i c h many c i rc l e reports h ave come. The whole p he n o m e n o n o f t h e s e c i rc l e s i n t h e fi e l d s s e e m s to be evol v i n g at a n acc e l e rati n g rate, a n d t h e s w i rl deta i l s which I d iscovered at Headbourne Worthy a n d w h i c h a re s h own i n t h e attached s ketch (Fig. �3) are o f particular s i g n ificance. O n m y fi rst a n d fol l o w i n g v i s i ts there in August 1 986, I made a thorough s t u dy of the ci rcle a l o n g w it h the other m e mbers o f o u r t e a m . Then I retu r n e d t h e r e o n Oc­ tober 8, 1 986, after t h e far m e r h a d fi n i s h e d h a rv e s t i n g t h e cor n , to see what sort o f features w e r e n ow to b e o b s e rved. Ve ry h eavy g e r m i n a t i o n o f t h e barley hadArt i st s im pression of molecules . t a k e n p l ace w i t h i n t h e circle, a s was q u i t e normal in a l l t h e s e cases. But, as a result, t h e c i rc l e was nowi n vo l ved cases r e l a t i n g t o t h e p e r i o d m o re eas i l y v i s i b le from t h e o u t s k i rts o f t h e city of b(frn-e tlw use of W i n c h ester t h a n i t had been when fi rst d i scoveredthe trocto rs w h i c h leave t h e n o w fa m i l i a r "tram - l i nes" early in A u gu st.v i s i b l e in t h e co rn fi e l d s . ) On this later v i s i t in Octo ber 1 986 I n oticed the re­ mai n s of b a rleystems laid down p o s itively i n t h e i r p r i ­ T h e Recu rre nt Rings a t H ea d b o u rn e W o rthy m ary contours i n s u c h a w a y as t o resem b l e t h e " s k e l ­ eto n " of t h e c i rc l e . N o w that a l l t h e su rface b a r l e y ­ In August, I 9 B G t h er e a p p e a r e d , i n a w h eat field at sterns had b e e n removed by t h e co m b i ne - h arvester,H cad b o u r n e V o r t h v . i n H a m ps h i re , t h e o n ly (so far) o n l y t h e "bones", as i t were, r e m a i n e d . M uc h o t h e rr e p o n e d all fi-clocku·ise eire/(-, a n d I had the fo r t u n e tobe one of t h o s e who took p a r t in the fi rst - k n ow n va l ua b l e i n fo rm a t i o n was to b e s e c u red n o w i n c o m ­s c i e n t i fi c i n v est i gat i o n of a d rd c , n a m e l y t h at o n e. p a r i s o n w i t h my ear l i e r v i s i ts . We h a v e l e a r n ed o v e rThe i n fo rm a t i o n and c o n s t r u c t i o n deta i l s s e c u red bv t h e y e a r s to t a k e fu l l acco u n t o f t h e l o w e r l ay e rs of p l a n t s as well as those on t h e s urface o f t h e c i rcles, ivfost rin.l.!. or circle sites u rr w n � · known to the generalus w e re q u i te s t a gge r i n g. s i n ce a l l these features h e l p to fo rm t h e p i cture o f h owjJ ublic. and llerulbou nu �Vorthy is one o/ th ese. I t is a l s o t h e p la n t s h ad fal l e n a n d what had h a p pened at t h e s ite a n d h o w t h e c i r c l e had b e e n made. u.-.o n e of t h e a reas o f h i g h a c t i v i t v . a n d t h e refore o n e of (At this point I m i g h t add t hat, w h i l e w e c o n t i n u e "circles i n C i rcles started a p p ea r i n g in t h e co rn fi e l d s at H ea d ­maj o r i n te re s t to to u s e the term g e n e r a l , v e ry few o f t h e m are actu a l l y p e rfectly rou n d . M o s t o f t h e m are i n fact 1 976.even tbo u rne No rthy d u ri n g t h e s u m m e r o f Th i s fi r s t elliptical - s o m e more so t h a n o t h e rs . And t h i s in i t ­ w a s j u s t ofT t h e A a .J t r u n k road , n car t h e W i n ­c h e s t e r B v p a s s . A nd was it l�v 111 e re coincidence tho t the s e l f i n d i cates e i t h e r a h o r izon tal m o ve m e n t i n t h e e n ergy field o r - m o r e p o s s i b l y - p e r h a p s o n a ngled "close eliC!I Il l l fe r " o/ l,1rs Jovce Bowles (see fSR aerial22/6). o cc u rre d ut u sj)(Jt rd1o just of/ the �1/incheslerB v­./mn o w approach.)/HlSS (/ lid on(v u little j l t rther along the road from this The s u rface p lants, w h e n I i n s pected t h e s i te before the h arvest, were l a i d out a l o n g the sam e vei n i n g con ­.first circle .1ite at 1/eodluHJJne Hlo rth_ v . t o u rs t h a t w e had al ready come to associate w i t h a l l And from that t i m e o n , t h e re have been m a n y m o re t h e cornfi e l d ci rcles. When I v i ewed t h e s i t e aga i n after 1 98 6),U FO repo rts h a v e b e e n g a t h e r e d by u s from p e o p l er i n gs in t h i s same area, a n d s o m e h i g h l v i n teresti n g t h e h arvest ( i n October w i t h t h e fu l l c o ­ o pe rat i o n o f t h e i nterested far m e r , I d i scovered thatd w e ll i ng near by . t h e re was a sine w ave pattern r u n n i n g around t h e 12
  15. 15. H E A DB O U R N E WORTHY 1986 Scientists Interested and Surprised While attending the Home Office College at Easin­ gwold recently, I took the opportunity to discuss my findings with scientists on the College staff, and they Were most surprised. Looking at the sketch that I had made, they noted the great similarity to recent find­ ings associated with the effects produced by the deton­ ation of a nuclear device. Very great interest is now being displayed in the phenomenon of the rings and circles, and coming from individuals at all levels - scientists, farmers, engineers, press, members of the ordinary public, and indeed, even the Ministry of Defence itself A Few Hoaxes One or two circle formations are known to have been hoaxes. But these have been very easily discern­ ible, and have been on publicly known sites. But Headbourne Worthy is a prime example of a genuine and very complex force-field which leaves marks on the ground such as we are beginning to see in increas­ ing numbers throughout my area of Southern Eng­ land. During recent years it has been my pleasure to eli­Fig. 3 . Sine Pattern. minate a number of alleged or possible causes for this phenomenon. These include : hoaxers; animals; man­ made aircraft; weather and meteorological conditions;outer edge of the circle. The position of the plants at and chemicals. We are then left with some highly in­ground-level lay along sine-waves similar to what one teresting and indeed bizarre possibilities.finds in A.C. voltage. Also heavy pressure-veining was One thing remains certain. There are ever increas­to be seen, running in an anti-clockwise direction into ing indications that the source of this phenomenon isthe centre. The veining flow was very unusual, and paranormal.had not been seen before. Two sine waves appeared tobe at work here, each spiralling around its own axis, Any · reader who is able to contribute informationas well as rotating around the centre in a perfectly that will assist us in this most important research isbalanced formation. (See Fig. 3.) requested to contact me. A fuller account of this particular investigation ofthe circle found in August 1 986 at Headbourne My address is : "Sarum",Worthy, Hampshire, has been published by Dr Ter­ 57 Salisbury Road,ence Meaden in Vol. 1 2, No. 1 1 6, of the Journal of ANDOVER,Meteorology. Hampshire SP 1 0 2LL Don t forget to tel l you r friends a bout FSR ! Recent developments p rove that we have been rig ht all along since our establishment i n 1 955. After the severe drop in readership which (in com mon with every other UFO publ ication throughout the world) we · suffered between 1 975 and 1 980, our circulation is cl imbi ng again, and there is every g round for confid ence that this trend will continue. 13
  16. 16. AN INTERESTING LETTER FROM "BUSTY"TAYLORIn view of the foregoing article by Colin Andrews, I think FSR readers may be provided with more food forthought by the following letter from Mr. F.C. Taylor. EDITORThe Editor July 1 5, 1 987FLYING SAUCER REVIEW Dear Sir, I have been working with Pat Delgado, Omar reached the local Police and when the ((Goodworth Clat­ ,Fowler, and Colin Andrews with regard to the circles ford Circles , had been found close by, about two milesin the corn-fields. On reading the article on cloning by distant. aliens in FSR 32/3, certain things which had hap­ I am trying to find out more about all this and willpened at Stockbridge, about six miles south ofAndover, let you know in due course.where I live, and were reported to me by my brother Yours faithfully,in 1 985, began to fall into place. F.C. Taylor, My brother had been out for the day, and had de­ 52 Appletree Grove,cided to, first, take his children to visit their grand­ Andover,mother, and then go out himself, with a lady friend, Hampshire.for a drink. They arrived at the ((Waggon & Horses ,�the local pub at Stockbridge, and passed a man who NOTE BY EDITORwas just leaving. On entering the pub, they found that Over the years, FSR has received several strange re­everybody there was laughing, and when he asked ports of this sort, usually, howev�r, too vague or elu­them why, and what was going on, they said it was sive to do anything about or to publish. However, itover a man who had been in the pub and had just left. will be recalled that Charles Bowen did publish inApparently this man didnt know why he was there, or FSR an account of an extraordinarily eerie and sus­what money was for, or how the slot machines worked pect individual who actually came to see him in hisin the pub. own house. Some years earlier Dr Bernard Finch had I questioned my brother closely about the incident, also told me of a very strange case of which he hadand in the following paragraph I give the gist of what heard something. Not long ago (FSR 3 1 14, pp. 1 1 - 1 2)he and his girlfriend could remember of the story :­ we gave Antonio Riberas extraordinary story about They said that on arriving at the ((Waggon & the (�osia ,, t(double ,} of a Spaniard allegedly seen Horses ,� they were told about a man who had not walking around in Barcelona in wintertime, still known how to order drinks or to pay for them; he wearing the same flowered Hawaian shirt in which he didnt seem to know what money was for; and he had been seen in July! seemed to be bewildered about everything. He It looks as though it really is true that there are went over to the juke box and asked what it was, weird folk walking around among us". No doubt there and how it worked. He then went to the cigarette always have been. machine and asked why it was different from the juke box? They told him that it was to get ciga­ rettes from, but he didnt understand. My brother also seemed to remember that the other people in the pub said the man had appeared strange in the way he was dressed. They said he had departed For those who read Span i s h . very quickly, leaving a lot of change on the coun­ ter. ENCICLOPEDIA DE LOS ENCUEN­Subsequently, my brother� girlfriend added that it had TROS CERCANOS CON OVNIShappened very close to the date when a UFO report had (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH UFOS IN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL) UFO CRASH AT AZTEC : by V.J. BALLESTER OLMOS and J.A. A WELL KEPT SECRET FERNANDEZ PERIS. Pub. Plaza & by William Steinman. Janes, Barcelona, 1987. From America West Distributors, £8.50 (p. and p. included.) Boulder, Colorado, USA, $ 1 8.95 14
  17. 17. TENTATIVE LIST OF UFO SIGHTINGSSEEMINGLY ASSOCIATED WITH NEARBYCIRCLE PHENOMENA ·1 . Tully, Queensland, Australia. March 1966. (See FSR ter, has revealed that, "seven summers ago", that is . 1 5/3 and FSR 29/ 1 .) In the canefields of Queens­ to say, in 1 980, while out walking with his dog one land, where several "UFO nests" have been dis­ evening at this famous local beauty spot, he saw a covered, in connection with the " North Queensland UFO land in one of the cornfields. And he told the UFO Sagd as reported by Stan Seers and William newspaper that he was quite sure these craft are re­ Lasich, an automatic device (presumably a camera sponsible for all the mystery rings which have been triggered off by a compass?) was set to capture any appearing in the "Devils Punchbowl" and else­ visiting UFO. In March 1 966, after a UFO had where ever since, year after year. again been seen, the film, found to have all been Describing his experience, he said he had heard a exposed, was sent off by post to Kodak, Melbourne, whining or humming sound that seemed like that for development. But Kodak claimed that, when it of a combine-harvester and, looking round, he be­ reached them, the spool contained no film! No ex­ held a gigantic grey "spaceship-like" object floating planation was ever forthcoming. Most folk assume across the top of the cornfield. The craft had portholes. the film was confiscated by the Australian Intelli­ And he watched it land in the field, where it re­ gence Services. (If not by them, then by whom? By mained for five or six minutes, before rising up again aliens?) The Report in FSR 29/1 by Seers and Lasich and �shooting o at a tremendous speed" towards ff also gave details of five other Australian cases in Alresford which photographs or films showing UFOs had "van­ He said that nobody emerged from the craft, but ished without trace� that it left in the corn a single flattened ring ident­ ical with those that have been appearing every year2. Winchester Bypass, Hampshire, England Sunday, since. November 14, 1976, about 9.00 p.m. Case of Mrs He said both he and his dog had been extremely Joyce Bowles and her passenger Mr Edwin Pratt. frightened by the experience. And he added that (See full account in FSR 22/6 ( 1 97 6). As she turned there were also two other eyewitnesses - a women off the A2 7 2 on to the road to Chilcomb, a few walker, and the driver of a municipal refuse van who miles east of Winchester, Mrs Bowles car (Mini was engaged in emptying a nearby rubbish-bin. He Clubman) "began to shudder and shake as though said that the vehicles of all three eyewitnesses- (i.e. the coming to pieces," and careered off the road on to cars of the woman and of himself, plus the refuse­ the verge and halted about 1 5 ft. from a glowing, vehicle) would not start while the UFO was standing orange craft some 1 5-20 ft. wide and hovering in the field. about 1 2- 1 8 inches off the ground. It appeared to Continuing his account to the paper, Mr Barnes be "spewing out gas jets beneath it" and producing said : "There was this low humming noise, and I felt a vapour, and had a curved window through which terrified. My dog will never go up there again. they could see three heads of occupants. A blond, When the object moved off, it travelled far faster clear-skinned individual about 6 ft. tall, in a silvery than an aircraft. I am convinced that it was a UFO. one-piece suit, emerged and walked over to the car There must be something Up There trying to get and, putting one hand on the roof, peered in at in touch with us." them. They said his eyes were "entirely pink, like He explained that he had kept quiet about the an albino rabbit". The rings in the field at Head­ sighting until now, "because it had frightened me bourne Worthy began in the same year, 1976, and in so much, and seemed so unbelievable". fact the field where the first ring appeared was just a Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews have now inter­ short distance from the scene of Mrs Bowles encoun­ viewed Mr Barnes at length and, as a result, some­ ter. (And this lady is understood to have had three thing else which is very extraordinary has also more UFO experiences since.) emerged. For, what Mr Barnes had not mentioned in his in­3. "Devils Punchbowl: Cheesefoot Head, near Win­ terview with the Winchester newspaper in August chester, Hampshire: Summer 1982. According to a 1 98 7 is this : when he had seen the UFO in 1 980, report now published for the very first time ("Win­ he had been carrying a small compact camera (In­ chester Gazette", August 20, 1 98 7) a local resident, stamatic) and had secured a photograph of the Mr Frank Barnes, aged 58, of Vale Road, Winches- UFO! 15