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Export Marketing Planning for exporters from emerging markets


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A framework for developing Export Marketing Plans for exporters from emerging markets.

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Export Marketing Planning for exporters from emerging markets

  1. 1. What is (in) an Export Marketing Plan…? Framework for developing EMP’s for exporters from emerging markets Spring 2013
  2. 2. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Elements of EMP! 2   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Perception &
 Preparation" Research" Strategy" Operational 
 Management" Mission, ! business principles, current market position! Market & industry trends
 Export audit, SWOT, assumptions! Objectives, Market Entry! Action plan, budgetting!
  3. 3. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Export process & environment! 3   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Supply! Production! Logistics! Marketing / sales! Service! Stimulators! Opponents! Transactional"Contextual" Gatekeepers! Influencers! Demands & requirements! Products & services!
  4. 4. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Export vs Planning! 4   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Planning Process" Supply" Production" Logistics" Marketing / sales" Service" Export Process" Perception &
 Preparation" Research" Strategy" Operational 
  5. 5. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   EMP development process! 5   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Research" SWOT" Confrontation" Strategy" Actionplanning" What do you need to know! Based on previous research! Setting priorities! Choose company export focus! Translate into actionable implementation!
  6. 6. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   The Research Process! 6   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Define  your  research  problem   Choose  your  research   technique   Plan  your  research   Collect  data   Analyse  your  data   Customers   Compe,tor   Channels   Context  
  7. 7. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   SWOT  analysis! 7   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Internal Analysis
 (company)! External Analysis
 (market)! Stimulate export! Positive influence! Strengths" Opportunities" Limit export! Negative influence! Weaknesses" Threats" J L
  8. 8. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Confrontation …! 8   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Opportunities" Threats" Strengths" Weaknesses"
  9. 9. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   … to strategy! 9   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Opportunities" Threats" Strengths" Weaknesses" a"ack   defend   turn  around  change  
  10. 10. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Opportunities" Threats" Germantilapia cons.up14%! strongdemand German‘in-home’! BSObackedsector export! Transportpricesto EUdecreased! 3%priceincrease! ExistingUSexport market! Concentrated Germanretail! inefficientlogistical toEU.! Targetmarketis competitive.! ! Strenghts" Strong local market position! Extensive and deep rooted sector knowledge; skilled workforce.! ‘State of the art’ packing machine! Low employee turnover (2%)! Production and processing is EU compliant.! New ‘beefier’ tilapia sort! Sucessful export experience (US)! Weaknesses" ‘Cold chain’ issues.! Management succession! Limited access, knowledge, and understanding of EU buyers.! No direct links with potential buyers.! Confrontation matrix & 
 Export Strategy! 10   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   ATTACK STRATEGY
 " Target German retailers directly with private label packaged ‘beefier’ tilapia filet! CHANGE STRATEGY
 " Use BSO support to gain EU market access.! DEFEND STRATEGY
 Defend against strong competition and concentrated retail with ‘beefier’ tilapia using sector knowledge! Target US market indirectly (thru wholesalers and distributors) with standard tilapia fillet and/or surplus dump! IMPROVE STRATEGY
 Outsource cold chain and improve EU knowledge to develop ‘unique’ realtionship with German retail!
  11. 11. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   What do we need for ‘translating’ strategy to action! 11   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Strategy! Action plan! Activities! Timing! Resources! Budget!
  12. 12. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   Action plan - Format! 12   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   Strategy" Budget" Activities" Timing" Resources" Attack" Defend" Change" Turn around" Which activities can you identify
 for each strategic step?" Which timing is suitable
 to balance the activities?" What resources are needed 
 to realise the activities?" How much budget is 
  13. 13. The framework as a training A 2-day introduction course to Export Marketing Planning Programme Export  Marke4ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets  
  14. 14. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   The training programme: day 1! 14   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   08.45-9.00 Registration 9.00-10.30 Opening of the training Getting to know each other; CBI; managing expectations; programme 10.30-11.00 Coffee break 11.00-12.30 What is an EMP Based on EMP builder: the export process; complexity of EU markets and the need for planning; planning phases; iterative continuous process. 12.30-13.30 Lunch break 13.30-15.00 EU market research & characteristics Europe, the EU, & Europeans; First Priority Markets 15.30-16.00 Coffee break 16.00-17.30 Your company’s SWOT analysis – part 1 Internal analysis – your strengths & weaknesses Case  based  
  15. 15. Center  for  the  Promo,on  of  Imports  from  Developing  Countries   The training programme: day 2! 15   Export  Marke,ng  Planning  for  exporters  from  emerging  markets   08.45-9.00 Registration & review 9.00-10.30 Your company’s SWOT analysis – part 2 External analysis – the market’s opportunities & threats 10.30-11.00 Coffee break 11.00-12.30 Your company s export strategy: confrontation & strategy Building the confrontation matrix; developing 4 strategies 12.30-13.30 Lunch break 13.30-15.00 Your company s export action plan: planning for execution Translating strategy into specific action, planning and budget 15.30-16.00 Coffee break 16.00-17.30 Effective implementation of your EMP Follow up of this workshop: next steps Case  based