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Micro Focus GDPR Content Pack User Guide


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Ever tried to manage GDPR assessments or projects with large spreadsheets and dozens of documents? Collaborated with various stakeholders and consolidated their inputs? Created macros and templates to boil down the results in management reports and dashboards? Sent them around every week just to find out they were outdated a few hours later? And don’t even ask for auditing – “Who decided this is not relevant about a year ago?” “How can we ensure we did not miss anything?” “What did we discuss regarding this article?” – Spreadsheets, really?

The Micro Focus GDPR Content Pack User Guide explains how ALM Octane helps you manage GDPR projects: ALM Octane makes it much easier to work with the GDPR: You can easily collaborate with stakeholders, search & filter for specific terms, use dashboards & analytics to measure and manage progress. It automatically creates audit trails so you can validate and explain how you analyzed and implemented GDPR requirements in your organization. ALM Octane contains task, feature & project management capabilities and many more very useful functionalities out of the box.

The new release provides GDPR content in all 24 EU languages: Bulgarian (bg), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (en), Estonian (et), Finnish (fi), French (fr), German (de), Greek (el), Hungarian (hu), Irish (ga), Italian (it), Lithuanian (lt), Latvian (lv), Maltese (mt), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Romanian (ro), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Spanish (es) and Swedish (sv)

Download the GDPR Content Pack & documentation free of charge at

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Micro Focus GDPR Content Pack User Guide

  1. 1. Micro Focus GDPR Content Pack User Guide Dirk Hedderich, Business Consultant – January 4, 2018
  2. 2. ALM Octane & The GDPR Content Pack What?  The whole GDPR Regulation in ALM Octane: 1064 requirements – pre-populated in various languages like Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, ... Goal?  Manage GDPR projects professionally How?  ALM Octane – from requirement to implementation  Use cases & references to relevant products Let’s have a look!
  3. 3. Manage GDPR in ALM Octane
  4. 4. All GDPR Requirements managed in ALM Octane... ... 1064 requirements – you don’t want to try that in Word, do you?
  5. 5. Select “Author” or “Manage” Mode Author-Mode: Requirements “document-like” Now click on “Manage”
  6. 6. Requirements in “Manage-Mode” Select the view which fits best for your work – this is the “grid view”
  7. 7. Adjust the view Select the columns you want to see
  8. 8. Search for Requirements? Consider these products for the corresponding requirements Filter requirements by product, phase, release Search over all items: Requirements, use cases, tests, defects, ...
  9. 9. Select this requirement: Chapter I – Article 4 (5) You can review & edit e.g. these attributes
  10. 10. Requirement Details (Chapter I – Article 4 (5)) Click on the ID to open the requirement details
  11. 11. Details of Requirement Chapter I – Article 4 (5) These products can help implement ‘pseudonymisation’ Where is the requirement? This is the GDPR definition for ‘pseudonymisation’
  12. 12. “Following” activates notifications Which changes are relevant for you?
  13. 13. Requirements are linked to... ... related items, children, tests, attachments Now click on “Relations” defects &
  14. 14. Requirement “pseudonymisation” is related to... ... several features (and a requirement, not shown here) Click on + to see all related features Drag your mouse to move down or zoom to see the linked requirement This is our requirement “pseudonymisation”
  15. 15. “Pseudonymisation” links to “Data Processing Models” Click on the ID to analyze “Data Processing Models”
  16. 16. Requirements linked to requirements & features... ... manual & automated tests, attachments, you name it. Excel, anybody?
  17. 17. Requirement History Now click on “History”
  18. 18. History of Requirement “pseudonymisation”... ... based on the audit trail automatically created by ALM Octane When? Who? What?
  19. 19. To learn all the other great ALM Octane features... ... see the ALM Octane Help Center @
  20. 20. How can you import the GDPR Content Pack? 20 Download the Administrator Guide & Updates Questions? Contact Dirk Hedderich /
  21. 21. Micro Focus GDPR Content Pack User Guide