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With 60% of the typical B2B purchase decision being made before the prospect makes direct contact with the vendor*, mapping marketing messages to sales conversations and enabling sales to have the right conversations has become more critical than ever before. It’s less about how great you and your products are and more about how you can help your customers run a better business. This means a shift in the type of content and information we are currently delivering to our sales teams and channel partners to better meet end customer needs and drive profitable outcomes.
But what does this mean in practice for B2B marketers? How do we define customer buyer journeys? What do customers want to know at each stage of purchase consideration? In this EDGE Marketing Best practice forum we will examine the problems faced by B2B marketers and help solve them with practical tools, advice and examples.

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DirectionGroup Enabling Sales Enablement - EDGE event slides Feb 2014

  1. 1. @Direction_grp #dgedge © DirectionGroup 2014
  2. 2. What is sales enablement? The activities, systems, processes and information that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with client and prospects Gartner …a function that plays a critical role in readying sales to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly challenging marketplace’ Sirius Decisions
  3. 3. Way back when… No salesperson No relationship with the buyer No deal
  4. 4. Buyers now have access to x20 times the amount of information they had even only five years ago
  5. 5. Buyers now completing 60-70% of the purchase decision BEFORE they come into direct contact with the brand Source: Sirius Decisions 2012
  6. 6. Decision makers regard only 17 in of their meetings with sales people as “valuable” Source: Forrester
  7. 7. Over 50 % of apparently wellqualified B2B sales opportunities end in a decision to “do nothing” Source: CSO Insights
  8. 8. Sales professionals’ challenge Wrong kind of preparation Wrong expectations Wrong materials Wrong approach
  9. 9. The expectation gap Although informed, budget conscious B2B technology buyers are looking for advice, best practice, and tangible business impacts ahead of product pitches or standalone solutions… …buyers disappointed with vendors‟ sales engagement  Almost 60% indicate that sales people are poorly prepared for meetings/engagements  Over 65% of vendor switching is due to sales relationship problems Source: IDC 2013
  10. 10. Even worse… Buyers actually think sales people slow down their buying process…  Vendors don‟t sell the way they want them to buy  Salespeople, collateral and demos are forced on them out of sync with their buying process “31% of sales reps are not prepared with even a basic level of Web available information before taking a buyer's valuable time.” Technology Marketing Blog (IDC), “Sales Enablement and the Year of the Sales Rep”
  11. 11. Sales priorities are changing Customer is selfserving through the early stages Sales need to focus on the later sections.
  12. 12. The goal of Sales Enablement To ensure that every seller has the required knowledge, skills, processes and behaviours to optimise every interaction with buyers
  13. 13. A well enabled salesman can: 1. Understand the customer‟s marketplace and issues 2. Help the buyer envision solving their problems using his/her products & services 3. Sell newly launched/acquired products 4. Cross-sell unfamiliar products 5. Frame the buyer‟s evaluation criteria so that competitors are at a disadvantage 6. Help the „buyer champion‟ sell within his/her organisation 7. Overcome objections raised by the buyer 8. Respond to tough questions immediately and with credibility
  14. 14. Bob Apollo’s Golden rule: If you haven’t thought about the subsequent conversation, you’re wasting your time creating the content in the first place
  15. 15. What really matters to today’s b2b buyers Sales Experience Buyers value insights 53% Price Offering Brand 19% 19% 9% • Unique, valuable perspectives on the market • Help in navigating alternatives • On-going advice and consultation • Help to identify and avoid potential land mines • Education on new issues and outcomes • Sales person wins widespread support across organisation • Sales person makes it easy to buy from them [Source: CEB]
  16. 16. Key Principles • • • • • • • • Lead towards your solution, not with it Reflect the customer‟s language Eliminate techno-babble, industry-speak Focus on developing urgent needs Promote the need to solve the problem Elevate the cost of sticking with the status quo Facilitate the buying process Why Change? > Why Now? > Why Us?
  18. 18. What’s the impact? A broadening of the remit from providing sales assets - to ensuring that reps are competent in using those assets A shift in the type of content and information we are currently delivering to our sales teams and channel partners to better meet end customer needs and wants
  19. 19. From sales support to sales enablement We need to rethink sales enablement as something other than a one-way deposit of sales tools in a portal Enable sales to have valuable conversations that advance the buyers through:  The right knowledge  Specific to the current selling situation  At the right time  In the right place  Tailored to the needs of the buyer
  20. 20. DirectionGroup’s E³ Sales Enablement Framework 1. Educate 2. Equip 3. Enable SKILLS: TOOLS: CONTENT:  Sales skills and behaviour  Buying landscape workshops  Corporate readiness  Business strategy sessions  Product/solution training  Mentoring  Sales Boot Camp      Big Bets Playbooks Webcasting Sales hub Peer/community Xchange  Applications  Automation – pipeline management  Messaging / conversation mapping  Success stories  Competitive analysis  Market context  Products/solutions/ services MANAGED APPROACH FOCUSED ON SOLVING CUSTOMERS‟ PROBLEMS
  21. 21. Educate  It‟s a sales 2.0 world  Sales teams need to understand the new buyer landscape  And be supported to have insight-led conversations with senior stakeholders  Best practice – what are other sales people doing and using to win deals?  Sales and marketing collaboration to build the new skills required
  22. 22. Equip  Collateral in a box has three flaws: 1. Too much information 2. Not aligned with selling situations 3. Disconnected from daily reality  Need to look at more dynamic and real-time tools:  To avoid sales people feeling overwhelmed  To share experiences and proven strategies  To ensure valuable conversations are being enabled  The sales portal is dead!! (Well almost)
  23. 23. Enable It’s a move from collateral to conversation. Relevant Our sales enablement content will be valuable to our sales audience if it is: Compelling relevant to the sales person and their end-customer‟s business needs and available in a suitable format compelling enough to drive further engagement or a change in their selling behaviour timely available to sales and customer at the point in time when it is most valuable Valuable Content Timely
  24. 24. Contact Geraint Holliman Planning Director Eoin Rodgers Tactical Planner @geraintholliman @eoinrodgers /geraintholliman /eoinrodgers @Direction_grp #dgedge