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DirectionGroup Inbound Marketing - EDGE event slides September 2014


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DirectionGroup Inbound Marketing - EDGE event slides September 2014

  1. 1. INBOUND MARKETING The convergence of content, search and social 25 September 2014 @Direction_grp #dgedge Check-in
  2. 2. The good old days What ever happened to them?
  3. 3. This happened Customers took control of information
  5. 5. Inbound - a definition Inbound Marketing The process of creating text, audio, video and other online assets and optimising them to appear when prospective customers are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase – Halligan & Shah, Hubspot We live in an self-directed, opt-in world – we have to earn customers’ attention Customers will seek you out because of the quality of the information you offer to help them make better decisions CONTENT IS THE WORM ON THE INBOUND HOOK
  6. 6. “Inbound marketing is not just content creation: it’s a philosophical approach to marketing that starts with thinking about what (information) customers actually want and need and ends with a comprehensive approach to optimize that experience from the first website visit to email nurturing to sales outreach to social media marketing.” Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot
  7. 7. The end of Interruptive Marketing as we know it “Marketing to your customers by repeatedly interrupting them with advertising or selling messages is simply not good enough any more - technology has changed all the rules” Seth Godin
  8. 8. Rand Fishkin,
  9. 9. Inbound - content doesn’t sit in a vacuum CONTENT Videos, Blogs, Articles, eBooks, Whitepapers, podcasts, infographics SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Forums and more SEARCH On & off-page, Link Building, Bookmarks, Keywords, Tags ATTRACT CUSTOMERS LIKE A MAGNET It needs to be integrated with other inbound activities
  10. 10. Why is this important? of B2B buying decisions are being investigated, evaluated and compared BEFORE the selling brand is even contacted (and this figure is rising) Source: SiriusDecisions/Harvard Business Review, July 2012
  11. 11. “About 50% of all B2B inquires come from inbound channels, and that will jump to about 70% by 2015-2016.” SiriusDecisions 2013
  12. 12. Is Content Marketing a form of Inbound Marketing OR Inbound a form of Content Marketing? • There are no agreed definitions • Inbound is ‘owned’ by Hubspot • Content Marketing is an approach - also includes outbound and offline • The distinction probably doesn’t matter
  13. 13. You need a strategic structure on which to build your content driven inbound activity
  14. 14. Building your Content Marketing Engine™ to drive your inbound leads A structured, efficient marketing engine to plan, create and distribute content which engages customers FUEL IGNITE ACCELERATE Fuel your content marketing with a thorough, robust strategic plan 8.Amplify 7.Keep conversion in mind 6.Atomize, repurpose, reimagine Ignite prospects’ and customers’ interest with engaging content which is relevant, compelling and timely to their needs Enable your organisation to produce more, better content and accelerate to greater content success 1.Focus on the customer and their journey 2.Distil your brand story 3.Define the editorial process 4.Build a content creation community 5.Create Effective Content 9.Build content rhythm 10.Rev the engine 11.Measure and improve 12.Look in the rear view mirror
  15. 15. WHAT IS CONTENT?
  16. 16. What is Content ? “Any information provided by a brand in a format which is relevant, compelling and timely to the audience’s needs at the point at which they engage with it and that does not overtly seek to sell the brand or its products” Holliman, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2014 16
  17. 17. Why does content even matter? BECAUSE SAY SO Google turns content into currency! • Content builds awareness • Content facilitates the “inbound” effect • Content fuels social media marketing • Customers learn to seek it out • Content helps customers make better decisions 17 Images:, ,
  18. 18. The power of visual content 90% info transmitted into brain is visual (Source: 3M) x69,000 Faster visual processing than text (Source: Zabisco) x3 more inbound links for posts with video (Source: SEOMoz)
  19. 19. 93% of B2B marketers 90% of B2C marketers + say they are using content marketing Source: CMI/MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budget and Trends, North America
  20. 20. Just “doing content” is no longer a competitive advantage. Because 70% of content created is never used Source:SiriusDecisions 2013
  21. 21. There are 27,000,000 pieces of content shared every day Source: Hubspot
  22. 22. Qualities of truly effective content RELEVANT COMPELLING TIMELY
  23. 23. Think: unanswered questions • Ask yourself: What questions do my customers have which are going unanswered? • Does your content help customers make a better decision?
  24. 24. Is your content so valuable that customers would be prepared to pay for it?
  26. 26. 93% of B2B buyers use search to begin the buying process Source: Marketo 2014
  27. 27. European Search Landscape – August 2014 Google Bing Yahoo Others 89% 6% 4% 1% Data: The E Word – August 2014 So lets talk about
  28. 28. So How Does Google Work?
  29. 29. Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking Google continuously craws the web to index pages, PDFs and other digital documents Current Estimates - 60 Trillion individual pages indexed and growing Ranks each page with a multiple factors (on page, off page and social factors) As you enter search text google: Spelling Identifies and corrects possible spelling errors and provides alternatives. Auto Complete Predicts what you might be searching for Synonyms Recognizes words with similar meanings Query Understanding Gets to the deeper meaning of the words you type Searches Index via stacked algorithms and provides Google Instant Displays immediate results as you type.
  30. 30. For Discoverability, First Page is Everything
  31. 31. Over 200 Ranking Factors
  32. 32. Search Metrics 2014 Ranking Factors Social Backlinks OnPage (Content) OnPage (Technical)
  33. 33. “Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times.”
  34. 34. Brief History of Google Algorithm Factors 2000 – 2004 PageRank - Content Keywords 2004 – 2006 More Content for Keywords (Everyone's Keyword Stuffing) 2006 – 2009 Fresh Content Promoted 2009 – 2010 Caffeine Update Everyone Needs a Blog (Fresh Updates with lots of Content) 2010 – 2012 Panda (Major Update) Content Needs to be Unique (Duplication, Spinning Penalised) 2012 – 2013 Penguin (Major Update) Can’t Buy Links, Penalises Suspected Auto Link Building and Link Farms 2014 – Humming Bird (Major Update – Complete Overhaul) - Content needs to be Useful and Authentic, On Site Engagement Factors are more important than links – Dwell Time, Bounce Rate are now factors
  35. 35. Three Major Elements Working in Tandem Panda Penguin Humming Bird
  36. 36. Keyword Stuffing Is Dead
  37. 37. Hummingbird was built to support semantic and conversational search, both of which are heavily focused on “long-tail searches” Hummingbird is designed to apply meaning technology to content, elevating content that is authentic, unique and most of all useful to long tail search queries (users)
  38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA
  39. 39. Why social media for business? Source:
  40. 40. Why do you want to be on social media? That’s where your prospects are! Internet users spend 4 x more time on Facebook than on Google. (Social Media Examiner) Active Users 1,300,000,000 645,000,000 360,000,000 300,000,000
  41. 41. Social media is effective for acquisition (HubSpot) Social media is all about publishing and reach Traffic on your website is anonymous Social media gives you more control of what you’re posting – and most importantly to whom. So how does this work.. the lead gen bit?
  42. 42. Social works across the inbound journey Use great content to attract new visitors Drive visitors to your conversion page Nurture leads with relevant and timely content Offer great customer service engagement
  43. 43. Three types of social media marketing PAID EARNED OWNED OWNED Where the brand owns the channel and uses it organically (e.g. your twitter profile) EARNED Connections become the channel – social sharing spreads the word PAID Where we’re paying to leverage the channel (e.g. Promoted Tweets with Twitter Source: (modified from) Forrester Research Inc.
  44. 44. OWNED Social Media
  46. 46. Which platforms are my target personas on? Knowing your personas is important, so you can get them the right content, at the right time. Once you’ve found them, listen to what they’re saying, what they’re interacting with. GENDER FEMALE MALE AGE 65+ 55-64 45-54 35-44 25-34 18-24 0-17 EDUCATION
  47. 47. Build reach How big is the potential reach? How many followers do your followers have? Engage with thought leaders, spokespeople industry commentators – they have huge reach and your messages easily get megaplied* The Rules of Engagement 1. ASK QUESTIONS, allow these influencers to talk about themselves. Don’t just talk about yourself. 2. 80 / 20 RULE: The majority of content should be helpful – 20% can be more promotional. 3. MIX THINGS UP. Don’t just share links. Try pictures, videos. Ask questions. Hold competitions. 4. SELL YOUR CONTENT – don’t just chuck it out there 5. SHARE CONTENT from other people too. Curate other, relevant content to help build a point of view... * Struto coined the phrase to represent the networks of networks of networks...etc
  48. 48. Curated content No-one likes people that just talk about themselves. Share other people’s (brand’s) content. BUT: Add your own spin. Don’t just share content wholesale.
  49. 49. The power of curation – “Curation was a great way for us to build audience and critical mass – but it was the addition of original content that enabled us to develop the distinctive Adobe point of view. That helps us position our employees as thought leaders in the space – and ultimately helps us influence it.” Timothy Moran , Editor in Chief
  50. 50. Social media profile Optimise them. They are mini versions of your website. Make the most of the real estate with personalised cover image, profile pictures, background images etc. Google+ has loads of useable image space! TOP TIPS 1. Use keywords in your profiles to make them more searchable. 2. Link to your website on your social platforms 3. Always include a CTA link so you can track the resulting interactions
  51. 51. EARNED Social Media
  52. 52. The primary inbound social platforms There are many social media networks – but we’re going to look at those which can help inbound marketers generate traffic and leads
  53. 53. TWITTER Short, engaging and easily shareable. TOP TIPS: 1. Keep them under 140 characters, to allow people to add a comment and re-tweet. 2. Use hashtags to connect with trends and aid discovery 3. Don’t start with a @ - that means its only seen by mutual followers. 4. Make it visual – 50% better click through than tweets without. 5. Post at the right time – use Followerwonk to analyse when your followers are online.
  54. 54. Pics, stats and quotes Tweets with visuals have 5x more engagement when compared to text-based tweets. Hubspot There is a 17% increase in retweets when you include a stat. Hubspot There is a 19% increase in retweets when you include a quote. Hubspot
  55. 55. LINKED IN THE business social network One in every 3 professionals worldwide Over 50% of visits from mobile devices TIPS: 1. Make sure you’re using your company page - its like a mini version of your website. 2. Be authentic and try to add value rather than being self-serving 3. Less posts, but make them more deep and thoughtful 4. Encourage employees to share content from your company page
  56. 56. LINKED IN More than 1.5 million LinkedIn Groups – Great for active engagement. LinkedIn groups send notifications about new posts, meaning you’re not only sharing with people who immediately see it; you’re effectively using the group’s email list to share it with its full audience. TIPS: 1. Identify groups that might be relevant to your content marketing strategy 2. Then for each new piece of content, decide on the groups it could be beneficial for 3. Always try to ask a question or share a valid opinion on the content you post or comment on 4. Save the marketing pitches for offline or private discussions 5. Be on the lookout for influencers you can engage with for collaboration Source:
  57. 57. SlideShare Rate, comment on, and share content Web and mobile apps mean this content is very accessible Content on SlideShare feature in search results – the more views, the higher the ranking: TIPS: 1. It’s all about TITLES and COVER THUMBNAILS 2. Connect your LinkedIn and SlideShare Profiles 3. Don’t’ just post any slides...they need to present themselves 4. Use widescreen formats for best use of real-estate
  58. 58. FACEBOOK Fun and personal – not the place for serious content  Keep posts under 150 words – short posts get better engagement.  Post less regularly, but with value.  Use images – more engagement  Videos auto play in the newsfeed, this can mean people scroll past rather than watch. Organic Reach Per Fan on Facebook
  59. 59. GOOGLE+ Is it really a “non-entity”? Google+ is an extension – or the social layer – of other Google products and services we already know... like “places” Great for Search Engine Optimisation TIPS 1. Diversify content that you post – photos and videos. Google+ layout is perfect for showing visual content 2. Link your account to your website - stuff you publish will show up in search engine results with your photograph and ‘circle’ information. 3. Get involved in communities – whether that means joining an existing one, or creating your own niche community. 4. Posts from G+ will help organic search, even if you don’t get traction on the platform
  60. 60. YouTube YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine  Video testimonials from clients  Interviews with members of staff  Product demo videos  Corporate storytelling  Product user guides  Live video conferencing  Animated explainer videos YouTube is the third most visited website after Google and Facebook Embed links that can drive traffic to other video content or your website or even calls to action that incentivise purchase Vimeo has become a popular alternative – quality, control, less advertising
  61. 61. Gathering intelligence There is a lot of data we can use that will help us publish content that is more likely to get shared. Socialcrawlytics – identifies your competitors best performing content AND social platforms. Buzzsumo – identifies most popular content for chosen keywords and selected domains.
  62. 62. Making your content shareable Have industry experts provide quotes and commentary for your content. Include some unique data in your content. Co-create content. There needs to be value for all parties. Make sure you’re facilitating your content getting shared… 1 2 3 4
  63. 63. PAID Social Media
  64. 64. LinkedIn Sponsored activity Any update on your company page can be turned into a Sponsored Update, extending its reach beyond those already following your company Direct Sponsored Content is published direct to the LinkedIn Feed, without the requirement to publish it on your company page:  TAILOR content to audience segments or prospect types  TEST different content variations and formats  DEFINE what your target audience should do next Sponsored InMails  You only pay for the response  Members are alerted with a notification  You’re guaranteed 100% share of voice
  65. 65. Specialised Advertising Use Join Group Adverts to drive people to engage with your Discussion Group Use highly targeted Follow Ads to quickly attract a precise audience Top Tip: Keep targeting really tight on LinkedIn, your cost per click tends to be higher.
  66. 66. Twitter: promoted tweets and accounts Promoted tweets – get your tweets in front of new audiences and increase engagement Promoted accounts – get your account in front of new audiences and increase followers Twitter cards – attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. Top Tips 1. Remember – Pics, Stats and Quotes 2. Experiment with your targeting – niche targeting can increase engagement by 55% (hubSpot) 3. Find niche topic experts in your space, and then target their audience.
  67. 67. Facebook Facebook has a lot of targeting options. That means a lot of time & effort!  Test different ad placements & formats  Test different audiences to target Top Tips 1. Right-hand column ads have a low price, but low performance 2. New feed ads have higher engagement – good for generating additional organic results. 3. Use custom audiences to match your customers / prospects on facebook
  68. 68. Other options...? There are a growing list of options for paid content amplification.  Tumblr  Instagram Sponsored Photos and Videos  StumbleUpon Paid Discovery  Reddit’s Self Serve Platform  Outbrain & Taboola Content Discovery Platform Consider the best platforms – not only for your target personas, but also for the content type.
  69. 69. A word on blogs... Are they content, or OWNED social? Technically speaking its content, but it can also act as social in terms of distribution.  Great way for brands to get their views across  Great way to showcase Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as thought leaders
  71. 71. A case from Inbound 2014 - River Pools • 2008 a tiny, regional pool installer • $50,000 average sale • “What questions do my customers have unanswered?” blogposts Solution • “My goal is to give more valuable, helpful and remarkable content to consumers than anyone else in the field, which will in turn lead to more sales” Marcus Sheridan CEO • Blogposts, videos and an ebook ‘How to buy a pool – without getting ripped off’ Results • Despite recession now has 5% market share (USA)
  72. 72. A case from Inbound 2014 - Cervelo • Business built on key word rich content • “Our goal is education - we’re obsessed with helping customers choose the right bike for them” • Consistent behaviour and a genuine personality that is authentic • “You sell more when you stop selling”
  73. 73. A case from Inbound 2014 – CFO on Call • Outbound cold calling had dried up, poorly performing content • Created a persona of ideal client • Answered their unanswered question in blogs • Optimized for key search terms • Socialized content and created conversations that drove inbound leads x9.6 increase in leads (in 6 months) 200% increase in traffic (in 6 months) 153% increase in qualified sales leads (in 6 months)
  75. 75. An increasingly confusing landscape Content Lumascape
  76. 76. Three Common Scenarios Drive Tool Selection Source: Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter
  77. 77. What technologies do you need to help you? Source: Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter
  78. 78. Will outbound marketing ever die? “I told you I was ill” • Outbound will never die • Some times you need to jump start the Proportion of marketing spend Time conversation • Some still customers prefer to have content pushed to them Outbound Inbound Outbound Marketing
  79. 79. Inbound - convergence of content, search and social CONTENT Videos, Blogs, Articles, eBooks, Whitepapers, podcasts, infographics SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Forums and more SEARCH On & off-page, Link Building, Bookmarks, Keywords, Tags ATTRACT CUSTOMERS LIKE A MAGNET
  80. 80. Next Marketing Best Practice forums • Better Briefs, Better Results 16th October • Enabling Sales Enablement 13th November • B2B Marketing in 2015 11th December • Content Marketing 25th January 2015 • Marketing ROI & Accountability 26th February 2015 Sign-up today or at