Research with Children


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Presented by Marie Luke at Children's Brea

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  • A nice overview of how to approach online qualitative research with young children.
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Research with Children

  1. 1. Online Qualitative Research With Children Marie Luke Direction First
  2. 2. “Never work with animals or children” WC Fields
  3. 3. Kids say the funniest things!
  4. 4. The challenges we can face when conducting research with children...• Bored and unengaged• Distracted by the incentive • (Often the case in sensory research in CLT, and focus groups)• Intimidated by the situation/unknown moderator• Easily influenced by other kids• (Sometimes) Impatient mums waiting outside• Classroom effect – over claiming• Excited and hyperactive due to the attention!• Nervous!
  5. 5. To address some of these issues, we have been doing the following:CLT and online surveys Online discussion boards• Combining observation methods/followed by groups/depths• Creating more engaging & interactive surveys ‘A child’s job is to play, we should let them’. Best paper, by young researcher 2010
  6. 6. Why online discussion boards can be very effective with children.. They have thinking Children now more tech time, and so their savvy, becoming responses can be more comfortable considered communicating onlineAre online a lot for school Online channel fits and spare time so not a around school/home big leap from normality commitmentsThey have the time to talk They can feel safer atto friends/family who can home and more be key influencers of strange their decisions moderator! Lastly, children are in this space often and it removes the “researcher effect” of having a researcher in the room
  7. 7. A recent case study..
  8. 8. A recent case study..the approach for the qual.. 2 boards: • 1 for girls • 1 for boys • 30 children in total
  9. 9. What we achieved.. “Hi again everyone, what did Fully engaged kids, participating each you do at the weekend? I went day to the cinema..” Long and detailed responses by many Able to see how they were feeling “I ate the biscuits on the way through language and emoticons home today with a friend and Good interactivity of photo uploads we loved them!” More considered insights as they were given time to think and talk to “This was great thanks...I really friends/family about the products enjoyed taking part. Bye Very useful insights as to how everyone.” important brand, packaging and taste are to children Directional insights as to ideas for a “Hi there goodbye and thanks for having me in this discussion potential new sweet treat for lunch it’s been great thanks a lot” boxes
  10. 10. Online qual doesn’t replace other methodologies. It’s another effective tool for our kit.. ..and we should be methodologyagnostic and choose the tools that work as the needs arises.
  11. 11. Thank you. Any questions? Marie Luke Direction First