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VEC 2013 Tidewater Employer Conference


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Leveraging social media presentation from DirectEmployers Association

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VEC 2013 Tidewater Employer Conference

  1. 1. AGENDA  •  Trends for Employers•  Job Seeker Trends•  Strategy Building Blocks•  Measurement•  Mitigating Risks•  Examples•  Resources & Tools•  Q&A@DirectEmployers  #rethinkDE  #rethinkDE
  2. 2. #rethinkDE
  3. 3. Social  media  is  more  than  just  status  updates    #rethinkDE
  4. 4. h7p://  #rethinkDE
  5. 5. Mobile  Devices  are  Fueling  the  Social  Addic:on    #rethinkDE (Infograph from
  6. 6. #rethinkDE
  7. 7. #rethinkDE
  8. 8. As  of  December  2012:    15%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  Pinterest      13%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  Instagram      6%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  Tumblr      67%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  Facebook      16%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  Twi7er    20%  of  online  adults  say  they  use  LinkedIn  as  of  August  2012
  9. 9. People  who  talked  more  with  strong  :es  were  twice  as  likely  to  find  a  new  job  within  three  months.  And  those  who  talked  more  with  weak  Qes  were  less  likely  to  find  a  job.        h7ps://­‐data-­‐science/facebook-­‐use-­‐by-­‐job-­‐seekers/10151374764118859  More than a billion monthlyactive users as of December2012.Approximately 82% ofmonthly active users areoutside the U.S. and Canada.618 million daily active userson average in December2012.680 million monthly activeusers who used Facebookmobile products as ofDecember 31, 2012.
  10. 10. Top  reasons  people  give  for  following  brands  on  Twi7er:  There are 200 million activeusers on Twitter. And thoseusers post an average of 400million Tweets every day.Twitter is used by people innearly every country in theworld and is available in morethan 33 languages.60% of Twitter users login viamobile devices.According to a study byCompete, Twitter users followsix or more brands.
  11. 11. Over 1 billion endorsements were givenin less than 6 months.LinkedIn is currently available innineteen languages: English, Czech,Danish, Dutch, French, German,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish andTurkish.As of December 31, 2012 (the end of thefourth quarter), professionals are signingup to join LinkedIn at a rate ofapproximately two new members persecond.
  12. 12. #rethinkDE
  13. 13. 2012  JOBVITE  SOCIAL  RECRUITING  SURVEY  RESULTS      (Company  or  respondent  using  social  to  recruit)  #rethinkDE
  15. 15. 2012  JOBVITE  SOCIAL  RECRUITING  SURVEY  RESULTS    % of which social networks respondentssuccessfully made a hire from:#rethinkDE
  16. 16. 2013  DIRECTEMPLOYERS  EMPLOYERS  &  SOCIAL  MEDIA  SURVEY  RESULTS    #rethinkDECompanies currently using social media to recruit,engage current employees or keep in touch withalumni.
  17. 17. #rethinkDESocial media networks being used by companies.
  18. 18. #rethinkDESocial media networks referring the most candidates.
  19. 19. 57%  believe  social  media  improves  company  branding      52%  say  social  media  produces  more  applicaQons    48%  say  it  produces  more  referrals      92%  allocate  less  than  10%  of  recruiQng  budgets  to  social  media    Only  16%  of  companies  have  a  Twi7er  account  dedicated  to  HR/careers  2012  TWEETMYJOBS  RESEARCH
  20. 20. #rethinkDE
  21. 21. 70% agree that positive postson a company’s social media sitewould make them more likely toapply for a job57% of job seekersexpect a companyto interact withfans & followersActive & passive job seekers say theyuse a company’s social media pageto apply to jobs posted, ask and getanswers to questions and findinformation – not the company’swebsite59% of job seekers agreethat what is said by othersabout a company is moreimportant in how theyform their opinion about acompany than what acompany says about itselfSources:1)
  22. 22. use socialmedia as theirprimary tool forjob searching46% spend morethan 6 hours perweek jobsearching onsocial media sites50% still spendmost of their timesearching ontraditional jobboards
  23. 23. #rethinkDE
  24. 24. Audit  your  brand    Set  clear  objecQves/goals  Understand  your  audience  Determine  producQon  and  ownership  Leverage  internal  resources  
  25. 25. AUDIT  YOUR  BRAND    •  Google Alerts•  Yahoo! Alerts•  SocialMention•  Technorati•  Twitter Search•  Hootsuite•  Glassdoor#rethinkDE
  26. 26. SET  CLEAR  OBJECTIVES  &  GOALS    Make  sure  you  are  entering  with  a  purpose  that  supports  business  goals.    Outline  what  you  want  to  get  out  of  social  now  and  in  the  future,  prioriQze  and  dedicate    resources  accordingly.    What  phases  of  the  talent  lifecycle  will  you  focus  on?  #rethinkDEExamples:    •  Increase  in  database  of  candidates    •  Savings  in  adverQsing  costs          •  Increase  in  career  site  traffic    •  Increase  of  candidates  per  req  
  27. 27. How  are  they  referencing  my  brand  and  in  what  context?  Are  the  speakers  influen:al?  Who  is  talking?    Where  are  the  conversa:ons  taking  place?  What  social  communi:es  already  are  ac:ve  in  your  space,  or  even  around  your  brand?  What  mo:vates  this  behavior?    What  is  your  audience  doing  in  social  media  spaces  you’re  interested  in?  UNDERSTAND  YOUR  AUDIENCE  Sources:1) #rethinkDE
  28. 28. •  Tap into current employees andassociate resource groups•  Work with PR, marketing andlegalSource:1)  INTERNAL  RESOURCES company s employees doubleas PR representatives for yourbusiness, whether you (or they)like it or not.Every good PR opp is agood recruiting opp– Shama Kabani#rethinkDE
  29. 29. PRODUCTION  &  OWNERSHIP  •  What are the set-up /maintenance costs orfees associated with this project?(programming, coding, creative, time)•  Which types of platforms will be leveragedfor this project, and how many total?•  Will the different platforms require multipleformats and content types?•  If managed internally, who will be the pointperson, or team dedicated to this project?•  Contingency plan for team member is he/sheleaves?#rethinkDE
  30. 30. #rethinkDE
  31. 31. How  oken  will  you  measure?      What  can  you  measure?      What  resources  are  available?      Do  you  need  to  consider  invesQng  into  some  tools  or  third  party?    MEASURE  &  REFINE  
  33. 33. EXAMPLE:  HOOTSUITE,  FACEBOOK  Hootsuite  Facebook  Insights  
  34. 34. #rethinkDE
  35. 35. Race  Religion  NaQonal  Origin  Age  (40  and  over)  Color  Sex  GeneQc  InformaQon  Disability    (RetaliaQon)    
  36. 36.  A  disparate  impact  is  a  concern  if  recruiters  and  companies  exclusively  use  social  media  to  source  and  search  for  candidates.    For  example,  if  a  recruiter  relies  solely  on  Twi7er  to  adverQse  job  openings,  they  are  reaching  a  predominantly  Caucasian  audience.    Quantcast’s  most  recent  data  tells  us  that  Twi7er  is  comprised  of  69%  Caucasian,  16%  African  American,  3  %  Asian,  and  11%  Hispanic.    This  audience  is  also  an  audience  with  a  large  percentage  under  40  years  of  age.    Thirty-­‐eight  percent  of  Twi7er’s  users  are  between  the  ages  of  34-­‐50  +.    h7p://­‐media/part-­‐3-­‐the-­‐era-­‐of-­‐corp-­‐social-­‐media-­‐discriminaQon/    TwiRer  Users  White  Black    Hispanic  Asian  Facebook  Users  White  Black    Hispanic  Asian  
  37. 37. Keep in mind that the employerhas more laws constraining itsactions than just the EEO laws:  •  National Labor Relations Board(major player when it comes tosocial media)•  Fair Credit Reporting Act•  Stored Communications Act•  State laws that restrict access tosocial media sites  1. More isn’t always better.The mere collection of certain data can create moreproblems than it’s worth; know what you want, need,and can lawfully obtain first.2. Cook it until it’s done!There is not a universal solution to social mediaissues; focus on getting it right each time.3. Measure what really matters, not just what’s easyto count.Analytics and metrics tools are readily available to minedata for the gems.4. Get it in writing.Create comprehensive social media policies, and makesure your employees understand them.5. Know who owns what, and be ready to prove it.Define clearly who owns social media accounts to avoiddisputes when employees leave the company.
  38. 38. NLRB  SOCIAL  MEDIA  REPORTS  NLRB has issued a third report in Mayof 2012 “on social media casesbrought to the agency, this timefocusing exclusively on policiesgoverning the use of social media byemployees.”
  39. 39. HAVE  A  POLICY  BEFORE  YOU  NEED  ONE  Sources:1)•  Social Media Governance•  SHRM Survey: An Examination of How SocialMedia Is Embedded in Business Strategy andOperations40% of organizations have a formal social mediapolicy.56% of social media policies include a statementregarding the organization’s right to monitor socialmedia usage.#rethinkDECommon  Policy  Components:  Code  of  conduct  for  employee  use  of  social  networking  for  professional  purposes  (68%)    Code  of  conduct  for  employee  use  of  social  networking  for  personal  purposes  (66%),    Guidelines  for  social  media  communicaQons  (55%)  
  40. 40. Example Social MediaTraining Video – IntelPublic on YouTube at:
  41. 41. #rethinkDESearch, Branding, Targeting, Advertising
  42. 42. Google+
  43. 43. TwiRer  –  Advanced  Search  Hashtags:#jobadvice,#jobhuntchat,#hirefriday#HFChatLook for relevant conferencehashtags your prospect candidatscould be tweeitng fromAdvanced Twitter search:Keyword, locations,hashtag, language#rethinkDE
  44. 44. LinkedIn  –  Skills,  Standard  Search  h7p://  h7p://  #rethinkDE
  45. 45. LinkedIn  Groups  LinkedIn  -­‐  Groups  #rethinkDE
  46. 46. Facebook  Open  Graph  Search  
  47. 47. Facebook  Open  Graph  Search  
  48. 48. Facebook  Open  Graph  Search  
  49. 49. Quora  
  50. 50. Facebook  Ad  Promote  hiring  events  or  target  by  college  alumni,  loca:on,  demographic,  interests  CPC    #rethinkDE
  51. 51. Facebook  Ad  #rethinkDE
  52. 52. Examples  –  LinkedIn    Company  Page  Careers  Page  #rethinkDE
  53. 53. Examples–  TwiRer  (Content)  #rethinkDE
  54. 54. Examples  –  TwiRer  (Jobs)  #rethinkDE
  55. 55. Examples  –  TwiRer  Chat  #rethinkDE#ADPCareersChat
  56. 56. Examples  –  Facebook  #rethinkDE
  57. 57. Examples  –  Facebook  #rethinkDE
  58. 58. Examples  –  Facebook  Get creative with the cover image! Above is one of Home Depot’s Facebookpage banners displayed during Military Appreciation Month.#rethinkDE
  59. 59. Examples  –  Pinterest  #rethinkDE
  60. 60. Examples  –  Career  Blog  #rethinkDE
  61. 61. Examples  –  YouTube  #rethinkDE
  62. 62. #rethinkDE
  63. 63. Social  Jobs  Partnership  Facebook, the U.S. Department ofLabor, the National Association ofColleges and Employers (NACE),DirectEmployers Association (DE),and the National Association ofState Workforce Agencies (NASWA)created the ‘Social JobsPartnership.’The partnership’s goal will be tofacilitate employment forAmerica’s jobless through the useof social networks.#rethinkDE
  64. 64. Social  Jobs  App  #rethinkDEAll jobs in the National LaborExchange are automatically beingpulled into the Social Jobs App!
  65. 65. 1.  @DirectEmployers on Twitter3.  http://mashable.com10.  SlideShare.net12.  http://www.ere.net17.  http://recruitingtrends.com18.  http://www.shrm.orgBlogs  &  Websites  #rethinkDE
  66. 66. Measurement,  automa:on,  distribu:on,  aggrega:on  HootsuiteCommun.itBit.lyGoo.glYouTube’s Audience Retention ReportGoogle AnalyticsSproutSocialReachliScoop.itFacebook Insights.JOBS Microsite RSS FeedsTwitterfeedKlout#rethinkDE
  67. 67. ©  2012  DirectEmployers  AssociaQon,  a  nonprofit  consorQum  of  leading  global  employers  Katie 874-9070@DirectEmployers#rethinkDE
  68. 68. The  EEOC  can  send  an  a7orney  out  to  your  site  to  help  with  training  for  miQgaQng    legal  risks  in  social  media.      There  are  MOOCs  (Massive  Open  Online  Courses)  that  are  helpful  in  learning  more  about  social  network    analysis  and  social  media  in  general  –  and  they’re  free  (note,  they  will  typically  require  about  6-­‐10  hours  of    reading  and  homework).  Check  out:    h7ps://  and  h7ps://­‐media.      h7p://­‐creaQve-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐use-­‐linkedin-­‐company-­‐pages/    (CreaQve  ways  to  use    LinkedIn  company  pages)      h7p://­‐culture/applebees-­‐stands-­‐by-­‐decision-­‐to-­‐fire-­‐waitress-­‐for-­‐viral-­‐Qp    (Recent  legal    example  of  employee  being  fired  for  behavior  on  social  media)    h7p://­‐use-­‐social-­‐media-­‐recruiQng    h7p://  (clever  recruiQng  campaign  by  Heineken  that  went  viral)    h7p://­‐hut-­‐interview-­‐sxsw/  (Pizza  Hut  holds  140-­‐second  interviews  at  SXSW)      Some  extra  nuggets  that  may  be  of  interest  
  69. 69.      DirectEmployers  2013  Annual  Mee:ng  &  Conference  Are you a DirectEmployers Member? consider joining us in October at theDirectEmployers Association 2013 AnnualMeeting and Conference.Registration is free for Member companies.Government, states, colleges and non-profitscan buy discounted tickets for 50%. Learn moreand register at: