Part II – Veteran Outreach: Partnering at the Local (Veteran Partner Showcase)


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Part II – Veteran Outreach: Partnering at the Local (Veteran Partner Showcase)

  1. 1. PAM GERASSIMIDES NASWA•Asst. Executive Director and NLX Director Tuesday, January 15, 2013
  2. 2. Who is NASWA? A private, non-profit association, representing state workforce agencies. “The Association is the national organization of state administrators of unemployment insurance laws, employment services, training programs, employment statistics and labor market information programs, and other programs made available through the publicly-funded state workforce systems.”
  3. 3. Numbers of Participants through June 30, 2012
  4. 4. National Labor Exchange A partnership between NASWA & DirectEmployers formed in March 2007. It aims to create a cost-effective system that: 1. allows full transparency of the labor exchange; 2. improves labor market efficiency; and, 3. reflects our nations diverse workforce.
  5. 5. How it Works  An automated collection of job openings exclusively found on corporate career websites and state job banks.  Jobs appear on a network of trusted sites.  Unduplicated, current jobs from vetted employers.  Only NASWA-endorsed national labor exchange tool.
  6. 6. Non-member Career Sites indexed/scraped/wrapped every 24 hours Applicant Tracking Member Career Sites System indexed/scraped/wrapped every 24 hours OFCCP 4212 COMPLIANCE REPORTING Job listings emailed to Wagner-Peyser funded One-Stop Feed of job listings provided Feed of job listings provided to/from Career Centers in all 50 states, to Syndication Partners participating state job banks DC, Puerto Rico & Guam Not for OFCCP 4212 Compliance Not for OFCCP 4212 Compliance For OFCCP 4212 Compliance
  7. 7. Points of Note  All 50 states, Puerto Rico, DC and Guam have formal participation agreements!  Approximately 1.1 million jobs on average daily;  Uploads/Downloads of job openings to state job banks  Automated emails to all appropriate local centers  Improvements in OFCCP relationship;  Educational Outreach: federal and state staff, employer community;
  8. 8. Other Information  American Job Center;  Hosted Sites; other USDOL sites  Indexing;  Facebook – SJP;  Microsites;  WAPES;  Disability Initiative;  NLX Ops Committee
  9. 9. Conclusion NLX helps to effectively facilitate the labor exchange and speeding the connections between employers and jobseekers. A unique public private partnership – it combines the best features of public sector (trusted source and honest broker) and the private sector (nimbleness and innovation). Looking forward to working with all of you in providing 21st century employment services!
  10. 10. We Are Military Serving Military™CASY & MSCCN’s mission is straightforward: weprovide military service members, veterans,transitioning military, Guard and Reserves, militaryspouses and caregivers of war wounded with no-costemployment readiness and job placement solutions.Our team is comprised of military veterans and militaryspouses who have HR/recruitment backgrounds andunderstand what employers need.
  11. 11. We do this by offering high-touch employment andtraining services that prepare the individual foremployment through resume assistance, translating skillsand experience, identifying gap skills solutions, offeringtraining on networking, social media, interviewpreparedness, and other topics that aid them in the jobsearch process. Our job seekers are pre-screened andmatched to employment opportunities that are a good fitfor their skills and qualifications.We then connect qualified and prepped military-affiliatedapplicants directly to corporate and small business hiringrecruiters for direct job placements.
  12. 12. Results Driven 8 Years of Proven & Tracked Success Benefit to Our Military Job Seekers Benefits to Recruiter/Employers We Deliver Qualified, Pre-screened, Military and• High touch program. Credentialed staff assisting Veteran Candidates – FAST them with their employment readiness needs. • Our highly credentialed team administers our industry-• We assess job seekers so that they understand their leading “Applicant ~ Recruiter Connect Program” and qualifications and what they are capable of doing. our military employment placement campaigns. Translator tools are great but they cannot do the interview for them. • We DRIVE qualified, thoroughly screened, military- affiliated applicants who are employment ready to the• Job-Ready Applicants are assigned to our "Applicant DESKTOPS of hiring managers. ~ Recruiter Direct-Connect Program” for placement with a position that is a match for their qualifications. • We provide fully accountable job placement numbers to our companies by utilizing a hybrid Applicant• For those who need further assistance we provide Tracking and Case Management Technology provided mobile training, on-the-job training, and other by Kenexa-IBM. opportunities that provide gap skills needs required for employment – all programs are employer back so • We conduct virtual employment readiness training they finish and they are hire. seminars in order to prepare and educate job seekers, and to ensure job readiness and job expectations.• We help service members and veterans meet short term and long term financial needs! Job placement • We help companies meet compliance requirements. meets short term; professional development and • We provide education and training to recruitment financial health meet long term. teams regarding military and veteran hiring.
  13. 13. What Makes Us Different1. We are not a job board! We are a results driven job seeker preparation and placement program. We are adept at identifying and solving hiring obstacles through our programs. We work and support military employment programs. And we provide a viable recruitment solution for our recruiters by offering a quality talent pool, education, training and support.2. Boots to the ground! We are high touch with our job seekers and we are a part of the community we serve. We have Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to work with all branches all over the world.3. We are inclusive rather than exclusive. We work with and support our military employment programs with each branch and train military employment counselors on best practices in employment. Our mission is great and no one group can help everyone. It takes a village or, in this case, a nation to make it happen.4. We are experts in our field. Our team is made up of military veterans and military spouses who are experts in employment.
  14. 14. What Makes Us Different (continued)5. We direct connect with recruiters. Yes, we focus on the 85% of work that no one wants to do (which is employment readiness), but we also work with Recruiters on the last 15% — which is to talent match our job seekers to the jobs, pre-screen all qualifications, and communicate with the recruiter on placement.6. We provide real metrics from a technology built by experts in employment. Case management has become a common term in Washington as everyone wants metrics, however few really understand what this means. CASY & MSCCN use a hybrid applicant tracking and case management system with assessments and tracking capabilities. This system was built by CASY-MSCCN and Kenexa-IBM to support military employment counselors, giving us a place where we can work with our military job seekers to prepare them for employment (resumes, translating military to civilian employment, etc.), provide gap skills training, assess and talent match these individuals to jobs, and direct them to our recruiters to apply for the position.
  15. 15. For more information contact Stacy Bayton at S_Bayton@msccn.orgView our information page and gap analysis that compares our programs with others at Called ~ They Delivered ~ They Deserve A Job™
  16. 16. No Limits, No Boundaries™ www.HonorGuardNetwork.orgLeveraging Social Media to Execute EffectiveOutreach Campaigns for TransitioningVeterans, Military Personnel and their Families James Hwang Chief Operating Officer – HonorGuard Network United States Military Academy – West Point Class of 1994
  17. 17. HonorGuard Network: About Us• One-stop destination portal to serve veterans and military servicemen and women transitioning back into civilian life• Built to leverage social media to uniquely connect employers and service providers directly to transitionees• Founded in 2011 – Privately funded with no grants, governmental assistance or charity based funding• Executive Team – Includes founding members from Jobtrak, graduate of U.S. Military Academy – West Point, a Special Operations Member of the Marines and a Submarine Warfare Specialist from the Navy.• Advisory Team – Includes executives from former Fortune 500 companies, military officers, and enlisted personnel from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines 21
  18. 18. Veterans Outreach: Current Situation 21.6M Veterans Total 2.4M Gulf War Veterans 29.1% Unemployed Veterans from Gulf War Era Personal Company1 in 3 Veterans Suffered from Post Veterans Retraining Assistance Program Traumatic Stress (PTS) (VRAP)Veteran Unemployment Rate 12.1% Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) 100% Jump in UnemployedMilitary Members from 2008 - 2011 The Veterans Opportunity to Work, VOWto Hire Heroes Act of 2011 Family Spouse Quality of Life 2011 PEW Research Center Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2012 Department of Labor 2008: $457mm $944mm 22
  19. 19. Traditional Job SearchPros: Cons: Pros: Cons: Pros: Cons:• Identifies Jobs • Membership • Aggregate • Membership • Job Listing • Job Listing Available Based Views Driven Service Service• Submit Resume • Middle-man • Select Recruiters • Minimal Transition • Select Military • Broad outreach Online Mentality for the Select Information Carve Out and non-specific. Skillsets Recognition • No Direct • Generic Sites for • Lacks Military Connection Generic Users– Recruiting Strategy One-size-fits-all • Resume Building • Lacks Military Service • Outreach limited to Recognition job fairs, officers and • Lacks Skillset • Legislation personnel only Translation Awareness • Deployed personnel • Hard to Justify and families cannot Value for HR mutually benefit from hiring venues 23
  20. 20. HonorGuard Network SolutionStep by Step - Benefits:• Outreach via Prescriptive Social Media• Direct connection to existing ATS for candidates• PartnerWindow™ allows corporations to direct internet traffic• Supports 4212 compliance destinations and integrates with DE veteran crosswalk offerings 24
  21. 21. PartnerWindow™ Directed User Experience 25
  22. 22. Step By Step Transition Guidance 26
  23. 23. Our Partners Corporate Partners Collaboration Partners 27
  24. 24. Working with HonorGuard Network1. Contact James Hwang – 972.468.9844 or 972.418.9999 x 442 Contact Jeff Wohlwend – 972.468.9838 or 972.418.9999 x 444 jwohlwend@HonorGuardNetwork.org2. 2 Min Test Drive PartnerWindow™ for custom end-user experience tailored to the Corporate Partner requirements.3. Integrate into existing Crosswalk and/or Veteran employment destinations4. Target audience based on MOC, Geographical, Branch of Service and/or Interest 28
  25. 25. 29
  26. 26. DirectorJobs Assistance Program
  27. 27. Reduce the impact ofjoblessness among OIF/OEFVeterans by providing: Financial grant assistance Employment Training Referral and/or facilitationPriority is given to: Combat Injured Guard/Reserve Underemployed
  28. 28. Supported by grant funding& private corporate donationsProvide financial grantassistance: Fuel to travel to/from interviews Car repairs Relocation Rent and utilities
  29. 29. Spouse or honorably discharged veteranSpouse of: Active Duty Service Member National Guardsman ReservistMust have secured new employmentMust show a demonstrated need
  30. 30. 326 Hired1,921 VeteransPayments: 685Average: $436.27To date: $298,845Rent & Mortgage: $128.5KFood & Fuel: $32KRelocation: $23KTools: $10K
  31. 31. Marcie Bennett 773-0387 x120
  32. 32. Equality Magazines
  33. 33. Candidates use search engines to find jobs. But will they find your jobs? Ask about Online Solutions We create online solutions designed to optimize the visibility of your corporate brand, targeted recruitment and compliance needs.A featured diversity partner of
  34. 34. Who is• Specializing in niche demographics• Build meaningful, attractive online communities• We are NOT Monster, Indeed, or CareerBuilder• Users find us by looking for diversity, not by Superbowl ads
  35. 35. The Veterans Enterprise…• Is online-accessible and free of charge to viewers nationwide.• Specifically reaches veterans and directs them straight to a company’s career page• Helps in “good faith efforts” towards satisfying D.O.L., Employment Standards Administration, OFFCP, and EEOC requirements
  36. 36. What are “Good Faith Efforts?” • Visibility – Who sees you, and where? • Targeting – Are you reaching who you should? • Compliance by association – Beware, not good enough to comply! • Direct fiduciary relationship – What you must have to help satisfy official requirements
  37. 37. Be seen!• Don’t be just another line of text• Image brands are instantly recognized• Delivers quality exposure at a low price
  38. 38.  Home Page Banners• 468 x 60 px banners provide maximum diversity branding exposure• Links to your website’s career section• All banners can be animated Banner drawn to scale.
  39. 39.  Home and Career Gallery Links • 120 x 60 px • Branded with your company’s logo • Links directly to your home or career page • All links can be animated Banner drawn to scale.
  40. 40. Digital Interactive e-Zines• Content and ads specifically targeting veterans• All ads hyperlinked to company career pages• Visually pleasing online reader• Downloadable to PDF• Read on desktops and mobile• Completely free
  41. 41. Target Audience: Veterans• Transitioning from military to civilian life• Applying military training to the workplace• Benefits & support programs• Organizational events• Federal resources• Closing Date: 10/15• Publication: 11/15
  42. 42. Our Products: Career Search Engine Career Search Network From a single search engine, browse all our jobs… and more! • Can search by state, industry, or keyword • Taps into the National Labor Exchange • Includes our premium featured jobs • Company-specific banners brings up your jobs in one-click!
  43. 43. Job Fair Calendar Submit your job fair or career expo to our online calendar • Nationwide • Configurable viewing settings • Printable • Updated regularly • FREE to submit!
  44. 44.  Online Articles • Informative (Hot job trends, aid programs) • Inspiring (Interviews, success stories, etc.) • Helpful (Resume/Interview tips & advice) • And much more!
  45. 45.  Resource Network Visual database of helpful organizations for veterans • Includes federal, non-profit, and public groups • “One-stop shop” for helpful online resources • Establishes a support network
  46. 46. Social Media Sharing • Connected on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn • Harnesses the power of viral marketing • Daily announcements and news • Displays content where people spend their time most
  47. 47. Special Members-Only Offer Existing members of DirectEmployers can take advantage of our special exclusive offer!• Job listings get “Featured Listings” placement in our Career Search Engine• Job postings integrated into the vast Career Site Network• Unlimited amount of job postings (automatically indexed nightly)• Career Gallery branding logo (120x60 px banner, links to company career page)• Full-page advertisement in all four diversity publications $ 4 0 0 0 / 6 - m o n t h s or $ 7 0 0 0 / 12 –months Purchased individually, would total $17,000 / 6-months or $22,000 / 12-months That’s nearly a 75% discount!
  48. 48. Candidates use search engines to find jobs. But will they find your jobs? Ask about Online Solutions.We create online solutions designed to optimize the visibility of your corporate brand, targeted recruitment and compliance needs. Call or email me for questions and more information Mark Cohen Director of Business Development (818) 304-0785 Visit the Veterans Enterprise today I look forward to helping you maximize your diversity exposure and targeted recruiting!
  49. 49. Chief, Employer Outreach
  50. 50. WIFM
  51. 51. What’s an ESGR and How do I Get One?Death by Acronym – ESGR/H2H/USERRAUnable to associate ESGR with h2h.JobsNo Perceived Employment ProblemsNo Perceived Value of ESGR Services
  52. 52. Statement of Support ProgramEmployer AwardsBriefing with the BossBosslifts (Employer Orientations)Military LiaisonESGR National 800 Call CenterOmbudsman Services - USERRA
  53. 53. Direct Mail to Employer AssociationsStatements of Support ChallengesNational Conference ParticipationArticle placements in PublicationsState Bosslift Candidate ReferralsFortune 500 Statement of Supports
  54. 54. Local Business OrganizationsState and Local Chambers of CommerceSpeak – EIP, EPAF ,USERRAExhibit – Trade Shows, Chambers, etc.Bosslift – In state Refueling or visitsMedia placements (TV, Print, Radio, Web)Volunteer recruitmentLocal point of contact on USERRA
  55. 55. DirectEmployers AssociationAssociated Builders and ContractorsSociety for Human Resource ManagementInternational Association of Fire ChiefsInternational Association of Chiefs of PoliceAmerican Society for Healthcare Human ResourceAmerican Trucking AssociationAssociation of American RailroadsInternational Public Management Association for HumanResources
  56. 56. Tom Bullock Phone: 571-372-0709© 2011 DirectEmployers Association, a nonprofit consortium of leading global employers
  57. 57. Our MissionThe Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) is part of the Department of Defense’s Spouse EducationCareer Opportunities Initiative. MSEP is a targeted recruitment and employment solution for spouses andcompanies that:Partners Fortune 500 Plus companies with ALL Military ServicesProvides human resource (HR) managers with recruitment solutions – military spousesPrepares military spouses to become competitive, “job ready” applicantsConnects military spouses with employers seeking the essential 21st century workforce skills and attributes theyposses MSEP currently has 96 partners, who have hired more than 10,000 military spouses. To learn more about MSEP please visit: