Wounded Warriors at Work: Employer Success Stories - BAE Systems


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Wounded Warriors at Work: Employer Success Stories - BAE Systems

  1. 1. Veterans Programs andMilitary RecruitmentChris Davison
  2. 2. The opportunity, by the numbers … • Overall U.S. unemployment: 8 – 9 % • U.S. Veteran unemployment: 13 % (Female veteran unemployment: 17 %) • Wounded Warrior unemployment: 21 % • BAE Systems 2011 veteran population: - 10% of total U.S. workforce • BAE Systems 2012 veteran population: - 15% of total U.S. workforce A call to action consistent with our shared purpose across BAE SystemsJuly 2011 BAE Systems Proprietary Information 2
  3. 3. Military Recruitment Program  Work with Talent Acquisition military liaisons to locate veteran, wounded warrior and spouse employment opportunities across the enterprise  Participate in national/local veteran, wounded warrior, spouse career fairs.  Re-structure our Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Program  Partner with Student Veterans Associations to provide internship and career opportunities for student veterans  Continue to work with government, private and non-profit organizations to develop best practices for the employment of veterans and their spouses  Enhance leadership/recruiter/veteran employee involvement with local military leadershipJuly 2011 BAE Systems Proprietary Information 3
  4. 4. Improving Veteran Hiring …• Alignment with company fundamentals • Group Strategic Framework • Diversity and Inclusion • Multicultural Network • OFCCP compliance Implementation• Military Recruiting • Participate in Veteran, Wounded Warrior and military spouse career fairs nationally • Student Veterans – Internship opportunities • Advertisement on military websites for candidate ENGAGEMENT sourcing. (cost free)• Military Recruiting Support for each Business • Individual business Military Liaisons (TA supported Awareness role) established for coordination and communication with local recruiters and hiring managers to support local veteran employment 2011 2012 2013… from local military bases. July 2011 BAE Systems Proprietary Information 4
  5. 5. Warrior Integration Program
  6. 6. WIP • Continue to identify mission-centered career opportunities across the business • Maintain focus on Wounded Warriors ages 22 – 26 in enlisted ranks of E2 – E6 • Veteran’s Administration disability rating of 30% or higher for injuries received in combat operations or in support of combat operations • Military experience in lieu of college degree requirements for position placement Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 • Identify business • Identify positions • Identify candidates opportunities • Identify local business • Pair hires with • Provide WIP brief to WIP manager/advocate veteran mentors local leadership • Identify veteran mentors • Maintain open communication
  7. 7. We Are Making A Difference “Back in November we started shipping Jam Heads to the sand box, yesterday we had an all hands meeting with Major Guida and he mentioned that earlier this month two Army helicopters were engaged by hostile forces and the jam heads successfully prevented the attack. The unit that was on the helicopters was from the 25th ID out of Hawaii, my old unit. How cool is that! Thanks again for this opportunity.” Sgt. A. Reeves, USA ( Ret.) / OIF VeteranJuly 2011 BAE Systems Proprietary Information 7