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Chapter 7 - No More Children


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Chapter 7 - No More Children

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 7 No More Children
  2. 2. Welcome to this chapter of my Discworld Legacy. Hosting this chapter is Bethan, the oldest child ofAngua Discworld, and her family.In the last chapter we finally saw the birth of Anguas 10th child plus a little surprise. In this chapterthe last of the generation 2 kids will grow up and Ill announce the heir.[Authors note - the opinions expressed in this album do not necessarily reflect those of the author]
  3. 3. This is the Journal of Brenda Discworld. I intend to become rich and famous and so am documentingmy life so that one day I can sell it for millions.I guess I should start at the beginning then.Well, mummy had this insane want to have 10 children, I was the 10th. So that should make me reallyspecial right, the youngest of 10 children, the one who mummy really happy, right?
  4. 4. Sure I made mummy happy. and sure I was the youngest.
  5. 5. For about 10 seconds!Stupid Bon Anna, the unexpected special little 11th born. Why did I have to be a twin, its just not fair.
  6. 6. From what Ive been told my early days were kinda crazy. I mean I have 10 brothers and sisters, 6 thatwere still living at home when I was born.Oh yeah, I should probably mention my family. I have 9 big brothers and sisters. When I was born theoldest four (Bethan, Berilia, Boddony and Brutha) had left home and had gone to uni, we get lettersand phone calls occasionally. Still at home were Black Aliss, Beryl, Bemery, Bursar and Beldame [orderround the table], and of course theres always Bon Anna (but I wish there wasnt).
  7. 7. Then of course theres the parents. Mums insane, she spent most of her adult life pregnant, I meanwho in their right mind would want to do that?Dads got the right idea though, he likes money and the comfortable life it brings, I like the fact thatcos weve got money dad can spend time playing with toys and with us. I wanna be like that.
  8. 8. And how could I forget Granny and Grandpa. Theyre not really around much but I see themoccasionally.Oh yeah, I should probably mention that they both died before I was born, weird huh.What kind of family keeps graves in their back garden anyway?
  9. 9. Like I said things were pretty crazy while I was a baby (its all Bon Annas fault, if she wasnt aroundmummy and daddy would have had so much more time to spend with me), so I dont have any cutebaby stories.
  10. 10. Well except one, Mummy says that even as I baby I was determined. She says I didnt want to grow upindoors like everyone else, so I grew up in the garden.Anyway, Ive got to go now and do my homework (stupid homework), bye.[This is actually the result of a scary glitch where Brenda disappeared from the lot but was still in therow of portraits by the side. Because she was a baby I couldnt select her so had to force errors on theentire lot to get her back.]
  11. 11. I found some pictures today when I was helping dad sort out the study. This is me as a toddler, wasntI cute. Dad says I was a little terror (Im sure he was joking) and that he had to work pretty hard tokeep me entertained.[Brenda is a Taurus and has 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 active, 10 playful and 1 nice. Whew talk about anextreme personality]
  12. 12. And this is Bon Anna, Im way cuter than her.[Bon Anna is a Gemini with 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 8 active, 0 playful and 8 nice.]
  13. 13. One of my earliest memories was Beldame becoming a teen, I remember everyone gathering roundher (ignoring me, typical) and watching as she seemed to explode in a shower of sparkles, weird. Afterthat Beldame became one of the people who looked after me and Bon Anna, I heard her mention shewas practising or something.[Beldame is a family sim with the life time want to emulate her mother and become Captain Hero.]
  14. 14. I dont remember much from my toddler years, and good old "We were far to busy keeping everyonehappy to remember anything" has struck again, meaning the next important event to tell you about isthe day I became a child. Once again Bon Anna had to steal the spot light, its not enough that I haveto share my birthday with someone else, why cant I even have 5 minutes without her butting in, butno we had to blow out the candles at the exact same time.Its just not fair!!Mummys calling me for dinner now so Ive got to go, Ill try to find a more recent picture soon.
  15. 15. And so this is me, well the one on the left is, the other one is Bon Anna. Try as I might I couldnt find asingle picture with just me. The parents are on a major thing with trying to get us to be friends, thatsnever going to work.Anyway, that picture was actually taken a few years ago, were older than that now.
  16. 16. Not long after my birthday it was time for Beryl and Black Aliss to head off to university.
  17. 17. Im going to miss them, at least they didnt try to insist that me and the extra one should be friendsjust because we shared a womb (Ive been learning all sorts of words at school recently).
  18. 18. Not long after that Beldame left too, I think she was a bit reluctant though.Got to hide you now, the extra one is coming and I dont want her reading you.
  19. 19. Got a letter from my big sisters today. They say theyve all moved into a house together and aregetting on pretty well, although there are continual fights over whos stolen whos nightie.
  20. 20. Black Aliss says shes been meeting a lot of new people and loves university life.Beryl loves the studying and learning new stuff.
  21. 21. But Beldame has dropped out, mum and dad dont know yet, but theyll find out sooner or later.
  22. 22. Anyway where was I. Oh yeah, the next thing that happened was Bemery and Bursar turning intoteens. Its kinda scary to watch actually, first they started to wiggle like they had an itch, then thesesparkly things surrounded them.
  23. 23. And finally they sort of exploded in light and jumped to become teens in a shower of confetti. Im notlooking forward to it happening to me.
  24. 24. Bursars a bit of a geek but hes got the right idea in life - he wants to be rich. Although Im sure thereare easier ways to go about it than running your own businesses.[Bursar is a wealth sim with the life time want to own 5 top level businesses.]
  25. 25. Bemery wouldnt tell me what she wanted out of life, she just said I was too young to understand. I doknow I overheard mum saying something about her being a "boy hungry little madam".[Bemery is a romance sim with the life time want to have 20 simultaneous loves]
  26. 26. Bemery and Bursar left for university not long after their bithday, they were both very keen to leave,Bursar thinks itll help increase his earning power when he starts working, Ive got to decide aboutthat soon, Ill have to find out if it worked for him.
  27. 27. Bemery said something about "more fit guys" and not having to hide things from mum and dad anymore before getting in the taxi.It was nice to be rid of another pair of siblings, its just a shame I cant get rid of the last one.Someones coming, gotta go.
  28. 28. I went to Beldames wedding today. I guess she looked pretty and the surrondings were nice, therewas just too much pink for my taste
  29. 29. I dont know if I want to get married, especially not to someone like Cory.
  30. 30. Oh yeah, we found out that Berilia is pregnant (didnt I say shed graduated, well I cant be expectedto remember what all my crazy siblings are up to). Mums happy but I think shes mad, putting yourcareer on hold just to have a baby, you wont catch me doing that ever.
  31. 31. Mum got fired today, its her own fault for not protecting the financial district, she ought to knowthats the most important part of any city, forget the power plant.
  32. 32. It was also my birthday. As always I had to share the spotlight with Bon Anna (will this never change?).
  33. 33. I swear everyone was watching her not me, what is it about that girl, why is everyone so taken in byher, its just not fair!!!!!
  34. 34. Ive finally got a picture of me that doesnt include Bon Anna. Arent I pretty.My aim in life is to make as much money as I can, and Im not going to stick to legitimate methodseither, from what I hear theres a lot of money just waiting to be taken by someone whos not soconcerned with the law.Goodnight journal, I have birthday cake to eat.[Yep thats right Brenda is a wealth sim with the life time want of becoming a Criminal Mastermind,like thats any surprise.]
  35. 35. I hate Bone Anna, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her!!!!Not only does she have to steal my lime light all the way through my life, but now she has to steal myambition too. I mean sure she says she wants to investigate the other side of the law throughcuriosity, but I know shes just trying to irritate me.[Bon Anna is a knowledge sim, with the life time want to become a Criminal Mastermind]
  36. 36. Dad is such a hypocrite, telling me its wrong to want to be a Criminal Mastermind (not that Ive everactually told him I want to be, but I have dropped hints). I mean he says hes a legitimate businessman...
  37. 37. But I know for a fact hes a wanted criminal (I have my contacts), I should threaten to tell mum abouthim and see what he says then.
  38. 38. I cant wait any longer, its time for me to leave this crazy place.But guess who just had to announce she was leaving for university not 10 minutes Id told her myplans, thats right Bon Anna. She just had to make like it was all her idea.
  39. 39. But Im not going to let that stop me, Im writing this from the taxi so Im out of there for good.Im about to run out of space as well, looks like Ill need to buy another journal when I get touniversity.
  40. 40. Now Angua and Dominic have the house to themselves for the first time ever its time to end thischapter. Next time will cover the heirs college days.Im not quite finished yet. Turn the page for profiles and updates on Anguas 11 children.
  41. 41. BethanGemini - 4, 9, 8, 3, 3.Popularity - Become Mayor (Completed)Bethan graduated along with her girlfriend Jacqueline. The two of them married and have 6 children(4 adopted) all of them have red hair.
  42. 42. BeriliaScorpio - 10, 7, 10, 3, 3.Family - Graduate 3 children from university.After she graduated Berilia married her boyfriend Geoffrey. They have 3 children so far but will havemore.
  43. 43. BoddonyVirgo - 10, 1, 10, 3, 3.Romance - Woohoo with 20 different sims (Completed)Boddony completed her life time want before graduation. After moving back into the neighbourhoodshe woohooed with a further 10 sims. She then married the only one of her lovers she actually rolledup wants to get engaged to and get married to. They currently have 2 children.
  44. 44. BruthaVirgo - 10, 4, 2, 3, 7.Popularity - Become MayorBrutha is still at university and has moved into the Legacy Greek house ready to welcome the heir.
  45. 45. BerylVirgo - 10, 7, 2, 0, 8.Knowledge - Become Criminal MastermindStill at university
  46. 46. Black AlissScorpio - 10, 7, 8, 5, 5.Pleasure - Become Professional Party GuestStill at university
  47. 47. BeldameVirgo - 10, 7, 2, 0, 8Family - Become Captain HeroDropped out, married and has a baby on the way.
  48. 48. BemeryPisces - 10, 4, 10, 1, 10Romance - woohoo with 20 different sims (not again!)Still at university
  49. 49. BursarGemini - 4, 9, 10, 3, 4.Wealth - own 5 top businesses (not for a spare)Still at university
  50. 50. Brenda - the heir (like you hadnt guessed already)Taurus - 10, 10, 2, 10, 1.Wealth - Become Criminal MastermindStill at university
  51. 51. Bon AnnaGemini - 4, 10, 8, 0, 7Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind (at least the twins agree on something)Still at university.Now thats really the end.