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Wedding decorators


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This pdf describes about wedding decorators and theirs services provided in detail. For more details visit:

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Wedding decorators

  1. 1. Wedding Decorators
  2. 2. About Wedding Decorators Wedding decorators provides various decoration related to any function and they are responsible for managing all decoration services.
  3. 3. Our Wedding Decoration Services ● Mandap decoration ● Stage decoration ● Marriage Hall decoration ● Car decoration ● Table decoration ● Engagement Decoration
  4. 4. Mandap Decoration Mandap decoration can be done through various ways depending upon the theme of the wedding.
  5. 5. Stage Decoration Stage decoration is the main part of wedding so appropriate theme should be choosen.Great creativity is done in decoration of stage.
  6. 6. Marriage Hall Decoration It includes all decoration services inside the marriage hall. Theme selection,sitting arrangement,catering is the main focus.
  7. 7. Car Decoration Depending upon the budget provided by the customer, car decoration is done. Floral,ribbon,banner decoration etc can be done.
  8. 8. Table Decoration Table decoration can be done for various occassions. Depending upon the budget and choice of the customer, it is done.
  9. 9. Engagement Decoration The main focus in engagement decoration is-Hall decoration, Catering services, Sitting arrangement,Stage.
  10. 10. Thank You Call us @ 94252-08181,98268-08181