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Short Introduction to Internet Governance


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Short introduction to Internet governance and its relevance for national and regional policies
CC DiploFoundation

Published in: Technology, Education
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Short Introduction to Internet Governance

  1. 1. DiploFoundation Internet Governance Introduction: Issues, Actors and Processes Vladimir Radunovic @vradunovic Tunis, 2013
  2. 2. DiploFoundation
  3. 3. DiploFoundation IG
  4. 4. DiploFoundation Strategic: Cables
  5. 5. DiploFoundation Strategic: Content
  6. 6. DiploFoundation What? Issues
  7. 7. DiploFoundation IG Layers Telecom infrastructure (cable, wireless, ...) Protocols, standards and services (DNS, TCP/IP, SSL...) Content and applications (HTML, FTP, XML)
  8. 8. DiploFoundation Access Source: ITU indoFec “ICT Regulation Toolkit” IAP Telcos IXP
  9. 9. DiploFoundation Critical Internet Resources (CIR) Domain addr. IP addr. 193.164. 229.87 RIR Registries Registrars
  10. 10. DiploFoundation Cloud and content OTT Service industry Content industry Cloud services providers
  11. 11. DiploFoundation Cyber-Security
  12. 12. DiploFoundation IoT and Smart Cities
  13. 13. title DiploFoundation
  14. 14. DiploFoundation Who? Actors
  15. 15. Internet governance is the development and applications by governments, the private sector, and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programmes that shape the evolution and use of the Internet. WGIG working definition of IG DiploFoundation IG
  16. 16. DiploFoundation Complexity
  17. 17. DiploFoundation Multistakeholderism snake ropewalltreespear fan • Politicians • Lawyers • Business • NGOs • Insurers • Academics • The Media • IT security • … others… Are they different from the six blind men describing an elephant ? Provided by Ed Gelbstein
  18. 18. DiploFoundation Mindset
  19. 19. DiploFoundation Perceptions & communication Provided by Ed Gelbstein
  20. 20. DiploFoundation Where? Processes
  21. 21. IGF14 Baku IGF13 Bali IGF 14 IGF15 Brazil DiploFoundation UN IG Process ITU WCIT ITU WTPF ITU PleniPot WSIS+10 Rvw (UNESCO, ITU) WSIS+10 CSTD WG IGF CSTD WG EC
  22. 22. DiploFoundation IGF Process
  23. 23. DiploFoundation
  24. 24. DiploFoundation Questions?
  25. 25. DiploFoundationvisit: contact us: twitter: @igcbp, @DiplomacyEdu other links: