Diplo E-Participation Day - IGF Remote Participation and Inclusion, Ginger Paques, Diplo


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Remote participation at IGF and use of local hubs

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  • Diplo E-Participation Day - IGF Remote Participation and Inclusion, Ginger Paques, Diplo

    1. 1. IGF Remote Participation:Opportunities in a uniqueapplication of inclusionGinger Paque, Director IG ProgrammesDiploFoundationE-Participation Day19 June 2013Geneva and Online
    2. 2. ‘Discuss public policy issues related to key elements ofInternet governance in order to foster the sustainability,robustness, security, stability and development of theInternet’ (Para 72 of the Tunis Agenda).The IGF is a UN forum process to discuss, facilitateinterface, facilitate, advise: in other words, to talk (ok, to discuss, to communicate).If we ‘only talk’ how can that help? If we make theprocess inclusive, multistakeholder, transparent, andcomplete enough to achieve communication that fosterssolutions on local, regional and global level.DiploFoundationInternet Governance Forum (IGF)
    3. 3. --365 days a year remote--16 days a year in situ and remote--Calls for contributions and synthesispaper--Summaries of meetings--Meeting transcripts--Online discussion lists--IGF Website design RFCDiploFoundationThe IGF Global Online Voice
    4. 4. Inclusion gives us aregional voice within aglobal processRemote participationnotRemote observationDiploFoundationThe IGF Regional Voice
    5. 5. Regional meetings discuss issues ofsignificance for:The region :)• Apply theory to real life• Virtual becomes real• Words become action• Regional decisions influence globalprocessesDiploFoundationRegional meetings are important
    6. 6. Remote is not measured in distanceRemote is defined by difficulty to attendRemote participation is actuallyLOCAL participationREGIONAL participationDiploFoundationRemote isnt very far away
    7. 7. Important Advantages:• Avoid the global to local disconnect• Ease of attendance from home or office• Lower cost in $ and hours• Lower carbon footprint• Weather/travel inconveniences are minimized• Good moderation can enhance RPDiploFoundationE-participation
    8. 8. MORE Important Advantages:• E-participation fosters inclusion• Almost anyone determined to attend can attend• E-participants are generally more interested—itis a different kind of commitment• More likely to be involved in the preparationprocess, which is often remote as well• Focus of attention is clear• Online chat simulates corridor discussions andaudience murmur• Good organization pays off exponentially in lowcost increase in attendance and participationDiploFoundationLocal E-participation
    9. 9. Disadvantages:• In-person impression and contact is missing• Personal networking is more difficult• Low investment/low commitment to attend• Breaks/social meetings are missed• Time zone differences may be inconvenient• Language difficulties may be more complex• Dependent on good organization• Requires excellent moderator and remotemoderator• Harder to ‘control’ ?DiploFoundationLocal E-participation
    10. 10. • Allow both local and regional meetingsheld parallel to global meetings• Combine advantages of remote/local• Discuss local and regional• Solve locally and regionally• Intervene globally• Adds weight to regional interventions• Adds value to global meetingshttp://www.intgovforum.org/cms/remote-participation/hubs-instructionsDiploFoundationIGF Remote local hubs
    11. 11. DiploFoundationIGF Remote local hubs
    12. 12. Discuss the important issues of e-participationIGF 2013 Bali Workshop 68E-participation in IG processeshttp://www.intgovforum.org/cms/wks2013/workshop_2013_list_view.php?xpsltipq_je=68DiploFoundationRemote Participation: Reality and Principles
    13. 13. IGF Remote Participation:Opportunities for Regional Input and InclusionThank you! GraciasGinger Paque, Director IG ProgrammesDiploFoundationVirginiaP@diplomacy.eduE-Participation Day - 19 June 2013 – Geneva & Online