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Diplo E-Participation Day, Citizen Engagement a question of design, Giulio, Quaggiotto


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The role of good design in citizen engagement. Citizens as experts and sensors

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Diplo E-Participation Day, Citizen Engagement a question of design, Giulio, Quaggiotto

  1. 1. Citizen engagement:a question of design?@gquaggiottoPractice Leader, Knowledge & InnovationUNDPSource:
  2. 2. “The role of the World Bank isbuilding a bridge between civichackers and media”- Craig Hammer, WBI
  3. 3. Where does project design start?Cc:MartinCathrae
  4. 4. Author:MaciejDakovickTheexpert?
  5. 5.“The best public transport expert isthe lady who takes the bus to workevery day”
  6. 6. 6 things that only citizens can offer togovernmentsSource: David Osimo, skills (e.g. hackthegovernment, thematic knowledge (e.g peertopatent)3.Experience as users of public services (e.g.patientsopinion)4.Pervasive geographic coverage (e.g. fixmystreet)5.Trust6.Many eyes and many hands (e.g. digitaltoolkit)
  7. 7. The non-contractible workforce• You often don’t know where the “smart people”are• You don’t know how good they are• Many will never want to work for you becauseyou are:a) too boringb) b) too callousc) too unrewarding ord) too irrelevant (or a combination of all of the above!)Adapted from Clarissa Baldwin, Harvard
  8. 8. Author:MaciejDakovickThesmartsensor?
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Author:MaciejDakovickThemaker?
  11. 11. Designing engagement• The (non-contractible) expert• The sensor• The makerNOTThe target
  12. 12. Source: Mike Bracken, UK CabinetOffice,
  13. 13. There’s no shortcut“You cannot be 2.0 outside if you arebarely 1.0 inside”- E. Semple -
  14. 14.